Spyine App Reviews Cost for Android & iPhone Download

Spyine App Reviews Cost for Android & iPhone Download
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Spyine is the next-generation way to spy on and track a phone.

Who are you watching? Spyine will keep you safe. The app is not only quiet, but it's also secret. You get more than 24 strong monitoring features. The app can be used from anywhere and is easy to set up and use. Stay hidden while you check out what's going on with any Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Spyine lets you watch phones and tablets in private and safely.

Spyine is the best way to keep an eye on a phone. You can use the app to spy on any smartphone or tablet made in the last few years. You get powerful phone monitoring tools that you can access from anywhere using a web browser. Spyine is also private, which means that your personal information is never stored or shared.

Make your web browser a place to keep an eye on things
Spyine is the same thing as a convenience! You can set up and control the app on your phone or tablet from any web browser. Once the app is up and running, monitoring updates are sent directly to your online dashboard, which you can access through your browser.

Set up in minutes, with no need to root or jailbreak.
How long does it take to set up Spyine and start tracking a phone or tablet? You'll be done in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. The Android version requires you to download a small piece of software, but the iOS version is completely web-based and can be set up in a flash.

Download free Apk Spyine

Track a Phone or Tablet in 3 Easy Steps

  • Free to sign up

Sign up for an account on Spyine. Use your email address as your username.

  • Install

Check your email for instructions on how to set up. Set up Spyine in minutes.

  • Monitor

Log in to the Spyine dashboard from your web browser and start watching!

Spyine App Reviews Cost for Android & iPhone Download

iPhone Spy: Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak and App - Spyine

Spyine lets you keep an eye on any iPhone or tablet from a distance. The app is private, and you can use it right from your web browser. You can use the app to keep track of their calls, texts, and apps without them knowing. You get more than twelve unique features for a monthly fee that isn't too high.

For More In-Depth iPhone or iPad Tracking
Spyine is the best spy app because it has the most features and is easy to use.

• Spyine works without having to break out of jail, and it can be set up in a flash.

• Remotely watch the iPhone or iPad in question from your web browser.

• Spyine works with iOS 7 or higher on iPhones and iPads.

• Spyine gives you access to more than 12 different monitoring features that you can use from afar.

• You can use Spyine in secret and the user won't find out.

Spyine's Features for Monitoring an iPhone (No Jailbreak)

  • Location

With the GPS location tracker, you can keep an eye on your iPhone or iPad almost in real-time.

  • SMS Reader

Read every message that comes in and goes out. Find names, email addresses, and phone numbers of people you can talk to.

Follow calls
Find detailed call logs with information like the names of people who called, how often they called, and when they called.

  • Applications

See a list of all the apps you've installed and keep an eye on any new ones.

  • Photos & Videos

View the photos and videos saved on the iPhone or iPad you want to access.

  • LINE

You can keep an eye on what they do on LINE and see their messages, media files, contacts, and more.

  • History of the browser

Watch what your kids do online. Make sure they can go online safely.

  • Calendar & Notes

See the important dates they have saved on their calendar and read about the events.

  • Message Reader

Check out all of their personal and group WhatsApp messages.
You can spy on any iPhone without having to install software

  • Sign up for an account
  • Sign up for a Spyine account with your email address.
  • Check iCloud Account
  • Enter the iCloud account information for the iPhone or iPad you want to find.
  • Track the iPhone
  • You can keep an eye on your iPhone or iPad by using a web browser.

Spyine helps you keep what's yours safe.

  • Keep Your Kids Safe

There's no doubt that you love your kids, and you do everything you can to keep them safe. But have you ever wondered how safe your kids are online or what they do when you can't be there? Spyine lets you keep an eye on what your child is doing online when you can't be there in person.

Spyine can keep track of your child's movements in almost real time, as well as watch what they do online. You can find out if they aren't going to school on time or if they aren't going at all so they can hang out with their friends. The geofence feature lets you know if your child goes into a place you don't want them to go.

  • Supervise Your Employees

With Spyine, you can make sure that your workers aren't wasting time. The app lets you keep track of the devices your company gives to your employees. Spyine will tell you if they are using their phones or tablets for entertainment instead of work. Then, if necessary, you can decide to punish them.

