Spy Bubble Review App Free SpyBubble Download Apk

Spy Bubble Review App Free SpyBubble Download Apk
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SpyBubble Download Free for iPhone, Android Cell Phones. Download the Spybubble application directly from this page. Spybubble is compatible with all modern popular devices such as Android, iPhone, Mac, PC.

Spy Bubble Review App Free SpyBubble Download Apk

SpyBubble Download Free

SpyBubble is the World's Most Advanced Cell Phone Monitoring and Tracking System

SpyBubble is no longer recommended because they have changed their product to make the app’s icon always visible, making their products not hidden anymore. The app is displayed on the phone’s screen, and it will notify the user that the device is being monitored.

SpyBubble Free Download (No Longer Recommended) If you are looking for a Completely Stealth parental spy or employee monitoring app, check out our recommendations below:

Android App Download


It has been around for a while; great features; simple and easy to set up; one-time charges of $29 (No monthly fees!);

No-Jailbreak iPhone App Download


No-Jailbreak Solution has just gone Live at SPY24. The solution is as simple as possible; the customer just inputs the required Apple id and Password into the online panel – and that’s it!

These applications run in the background of the phone without the user ever finding out. They all work as advertised, and they all offer a solid support team to help you every step of the way.

Mobile & Tablet Features | SpyBubble Monitoring Software

SpyBubble features: call log history, GPS location , text messages, emails, web history, IM tracking, and 20+ more! Get started with SpyBubble today!


Call Monitoring

You can find the call details, including time, date, call duration, and whom your child, employee, or spouse calls or receives the calls.

SMS Commands

You can send text messages and remotely delete phone information or lock some activities at a remote location.

Text Message Monitoring

You can get all details about the activities of your employee, spouse, gf/bf, or child along with message text, recipient, and sender details.

GPS tracker

You can find the exact location of any other person by making use of mobile tracking software. It works even if the GPS is turned off on the mobile.

IM tracking

IM services, such as FB messenger, iMessage, BB messages, and WhatsApp conversations can be monitored using the SpyBubble app.

Control Panel

You can view all the target device's activities through the control panel, which can be operated from anywhere, including mobile phone, laptop, PC, or iDevice.

Social Media and Website Monitoring

All the activities are done on social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others can be viewed with all the details. Even the website history can be viewed by this tool.

Alerts on Prohibited Actions

You can get spontaneous alerts when your child does some prohibited actions on the monitored devices. There are all alerts designed with contact changes, GPS location tracking, and profanity. You can even personalize the prohibited areas.

YouTube Monitoring and Email Check

You can get all emails and links to every YouTube video visited by the smartphone owner.

Read Contacts and Notes

All the calendar notes, contacts, and notes can be monitored by getting the details saved on the mobile device.

Photo Monitoring

All the pictures clicked from smartphones can be logged by the phone.

Blocking Apps

You can block in-built and downloaded apps to prohibit your child or employee from going on the wrong track.

WhatsApp Tracker - WhatsApp Messages Spy App | SpyBubble

Read through every WhatsApp conversation remotely. View all chats, get the time and date of each message, call logs and contact details with the WhatsApp tracking app.

  • Whatsapp tracking
  • Read all individual and group chats
  • Get names and numbers of contacts
  • View all sent and received multimedia
  • Works Without Jailbreak as well for iPhone
  • Read all WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp has nearly 2 billion users, and individuals and businesses widely use it across the globe. 70% of all text conversations happen right on this app. Your monitoring can’t be complete unless you carefully go through what your children and employees are talking about on WhatsApp. And TheSpyBubble is helping you stay informed by the minute no matter where you are!

How to Spy on any Mobile Phone?

Buy TheSpyBubble Mobile Monitoring App

Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below or anywhere on the website to get the app.

Install The App On Phone Or Tablet

Download the app when convenient on the Android device you can monitor* in 5 minutes or less. But For iPhone No-Jailbreak, simply obtain iCloud credentials, and no installation is required.

Start Monitoring on the Go!

