SPY24 VS Spyzie: Which One Is Better?

SPY24 VS Spyzie: Which One Is Better?
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On the enormous mountain of parental control apps, a lot of apps claim to be on the peak of that mountain. But the two apps that are surely on the top are SPY24 and Spyzie . These two apps have been successfully providing the best customer satisfaction with their features. And other than the features, there are a lot of factors that make these two apps stand out from the crowd, like safety, tracking accuracy, etc. But you start scratching your head when it comes to deciding between the two apps having a neck to neck competition. You have to consider a lot of, and I mean a lot of factors to be able to land on one app.

Now you might be thinking that nobody wants to spend that much time comparing two apps. Well, that’s not entirely true, because we did compare these two apps based on our personal experience with them. Curious about what we found out? Well, feed your curiosity by going through this detailed SPY24 vs Spyzie comparison.

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SPY24 VS Spyzie

We’ve compared these 2 popular parental control apps based on all the relevant factors. This comparison will surely help you understand in which regard each app stands out from another. Also, if you’re not into reading the entire article, then you can go through this comparison table for quick guidance. Please note that in the Pricing section of this article we’ve mentioned an exclusive 15% discount code for SPY24. So, don’t miss to check it out.

  • Features Winner
  • Set-Up SPY24
  • Tracking Calls and Messages Tie
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Spyzie
  • Blocking Apps and Websites SPY24
  • Smart Capture and Capture Screenshots Spyzie
  • Location tracking and Geofencing Tie
  • Number of target devices Tie
  • Pricing SPY24

SPY24 VS Spyzie: Which One Is Better?


Before being able to monitor a device, you have to set up a target device. And usually with all the parental control apps, setting up a device is not that straight forward. You have to go through so many permissions before you can actually monitor the device. So, if a monitoring app uses a simple approach for that, then it surely wins because of saving a lot of our time.



Spyzie can monitor both Android and iOS devices. When it comes to Android, the setup process is really hectic, and it does take a toll out of you. You need to have physical access to the device to install the Spyzie app on it. And the app can be downloaded through a link that is provided to you when you start setting up the device. But that’s not the bad part.

The thing that frustrated me is that I had to grant a lot of permissions to make the app work, and it was really testing my patience. I mean, of course, you have to grant all those permissions for efficient tracking, but a less time-consuming approach would have been better.

Now, let’s talk about setting up Spyzie on iOS devices. So, if you want to track an Apple device with Spyzie, then you don’t need physical access to the device. If you have the iCloud credentials for the device, then you’re good to go. However, things change if the device is using Two-factor authentication. Because then you need the device in your hand to get the authentication code. But even then you don’t have to go through all those permissions as you did with Android. You need to enable the iCloud backup for the app to work.


The method to set up SPY24 on the Android device is quite similar to the method to set up Spyzie. You will be provided with a link to download the app with a unique registration number to connect your SPY24 account to that device. After that, you have to give a couple of permissions to the app. Unlike Spyzie, you won’t get bombarded with a bunch of permissions. The entire set up process will be over within 5 minutes, which to be honest, is a blessing.

When it comes to iOS, there isn’t much difference in the setup process between SPY24 and Spyzie. SPY24 also demands you to have iCloud credentials to set up the device and not the physical access – that if the two-factor authentication isn’t enabled on the device. Because if it is enabled, then you have no choice but to get the device in front of you. Or you could call the person you’re tracking and ask them for the code. Pretty simple, right?

Verdict – SPY24 Takes The Win

So, we can clearly say that when it comes to the setup process for Android, SPY24 is the clear winner. But if it’s iOS, then there’s a tie. So, you can pick sides based on the OS your target device is using.

Tracking Calls And Messages

It’s not surprising that both of these apps can track calls and messages on the target device. But the question is, which app does it better? Well, let’s find out.


So, if you’re tracking a device using Spyzie, then you can access complete call logs while also being able to read SMS on the device. You can see full call details like the contact name or the number of the person who is calling along with the call time and duration of each conversation. Very similarly, you can access the entire inbox of the target device. This means you can read every SMS on the phone. As per my experience with the app, the data that is recorded and put in front of you is quite accurate. I mean, of course, you have to wait for a little while to see the updated data, but other apps are not that fast either.  So, I’m not complaining about that.


Well, when it comes to call and SMS tracking, there isn’t much to compare between Spyzie and SPY24. With SPY24, you can access entire call and SMS records quite similarly like Spyzie. You’ll see the caller details, call time, and the duration of each call. And now you might be thinking if SPY24 presents you with updated data quickly than Spyzie. Well, certainly not. The data gets updated after a few minutes, and sometimes it even takes about half an hour to update the data.

Verdict – Tie

So, we can say in terms of tracking calls and messages; it’s a tie between Spyzie and SPY24. Both apps allow you to access call logs and SMS on the target device with a little bit of delay in getting the latest data.

Social Media Tracking

Not every monitoring app is flexible when it comes to social media tracking. However, both Spyzie and SPY24 are known for tracking almost every social media platform on the target device. But the question is, which one does it better? Well, let’s find out.