Do you think one of your employees is stealing company secrets or giving information to a competitor? Spyine lets you keep track of what they do on their phone or tablet. If they are really sharing private information, you can use their phone or table to catch them in the act and show them proof.

Spy on Android Phones and Tablets with the Android Spy App - Spyine

Spyine for Android lets you keep an eye on any Android phone or tablet from afar. You get over two dozen unique features. It's private, safe, easy to use, and works through your web browser.

Spy without Rooting on Android Devices
Use the trusted Spyine spy software to keep an eye on any Android device without being caught.

• Keep an eye on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
• Look at your GPS location, text messages, calendar, calls, and contacts.
• You can use it on any Android device with OS 4 or later.
• Set up in minutes and check from afar.
• Use the "stealth" feature to stay out of sight while you watch.

  • Features of Spyine's Android Monitoring
  • Locations
  • Find out where the phone or tablet is almost instantly. Find out about a place's past and use 3D Street View.
  • SMS Reader
  • Read every message that comes in and goes out. Find names, email addresses, and phone numbers of people you can talk to.
  • Follow calls
  • Find detailed call logs with information like the names of people who called, how often they called, and when they called.
  • Geofence
  • Set up a monitoring zone on a map and get an alert when a user crosses the zone's border.
  • Keylogger
  • Track every key that is pressed on the target device. Find important information, such as account names and passwords.
  • Media Files
  • Access the photos and videos they have saved on their device. You can save any file to look at later.
  • Snapchat
  • See what they are up to on Snapchat. You should write down all of your messages before Snapchat deletes them.
  • History of the browser
  • Watch what your kids do online. Make sure they can go online safely.
  • Mode stealth
  • Completely hidden mode for spying on

Spyine is a Very Useful Tool

  • Keep an eye on your kids.

You can watch over your kids when you can't be there in person with Spyine. Online and off, children face many dangers, such as bullies, perverts, toxic people, and bad influences in general. With Spyine, you can watch what they do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without them knowing. You can also be there for them if they need you.

  • Supervise Employees

If you want to keep an eye on your employees, Spyine can be very helpful. You can keep an eye on a problem employee who isn't doing their job and bringing everyone else down by using their company-issued device. You can catch someone in the act if they are secretly helping a competitor hurt your business.

Call Tracker: Logs of Phone Calls for Android and iOS - Spyine

Want to know who is calling them and who is calling them? Spyine lets you look at their call logs from a distance. You can use the app to keep track of names, phone numbers, email addresses, and a lot more. It is safe and private to use.

  • Look at call logs
  • Track calls from a distance
  • You can see all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as other information.
  • Use the call tracker on Spyine to find out who they are calling.
  • Check their call history, both incoming and outgoing.
  • Find information like how long their calls were and when they happened.
  • See their most-called people and how many times they've called them.
  • Follow their call history without rooting or jailbreaking.

Listen in on their phone calls in secret
In stealth mode, Spyine lets you listen in on anyone's phone calls. Once the app is installed, you don't have to touch the device for it to work. Even if you're not at home, you can check your call logs from any web browser. They will never find out.

The dashboard for Spyine gives you an overview of what's going on with the phone. As was already said, you can sign in through your web browser. You can find the call logs feature in the menu on the left. Open the call log window to find out about calls you've made in the past, how to get in touch with people, and other things.

Text Spy lets you read and track someone else's text messages.

Do you want to be able to read their texts? Use Spyine! Spyine lets you keep an eye on their text messages without them knowing. You can both send and read messages with this app. It is fast, simple, and safe.

  • Texts and iMessages Can Be Read
  • To Check Messages
  • Access and read someone else's texts and iMessages from a distance.
  • Spyine lets you look at their texts and iMessages without them knowing.
  • Read all the texts and iMessages that were sent back and forth.
  • Thanks to the auto-backup feature, you can find messages that you deleted.
  • See information about media files, contacts, and time stamps.
  • Installing Spyine takes only a few minutes.

What Can You Learn From Their Texts?

Why should you go through their texts? They can give you a lot of useful information. If you think someone is lying to you or acting strangely, you can check their text messages to find out what's going on. Spyine lets you read their texts from afar and easily through your web browser. It can be used without risk and in private.