Login to your account and start monitoring all the Calls, SMS, IM Chats, and More in detail

Sms Tracker | spy bubble

Sms Tracker

View all media your shares in MMS

Compatible with iOS, Android

How to track text messages

The idea to read another person's text messages has been on people`s minds since the first smartphone was invented. But is it possible to track text messages of the other person? Definitely yes. The technological progress with the help of monitoring software has made text message tracking straightforward. The installation is simple and doesn`t take a lot of time.

Every person has their own reasons why they want to track other people's text messages and check with whom they are chatting. Here are at least three reasons people need to track text messages of the other person:

To check what your child is writing

Find out what your employees are talking about during the working hours. Make sure that your partner doesn`t cheat you. It doesn`t matter what reasons you have. Today`s technologies have great options for tracking text messages of another person.

Doing small research, you can find the most suitable apps, compare them to each other and choose the most appropriate variant for you according to your needs.

To start monitoring the text messages of the other person, you need:

Choose the app and purchase it;

Install it to your phone and the target device;

Create your own account; Monitor the target device from the Control Panel.

Some apps don`t require a jailbreak to track the text messages of another person. Just choose the right app according to the features you need to have.

SMS tracker

SMS tracker for iPhone/Android devices

If you want to track text messages on iPhone or Android, the best option is to use the SMS spy app. It is the best solution for people who worry about people they love and want to spy on the text on their phone. Using the SMS spy app , you can read all messages even if they were deleted. You don`t need to worry if the target phone owner will find this piece of software. It is absolutely undetectable. You can read any message in incognito mode.

The biggest advantage of monitoring apps is that some of them don`t require jailbreak and rooting. So, the installation process is easy and simple because no physical access to the phone is needed.

With the development of modern technologies, you don’t need to steal your wife`s phone to read her text messages.

Apart from the content of each text message, you will see the date and time of each sent/received message. Besides, you will be able to see all the phone numbers the messages were sent to, target device location, media files, and use many other features. With the SMS spy app, you will get remote control of the target device to track texts, calls, media files, GPS location. All you need is to choose the most convenient app for your demands.

Viewing text messages online

Text messages are the most important means of communication nowadays. That`s why the question “How to track text messages?” is very popular in the area of the Internet. Usually, phone providers offer different online services to read text messages. If your phone provider doesn`t have it, don`t get upset. Your messages will never disappear without a trial, even if your phone is crashed. The best alternative for reading messages from your phone is to read them online. It can be very comfortable when you left your phone at home, it is left, stolen, or crashed, and you need to have access to your conversations. What`s more, there are some cases when it is not appropriate to use the phone. For example, it is better to get access to your conversations via the computer during the working day than a phone.

Besides, you may need to track the text messages of another person. In this case, it is better to use the SMS spy app. With their help, you will be able to:

see the content of each text message

view the important details (date, time)

see if the message was sent or received

and view even the deleted text messages

The process of installation is not difficult. You just need to have physical access to the target phone and a strong Internet connection. Firstly, you need to download the monitoring app on your and target phones. Secondly, you need to create your account and start monitoring.

Luckily most of the SMS spy apps don`t require any software installation on the target phone. To track the target phone texts, you just need to know the iCloud credentials (ID and a password) of the needed phone. There are many options for SMS tracking; choose the right one for you.

Snapchat Tracker: Best SnapSpy Solution | SpyBubble

How to monitor Snapchat Using Snapchat Spy Apps? Accessible on rooted Android and jailbroken iPhone. Monitor Snapchat account remotely with SpyBubble today!

Snapchat tracker

24/7 customer support

Monitor Snapchat account remotely

Accessible on rooted Android and jailbroken iPhone

How to monitor Snapchat Using Snapchat Spy Apps

Snapchat is one of the most popular and widely-used apps. This app is top-rated due to the possibility of sharing media files like photos and videos that disappear in a certain period of time. Due to its nature, it is popular among adults and the young generation. But there is the other side of this nature. Very often, users post things that they shouldn`t post. And sometimes, there are some reasons to check the Snapchat of another person for safety or protective purposes.

With the development of modern technologies, it became possible to monitor social media messengers, like the Snapchat app. To use Snapchat monitoring is not always easy, but still, surmount obstacles. Some apps give a possibility to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak.

So, how to view someone`s else snaps and conversations? The easiest way is to take a phone away and to check whatever you want. But actually, this variant is out of date, and finally, you can be caught red-handed. The other variant is more reliable and convenient.