In tracking social media platforms, Spyzie has an extensive reach. It can track every platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, etc. It tracks every conversation on WhatsApp and puts the exact messages in front of your eyes. Moreover, it tracks WhatsApp calls, and by tracking, I do not mean that you would hear their conversation. It’s just that you’ll see the contact with who your child is conversing with.

It tracks other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook in another way. What Spyzie does is that it shows you the live screenshots of every activity on those platforms. This means you’ll see every page or profile they visit on social media right in front of you.

So, I can, without a doubt, say that Spyzie does open a lot of doors for social media tracking while also giving its competitors a hard time.


Social media tracking in SPY24 is not so much different from what it is in Spyzie. From WhatsApp to Skype, you can track almost everything. For instance, in WhatsApp, you can see all the saved contacts along with every conversation and WhatsApp call. But unlike Spyzie, you won’t be able to see live screenshots of social media activity. Instead, you’ll see the activity in the form of texts, you can say more traditionally.

Verdict – Spyzie takes the Win

Both apps are very much efficient and flexible when it comes to social media tracking. However, Spyzie takes a more modern approach by capturing the screenshots, which is a big step forward in terms of tracking.

Blocking Apps And websites

Blocking apps on Spyzie

Both Spyzie and SPY24 can show you a list of all the installed apps on the target device. And they do more than just showing the apps, as they let you block certain apps which you think are inappropriate. The response time for blocking the app as soon as the instruction is given is speedy. So, in this section, there isn’t much to compare.Blocking apps on SPY24

However, when it comes to blocking websites, SPY24 is the clear winner just because Spyzie is deprived of this feature. In SPY24, other than blocking the installed apps, you can put URLs of websites to block them on the device.

Verdict – SPY24 Takes The Win

Both apps take the same approach to block certain apps on the target device and do incredibly well, so it’s definitely a tie. But when you think of blocking the websites, SPY24 makes the cake along with the win.

Smart Capture And Capture Screenshots

So, Spyzie has this feature, where you can manually take the live screenshot on the target device without even having the physical access of the device. Pretty cool, right? Well, this feature is by the name ‘Capture Screenshot.’ And for this feature to work, the target device needs to be unlocked. And it doesn’t end here. Because Spyie also has the ‘Smart Capture‘ feature to beat SPY24. This feature automatically captures screenshots when a certain app is launched on the device. For instance, you can enable Smart Capture for let’s say, Instagram. Now, whenever that app is launched, Spyzie will automatically start capturing screenshots for all the activity.

So, if you think this feature is something that you would want in your monitoring app, then I would suggest you go with Spyzie, instead of SPY24. Why? Well, that is because SPY24 doesdododo don't have either of those features.

Verdict – Spyzie Takes The Win

Spyzie is the clear winner just because it has these kinds of features. And it’s not only about having them, but the accuracy of the features also matters a lot. Well, you should be happy because these features do work quite efficiently.

Location Tracking And Geofencing

Tracking location on Spyzie

A tracking app needs to have the location tracking feature. And both SPY24 and Spyzie understands the needs of the parents, so they both have location tracking. In either of the apps, you can track the live, or past location of the target device.Tracking Location on SPY24

Moreover, both apps have a geofencing feature. Due to this feature, you can put location restrictions on your child by setting up a radius around a certain location. If the child violates that restriction, then you would be the first to know through an email.

Verdict – Tie

Now, the question is, which app does it better? Well, it’s hard to say, but, according to my experience, I was more satisfied with the Spyzie app in terms of location tracking. But that was my experience, so it may be that you find it otherwise. So, we should declare a Tie.

Number Of Target Devices

The disappointing part about SPY24 and Spyzie is that in both apps, you can add only one device/account. So, it doesn’t matter which app you’re using; you won’t be able to add multiple tracking devices for one account at the same time.

Verdict – Tie

When you consider this factor, then I would like to think that none of those apps is the winner.

Pricing Spy

The pricing for Spyzie starts at/month for Android, and for iOS, the minimum price you have to pay is /month. On the other hand, the SPY24 subscription also starts at /month for both iOS and Android. So, when you look at that, SPY24 surely takes the lead. But apart from that, Spyzie excludes out a lot of features from the list for its cheapest plan, which is frustrating. SPY24 also puts restrictions on features when you opt for its basic plan, but you will still be satisfied with all the features you get.

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Verdict – SPY24 Takes The Win

There is no separate pricing for iOS and Android if you go for SPY24. Also, the features you get in the SPY24’s cheapest plan doesn’t make you feel like you’re being forced to go for the expensive plan. So, SPY24 takes the lead.

Spyzie VS SPY24– What’s My Final Say?

If you would ask me that which app I would put my faith in, then I would definitely say SPY24. That being said, Spyzie does stand out in a lot of factors. In terms of tracking, Spyzie takes a modern approach by focusing on features like Smart Capture. But in the end, it’s all about how effective an app is. And in that regard, SPY24 is the winner for me.SPY24 Review: Does The Popular Spy App Really Safe?