Cell Phone Tracker: Find Out Where a Cell Phone Is - Spyine

How do you find out where a cell phone is? Using Spyine, you can do it easily. The app can use GPS to track the location of any cell phone or tablet in real time. The best thing about Spyine is that it works behind the user's back without them knowing.

  • Find out where someone's phone is from a distance
  • GPS Tracking of Location
  • You can track the location of any phone or tablet in secret with Spyine.
  • You can find out where they've been by using Spyine's location tracker.
  • You can track them with GPS and WiFi.
  • Check out the addresses, areas, and geographical coordinates.
  • Google's 3D street view lets you get a better look.

Find out where they are from your web browser.
You can track their movements from your web browser using Spyine. It is private, and safe, and there are no risks. Just install the app first, which only takes a few minutes. After that, you can use an e-map to find out where the phone is. You get updates on the phone's location based on where the phone goes and how often you want updates.

The dashboard is where you can find the option to track your location. Sign in to the dashboard and look in the menu on the left for the Locations option. To start the tracking, click on the option. You can see where they go almost in real time. The last place they were seen will be marked on the e-map with a pin.

At the bottom, there is also a log of where you have been. You can find out the addresses, geographical coordinates, time stamps, date stamps, and much more. There is also a Google 3D street view option that lets you see the street the user was on from a close-up point of view. You can keep a close eye on the phone's movements for weeks.

Get an instant Geofence alarm with Geofence Alert - Spyine

Set up a geofence easily and from afar with Spyine! With Geofence, you'll know exactly when the phone or tablet you want to track enters or leaves the marked area. It's quick and safe. and discreet.

  • Set up alerts for Geofence
  • The Geofence Alert
  • Set up restricted areas, and when your child crosses them, you'll get a message.
  • Set up a watched zone and get notified when it is broken into.
  • Create multiple geofence zones on an e-map.
  • Get a message when the device comes in or goes out.
  • Watch how the device is moving now and in the past.

Facebook Spy: Spy on Facebook Messenger Messages - Spyine

Do you know who they are talking to on Facebook? You can use Spyine to find out. It's safe and private, and it works without being seen. You can see everything they've done on Facebook, including the messages they've sent and received, their contact information, pictures, videos, and other information.

  • For Watching Facebook
  • Spy on Facebook Messenger Chats
  • Look at what they do on Facebook and Messenger without being seen.
  • Spyine lets you watch what they do on Facebook without them knowing.
  • See their uploaded photos, videos, and display photos.
  • Read both their personal and group messages on Facebook.
  • Check out the names and pictures of your contacts.

Secretly watch what people do on Facebook
With Spyine, you can secretly watch what people do on Facebook without getting caught. You can do this without being near the target device or touching it. You can do it from your web browser. You only need to set up Spyine to work with the Android or iOS device you want to spy on.

After you've installed Spyine, go to the dashboard and log in to start monitoring Facebook. Look in the menu on the left for the Facebook or Messenger options. This brings up the Facebook or Messenger windows, which show information like incoming messages, contact information, outgoing messages, and timestamps.

You can see a summary of what the person is doing on their Facebook account, both privately and in group chats. You can also look at their Contacts and find out information like email addresses, profile pictures, names, and a lot more.

Every conversation has a timestamp that lets you know when it happened. Spyine also gives you access to media files on Facebook. You can save any photos or videos they have uploaded to your device.

WhatsApp Spy: Read Messages on WhatsApp - Spyine

Want to get into someone else's WhatsApp? The best choice is Spyine! The app lets you keep an eye on someone's personal WhatsApp messages and group chats. You can look at your messages, contacts, pictures, and media files, among other things.

  • Follow what happens on WhatsApp
  • For Spying on WhatsApp
  • Spyine lets you see what someone is doing on WhatsApp without them knowing.
  • Use Spyine to find out what they are doing on WhatsApp.
  • Read both private and group chats with Spyine.
  • Access the photos, videos, and other files they have shared.
  • You can look at their contacts and see their names, phone numbers, and pictures.
  • You can keep an eye on WhatsApp from afar using a web browser.