First of all, for using Snapchat monitoring, you need to gain access to the target phone. Then you need to install a special monitoring app to view the snaps and texts of another person. After the installation process, you will access the message history, multimedia files, social media apps (Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others), and many other things. Choosing a Snapchat tracker, you need to check if the app is compatible with your device and has all features you need.

Who needs to spy on Snapchat?

Today, there is a great range of monitoring programs , and people who want to track one`s device will be pretty surprised to know about them. Today, spying apps have a set of different functions.

Using them, you can track:

Nowadays, even a small kid has a smartphone and knows how to use it. For example, sending a text, giving a call, installing an app, or taking a photo and sharing it online.

GPS location;

sent and received messages;

incoming and outgoing calls;

the Internet usage (bookmarks, search history);

instant messengers (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.);

installed apps (as well as block them);

multimedia files;

To spy on Snapchat, it is needed to install a piece of software on the target phone. This process is not difficult and will not take much time. You just need to have physical access to the device and have a good Internet connection. Every person can use the Snapchat tracker for their own purposes. It can be used for safety purposes, protection from information leaks, and deception. There are at least 3 cases when you may need it:

To monitor your kid`s phone;

To be sure your best half is not cheating on you;

Ensure that your employee doesn’t share confidential information with third parties and doesn’t use work phone for personal interests.

How to spy on Snapchat?

Snapchat is believed to be an app where users can share their photos and videos, and in less than 10 seconds, all snaps will disappear. This temporary factor makes this app very popular among all users. Is it possible to snap spy? Yes, you can.

There are a lot of tracking apps that provide Snapchat monitoring. The installation process is not time-consuming, and you don`t need to be technically savvy to cope with it. Here is a short guide on Snapchat spy software installation:

Read application reviews, compare them and choose the most appropriate Create an account on the site of monitoring software you`ve chosen; Monitor the target device from your Control Panel.

The installation process is quite easy and doesn`t take a lot of time. But there are some cases when it is not possible to get physical access to the target phone.

Luckily, there are several ways to monitor the Snapchat app on a target cell phone without accessing it.

Even though it may seem difficult, it is still a beatable challenge. Knowing someone`s iCloud credentials allows tracking their Snapchat remotely. Here is a short instruction:

Make sure the Internet connection is good;

Create an account on the site of chosen monitoring program;

Get the ID and a password of the target device;

Enable the iCloud on the target phone;

Monitor the target device from your Control Panel;

This article doesn`t need a conclusion. If you had a question about the possibility to monitor the Snapchat app, you found it.

Ultimate iPhone Monitoring Solution | TheSpyBubble

How to Monitor iPhone without jail-breaking? Give a try to TheSpyBubble comprehensive iPhone monitoring app. Monitor All Activities Remotely: calls, SMS, Whatsapp, and more.

iPhone tracking

Geo-location tracking and Monitoring of Calls, SMS, and IM chats was never this easy. What more could you expect? Give a try to TheSpyBubble comprehensive iPhone monitoring solution.

iPhone No-Jailbreak Edition

Monitor iPhone without jail-breaking it; All You need is their iCloud credentials to monitor remotely.

No Installation Required on Target Apple Device

Only Apple ID Credentials required

Monitors Text, Calls, GPS, IM Chats, and 20+ Features

Compatible up to iOS 10.3.1

Monitor All Activities Remotely

No physical access required


To start monitoring No-Jailbreak iPhone or iPad, simply enter the iCloud login details of the device and keep informed with these and more features.


Check the call logs of the monitored iPhone.


Read all messages in their inbox.


Check who is saved on their Phonebook.


Check who is saved on their Phonebook.


Scroll through their chats and photos.

Web Activity

View their browser history.


Go through all their saved photos.


Check all their chats, contacts, and multimedia.

How to Track an Android Phone or Tablet? | TheSpyBubble

Need to learn how to track an Android phone? Monitoring your child’s Android smartphone or your employee’s tablet is going to be a breeze after you have TheSpyBubble tracking software for Android. Call Monitoring, Text Message Monitoring, and more. Read this post

Monitor Android Phones / Tablets

TheSpyBubble Android Monitoring is the perfect software solution for you. With the ability to go through all Android phones, you’ll have the power to stay in the know remotely. Nothing is going to get past you anymore!