Keep a Secret Eye on WhatsApp
Spyine has a powerful way to spy on WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, you can see almost everything they do. After you install the app, you can use your web browser to check on anyone's WhatsApp from afar. Spyine is protected, safe, and private. Your dashboard gives you regular updates on what's going on with WhatsApp.

Once you've set up the app, go to the dashboard and look for the "Social Apps" > "WhatsApp" option. In the WhatsApp window, you can see all of the user's messages, even the ones that have been deleted. You can also look at the contact information, media files, and time and date logs to find out more. You can find out who they are talking to and what they are talking about.

Snapchat Spy: Read Messages on Snapchat - Spyine

Spyine lets you see what the phone owner does on Snapchat. You can read their messages, look at their media files, and get information about their contacts. Spyine is easy to set up, and you can use your web browser to get to the Snapchat data.

  • Easy Ways to Keep an Eye on Snapchat
  • For keeping an eye on Snapchat
  • Use your web browser to secretly track what they do on Snapchat.
  • Spyine lets you see everything on a user's Snapchat.
  • Keep track of all the messages they send and receive.
  • Read their old or deleted Snapchat messages.
  • Find information about contacts and media files that were shared.
  • You can quickly get to Snapchat from your web browser.

Instagram Spy: Read Messages on Instagram - Spyine

Want a way to look at someone's Instagram without them knowing? Spyine is the best choice. With Spyine, you can watch how someone uses Instagram, see who they follow, read their private messages, and see all of their uploaded and downloaded Instagram photos.

  • Instagram Spy: Watch what people do on Instagram
  • Instagram Spy App
  • Use Spyine to keep track of what someone does on Instagram.
  • With Spyine, you can keep an eye on someone's Instagram for a long time.
  • Read all the messages they sent and got.
  • Check the information on their followers and contacts.
  • Get their photos and videos from Instagram.

You can sneak into someone's Instagram account.
Spyine lets you watch someone's Instagram account from afar and in secret. You can access the app's control panel from any web browser, even when you're out and about. Depending on how often you check for updates, this browser gives you regular Instagram updates. You only need to get Spyine set up first.

Once Spyine is up and running, go to the dashboard and look for the "Social Apps" > "Instagram" option. It will be on the left-hand list of choices. The Instagram window lets you see both the messages you send and the ones you get. You can refresh the log, which shows the 100 most recent entries, by clicking on the Refresh button.

There is a time and date for every message in the Instagram Window. This lets you know for sure when the messages were sent and received. Look for the Contacts option if you want to find out more. The Instagram Window backs up every message as soon as it is sent, so you can also find messages that you have deleted there.

Viber Spy: Track & View Viber Messages - Spyine

Need a way to keep an eye on someone else's Viber account? Spyine is the easiest way to get into someone's Viber from your web browser. It's quick, easy, and doesn't cause any stress!

  • Monitoring Viber Messenger
  • For Monitoring Viber
  • Find out what they're doing on Viber with Spyine.
  • In stealth mode, you can read their messages and see what else they do on Viber.
  • Read what they said to Spyine on their own and in groups.
  • Viber lets you see and download their media files.
  • With the backup feature, you can find messages that you deleted.
  • Check the names, phone numbers, and pictures of the people you can talk to.

Spyine - Stealth Mode

How can you listen in on someone's phone without them knowing? Use the "stealth mode" on Spyine. With this app, you can keep an eye on phones and tablets without anyone knowing. It's quick, easy, and safe!

  • Stealth Mode gives you true invisibility.
  • Stealth Mode Stealth mode
  • Spyine lets you keep an eye on phones and tablets without being seen.
  • Spyine has features that let you monitor your phone without anyone knowing.
  • Read texts and social media messages in secret from afar.
  • Stealthy can see where people are right now and where they have been in the past.

View their media files and what they do on the Internet without them knowing.
Secretly track both phones and tablets
You can spy on phones and tablets in stealth mode with Spyine. It can be used with both Android and iOS. After you install the app, you can log in to the dashboard and start keeping an eye on the phone. It works from a distance and is always completely secret.

Spyine for Android is a small, 2MB app that you have to physically install on the device you want to spy on. After you install the app, you can choose to hide it. The app runs in the background without you knowing and sends data to the dashboard. The app is hard to find because it is small, runs in secret, and doesn't use up battery power.

Spyine for iOS is an app that only works on the web. You don't have to download or install any software on the iPhone or iPad you want to control. In fact, you don't even have to touch the device. The iCloud backup lets the app work from afar. Spyine can't be found because it only works on the web and doesn't need to be installed.

What's the point of Stealth Mode?

Not everyone will tell you the truth, especially if they are afraid or have bad intentions. Sometimes the only way to find out the truth is to spy on someone and find out for yourself what they are hiding.

With Spyine's "stealth mode," you can spy on any phone or tablet without the person knowing. You will find out what they know if you listen in on their phone calls, texts, social media activity, and where they go. Since the app works in stealth mode, the other person will never know that you are watching them or that you now know the truth.

With stealth mode, you can find out the truth about someone without hurting your relationship with them. You also stay out of trouble and keep from getting a bad name for yourself.

Stealth Mode Without Jailbreak or Root

You don't have to root or jailbreak the device to use Spyine's stealth mode. Rooting and jailbreaking are two things that a lot of other spy apps need, but they are not at all secret. There are a lot of chances that the user will find out and become suspicious. If you use Spyine, though, you don't have to worry about any of that.

SIM Tracker: Find Out Where Your SIM Card Is Online - Spyine

Spyine lets you find out what's on their SIM card and let you know if they change their number. The app lets you track SIM card information like the carrier and IMEI number from afar. If you need to, you can also get a phone number change notice.

  • SIM Card Follow-up
  • Learn about the SIM card.
  • Remotely check things about a SIM card, like where it is and its IMEI number.
  • With Spyine, you can watch someone's SIM card from afar.
  • Find out about their networks, such as their IMEI number and their carrier.
  • See where the SIM card is based on the network in real-time.
  • Sign up for a change-of-SIM-card alert.
  • From any web browser, you can get SIM card information in minutes.

SIM cards can be tracked
Want to know more about the SIM card that their phone is using? Or do you want to keep track of their phone number and be notified when it changes? Spyine lets you do both. After you install the app, you can keep an eye on what's going on with the SIM card from afar. You can use your web browser to get to Spyine. It's quick and safe.

Look in the Spyine dashboard's menu of options for the SIM Card option. The SIM window will show you what information is on their SIM card. You can see their IMEI number, information about their carrier, where they are, and their MNC and MCC. There is an option called SIM Card Alert that lets you know if their number changes, which can be very helpful.

What Does SIM Card Trackers Tell You?

Usually, if you want to find out where a phone is, you use the GPS or WiFi trackers that come with it. This lets you keep an eye on the phone almost in real-time. But if you can't do that, you can use the SIM card tracking feature instead. Based on the phone carrier information, this lets you find out where the phone is rough.

A person's phone number is another way to keep an eye on them. If they change their number often to make calls when they are not at home, for example, they are trying to hide something from you. The information on the SIM card can also help you find your own device if you lose it and want to find it again.

Stealth mode on the monitor

If they find out you're following them, they're probably not going to be happy. Spyine works perfectly in stealth mode, which is a good thing. It's easy to hide the app. The Android version is small, works in the background, and doesn't use much battery. This makes it almost impossible to find. The iOS version is a web app that works through the iCloud backup, so it can't be found at all.

You can get SIM information without rooting or jailbreaking

One of the best things about Spyine is that you don't have to root or jailbreak your phone for it to work. Not many apps can make the same claim. Because you don't have to root or jailbreak the device, you don't have to worry about losing data or making it vulnerable to malware by accident. The app is simple to set up and can be used from anywhere.

Questions Often Asked: General/Android

Spyine is what?

Spyine is a program that can watch on your phone. It lets you check on Android and iOS phones and tablets from anywhere in the world using your web browser. The app is sneaky and works in the background without the user knowing. This makes it a "spy" app. The app lets you see almost everything that happens on the phone you tell it to watch. Spyine is used to keep an eye on children, employees, and partners who are cheating on each other. There are many more ways to use the app.

How does the Android solution from Spyine work?