How Does TrackMyFone Android Monitoring Software Work?

TheSpyBubble gives you the ability to go through any Android smartphone or tablet in the world. With its plentiful features, TheSpyBubble really is a complete Android monitoring solution that will make your job worry-free. You will be able to:

View all Call logs and Phonebook

Monitor all incoming and outgoing calls

SMS, Whatsapp, GPS, Facebook, Calls & 30+ features

Compatible with almost all Android devices

Unlimited device change

Discreet Monitoring

5 Minutes easy install

Free & Auto App Updates

TheSpyBubble Has Got the Most Dynamic Features You Will Ever See on an Android Monitoring App. We’ve Got Everything Sorted!

Monitoring your child’s Android smartphone or your employee’s tablet is going to be a breeze after you have TheSpyBubble. Once installed, you’ll be able to go read through their devices from the comfort of your desk. Here are the powerful features that work wonders on any Android phone or tablet!

Call Monitoring

You can find the call details, including time, date, call duration, and whom your child, employee, or spouse calls or receives the calls.

Text Message Monitoring

You can get all details about the activities of your employee, spouse, gf/bf, or child along with message text, recipient, and sender details.

GPS tracker

You can find the exact location of any other person by making use of mobile tracking software. It works even if the GPS is turned off on the mobile.

Photo Monitoring

All the pictures clicked from smartphones can be logged by the phone.

IM tracking

IM services, such as FB messenger, iMessages, BB messages, and WhatsApp conversations can be monitored using the SpyBubble app.

Monitor Web Browsing

You can spy on web browsing history and check bookmarks to see which sites are more frequently visited by the person.

The Spybubble (ex. SpyBubble.com) | Cell Phone Monitoring Software

SpyBubble software

Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Easily accessible from any browser

WhatsApp, SMS, call logs, GPS & 25 more features

24/7 customer support

Free online help with initial installation


Track all popular messengers

Snapchat spy

View every text and media file sent or received by the target user. Use Snapchat spy to check on the device activity remotely with SpyBubble.

WhatsApp spy

Track all communication being made via WhatsApp messenger. Spy on texts and photos sent by the target user via WhatsApp spy.

Facebook spy

Monitor all conversations taking place on Facebook messenger. Know the time and content of each message.

Know the exact location of the target user

GPS location

Check on the target user's whereabouts with SpyBubble remotely. Make sure they are where they are supposed to be. Or catch them if they are lying.


Set virtual areas around your home or the target user's office. Get notified when they enter or leave these zones. Reveal the truth with SpyBubble.

Spy on Calls and text messages

Spy on calls

Remotely track all incoming and outgoing call logs. See who called the user and how long that conversation was. You won’t be fooled with SpyBubble.

Track text messages

View the details of every incoming and outgoing text message. Even the deleted messages are available to you remotely with SpyBubble.


SpyBubble works on all Android and iOS devices

Android Compatible with Android OS

versions 4.x, 5.x, 6.x & 7.0

Rooting Required

Compatible with Android OS iOS

Compatible with iOS versions 6 – 8.4; 9 – 9.1 (Jailbreak) And All versions without jailbreak

Spybubble is safe, secure, and easy

100% Secure

24/7 customer support

25+ Features

How to Spy on any Mobile Phone?

Buy Subscription

Just select the subscription package and fill the form.

Install & Setup

Download the application on the target user’s mobile

Download the application

Start tracking

Get spying reports through the control panel through details provided by SpyBubble

SpyBubble - The Most Advanced Cell Phone Spy Software

SpyBubble is the most powerful spying and tracking software that lets you monitor all the activities of any Windows, Mac, or Android device.

SpyBubble Spy App

SpyBubble is a simple, powerful, cloud-based computer monitoring and mobile spy software . Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. It's super easy to install on the device you want to monitor.

Once the spy app is installed on the target phone or computer, it works in stealth mode, which will never be found on the monitored device.

SpyBubble records phone calls, takes screenshots, lets you read texts, emails, Facebook, and WhatsApp messages, capture keystrokes, and even remotely activate the camera to take photos. All recorded data is sent to a secure web-based account.

Finally, a Spy Software that's Easy and Powerful

SpyBubble is the best monitoring software. Here are the features that make SpyBubble the most powerful and user-friendly spy software in the market.

SMS & IM Chats

Remotely monitor their SMS and IM chats like Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

GPS Tracking

See their current location on the map, as well as a history of their GPS location.

Record Calls

Remotely record all phone calls made to and from the monitored phone.

Monitor Internet Activities

Track the websites they have been visiting and the ones they’ve bookmarked.


Capture everything they type on the device - including passwords.


The app is invisible to the end-user, so no one will know you installed it unless you want them to.

Remote web-based monitoring

There's no need to worry about being near the monitored device to view the activity after installation. Activities are uploaded to a private account viewable using any web browser, even on mobile devices.

Log in from any browser to your SpyBubble account to see all recorded data at your convenience from our intuitive web interface. See all activity organized in your account.

Information from the device is synced with your account every 5 minutes. SpyBubble's web access is password-protected, so only you can view activity logs.

Simple, fast, easy to use

SpyBubble is designed to be simple and easy to use. Installing the app is as easy as pie and takes just a few minutes. Here's how to get started:

First, make sure that the SpyBubble app is compatible with your target phone or computer. Please see the Compatibility section below for details.

Then sign up for a free account by clicking here—no credit card is required for a free trial.

Follow the instructions to download and install the app on the target device.

SpyBubble starts tracking device activities immediately after installation. Just log in to your online account to access data.


Windows/ Mac Spy

SpyBubble is compatible with computers running Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, and Mac computers running OS X 10.9 Mavericks to 10.11 Yosemite.

You need physical access to the target computer for a few minutes to install the software in it.


SpyBubble is compatible with devices running Android 4.0 and above.

You need physical access to the target phone for a few minutes to install the app in it.

about SpyBubble

Why choose us?

SpyBubble has been at the forefront of developing high-quality computer and mobile monitoring solutions used by parents, employers, experts, and law enforcement agencies. We strive to offer functional, easy-to-use software products with cutting-edge features and functionality.

Our spy software has been professionally reviewed by many of the world's most prestigious technology news outlets. Our software products have been featured in publications such as ZDNet, PC Magazine, CNET, and PC World.

Frequently Asked Questions SpyBubble

How does it work?

SpyBubble is the most trusted and advanced spy software that secretly records and uploads all data and location stats on the phone or computer it is installed in and uploads it on an online control panel .

How can I get this app?

To remotely monitor a phone or computer, you need to buy the SpyBubble spy software online. After buying the software, install it on the target device. Now you can monitor all their device usage and location data remotely.

How do I install the app?

Using SpyBubble is simple; just install the app once on the phone or computer you want to monitor and remotely check all phone or computer usage data and location stats from your own computer or phone.

Will they know this spy app is installed or running?

SpyBubble is 100% invisible and stays hidden on the phone or computer that it is installed in. It will not show in the installed apps list on the phone or computer as well.

Does SpyBubble work in my country?

The app will work anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

Do I need physical access to the device to install the SpyBubble app?

You will need to access the target device just once to install the SpyBubble spy app. After that, you can monitor it remotely without having to reaccess it physically.


SpyBubble, with over 500,000 satisfied users, has been helping concerned parents and employers safely track their children and employees to safety around the world. As a parent, one of your greatest concerns might be to know who your kids talk to and what about. So you know exactly what's going on in their lives!

Ever got suspicious about what your kids are texting about all the time? Whether it's a simple SMS or an instant message through Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber , or Messenger, track all messages, multimedia content, and contact details remotely- without ever touching their phone or computer!

SpyBubble has worked for more than 500,000 users just like you, and it will definitely work for you too! It's time you get your hands on this amazing spy software and put all your monitoring concerns to rest. After all, you already have your hands full!

SpyBubble Review – Does It Really Work?

SpyBubble is a program that will enable you to monitor all the activities on that device without being detected when installed into a particular smartphone. But does it really work? Well, that’s what we will be discovering in this SpyBubble review.

My Personal Experience With SpyBubble Pro

Like most of you here, I also went online trying to find a spy software or program to use after I decided I will spy on a friend of mine who I stopped talking to after we had a huge fight. I know this sounds highly unethical to you, but I was desperate. I was worried she’s telling our other friends things which make me look bad to them and trust me I DON’T WANT THAT! So I decided there’s no other way to know and be sure about what she’s telling our other friends than to spy on her, and then I remember about this Spy software that a techie friend of mine told me about a couple of months ago. He said the spy software is called “SpyBubble.”

After I made up my mind, I went to see that techie friend of mine and asked him to help me. He didn’t refuse, and he said all I have to do is bring my “friend’s” cell phone to him. So to make the story short, I had the phone and gave it to my techie friend, and he downloaded and installed the spy software into that phone. After installing, configuring, and setting up, the software has started to collect data from the phone to where we installed the software, and my friend didn’t have any idea that we know each of her activities on the phone. With the SpyBubble, we were able to:

SpyBubble Video

View and read her messages.

All of my friend’s incoming and outgoing messages were uploaded to the online account that we set up when we purchased the spy software. We were able to see her messages, the ones she sent, and the ones she received, and we were able to know who the received messages came from.

Tap and Listen to Her Calls.

We were able to tap and listen live to every call she made and every call she got. And not only were we able to hear her side but the other side of the call too.

View and read her emails.

So we're not only able to view and read her text messages but also her emails. In addition, we were able to view all web URLS that she visited on her phone.

Track her Location

We were able to track her location with the GPS location tracking feature, and it was a great advantage for me because there were days when I didn’t feel like seeing her. I was still feeling bad about what happened then.

View and Download Photos and Videos

We could view and even download each photo and video that she makes and receives with her phone!

View Her Call History

We were able to see who she called and who called her, and when (date and time).

With all these things that the SpyBubble Spy software enabled us to do, I can say that it was all worth it. It worked. It helped me get the information that I needed. And with that experience, I can identify the PROS of the software, and when there are PROS, there are also CONS.


SpyBubble Spy Software is a discrete software. With discrete, I mean that it shows no icons, no logos, no sounds, no messages, nothing that will give the phone owner any hint that they are being spied.

It is straightforward to download and install.

SpyBubble Spy Software practices discrete billing. This means that your statement will not say – – SpyBubble or what the purchase was for.

It is straightforward to access. You can check the collected data anytime, anywhere.

It can be installed on a wide range of popular smartphones (android phones and even Blackberry phones).

It has no recurring billing.

It has 24/7 support so that any concern can be addressed at any time of the day.

It comes with a full money-back guarantee of 60 days if you are not satisfied and 24/7 support.


SpyBubble Pro only works on smartphones. Also, if the smartphone is outdated, Spybubble won’t work properly.

SpyBubble Pro works fast and discretely, but you should not expect it to be something like those spy devices you often see in the movies. Don’t expect a robotic female voice that says mail has been sent successfully or anything with a state-of-the-art interface. SpyBubble’s interface is straightforward, and that’s a good thing because it doesn’t take a long time to load. This is the main reason why it can upload data fast on your online account. Anyway, if what you are after is something more sophisticated, SpyBubble is not the one for you.

There you go! I hope this helps you get to know more about SpyBubble Spy Software and answers your question if it really works or not. As for me, the decision of purchasing it for $49 had been a good decision. The software had been handy, and I had a whole new experience with it. Anyway, after spying on my friend, I found out that she never talked badly about me- even after weeks since our fight. I stopped spying on her, and I befriended her.


Regardless of whom you want to track and spy on and regardless of the reason you have, the SpyBubble Pro version is definitely the right software for it. Purchase it, install it on the target phone device, customize it to make it work just how you want it to work for you, and never expect a state-of-the-art interface. Just expect results and know that SpyBubble will deliver those results.

What is the price of SpyBubble?

Spybubble's standard subscription is $4.99, while the pro version is $19.99.

How are you going to use SpyBubble?

Spying on any mobile phone is as simple as following three simple steps:

Subscribe to SpyBubble.

The application is downloaded to the target user's mobile device.

Receive spying reports via the control panel using the information provided by SpyBubble.

Is SpyBubble a free service?

SpyBubble, Android Device Spying.

SpyBubble is one of the best free spy apps available on the market. It is compatible with all Android devices, including tablets and smartphones.