The Android app for Spyine is 2MB. You can put the app on the target device and then, if you want, you can hide it. Then, you can check on the Android tablet or phone from your web browser. The Spyine app on the device will send you updates on a regular basis.

The Android version is impossible to find because it is small, doesn't use much battery, has a hidden app icon, and sends you data remotely. You also don't have to "root" the Android device you want to spy on in order for Spyine to work. You can set up Spyine in a very short amount of time, which is a great way to save time.

After you have installed Spyine, you don't have to touch the device again. The app will update itself when it needs to. You can uninstall Spyine remotely from your web browser if you want to. Only one click is needed. Instead, do you want to spy on iOS? For more information, read FAQs for Non-Jailbroken Target Devices.

Can Spyine be used from any place or device?

You can use Spyine from anywhere and on any device that can connect to the internet. Spyine needs to be installed for it to give you information about monitoring a phone. To send data, the device you want to send it to will also need to be on and connected to the internet. If it's not connected, you'll have to wait until it is.

What Android devices can Spyine be used on?

Spyine works with any Android phone or tablet with OS 4.0 or later. The Setup Wizard will tell you about compatibility.

Do I need to create an account with Spyine to use the app?

To use Spyine, you do need to sign up for an account and pay a monthly fee. The account lets you get to the dashboard, which is where monitoring data is shown.

Does the Android phone I want to spy on with Spyine have an app icon?

No, it won't happen. Keep in mind that you have to manually hide the app icon after the installation process. To get the app icon back, you need a special code.

Is Spyine OK to use?

Yes, you can own Spyine. But using Spyine may be against the law in some situations. Check the laws in your area before you use the software. We can't tell you if it's legal or not. Spyine is legal for parents to use in the US to keep an eye on their kids who are under 18.

Can I set up Spyine from afar?

No, you can't remotely set up Spyine for Android. There is no spy app on the market that can be put on an Android device from afar. If you know the user's iCloud information, you can only install Spyine for iOS remotely.

How do I put Spyine on an Android device I want to spy on?

Check out our guide to setting up and installing Android for a full explanation. We'll tell you what it all means here. Get a smartphone or computer, because that's what you'll use to set up the app. You'll need to be in the same room as the device you want to hack for a few minutes.

You don't have to root your Android phone or tablet, but doing so may give you access to more features. We recommend that you don't root because it can cause problems like losing data and voiding warranties. Even if you don't have roots, Spyine has powerful features.

Look for a setting that says "Allow installs from unknown sources" on the device you want to change. Turn it on. Turn on WiFi or data on the phone as well. Then go ahead and sign up for a Spyine account and buy a monthly subscription.

By logging into your account, you can start watching Spyine.

How do I take Spyine for Android off my phone?

The dashboard can be uninstalled from afar. If not, go to Phone Settings on the device you want to change. Find Device Administration > Update Service > Deactivate. Next, go to Apps > Update Service settings and look for Spyine. Click "Uninstall" next to it.

How do I keep an eye on the device?

If you have Spyine installed, all you have to do is log in to the Spyine dashboard. You can do this from any internet browser on a phone or computer. The app's different features can be accessed through the browser's selection panel.

How do I get Spyine?

You can pay us with any of the common ways to pay. We take Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, and other cards. Users from outside the United States can pay with PayPal, JCB, or Giropay. We also sometimes accept vendor-to-vendor orders, fax orders, and purchase orders.

Your home country may only let you choose some of these options.

Will there be a record of a transaction with Spyine on my bank statement?

No, it won't. We know that some of our users want to be completely hidden. Instead of the Spyine app itself, the names of the people who made it will be shown.

What happens after I buy a subscription to Spyine?

You get a confirmation of your order at the email address you used to sign up. You might have to wait an hour before you get the confirmation. If it doesn't work, please let us know.

You will get your regular email as well as a welcome email. This email tells you how to log in. It also lets you use the Spyine Setup Wizard and gives you all the other information you need to use the app.

What if I want my money back?

If you want a refund, you can contact our reseller Paddle at Paddle.net. Read our policy on refunds to see if you qualify.

How often do I get news about monitoring?

You get one update every 24 hours. This is for devices that have not been rooted or jailbroken. If the device has been rooted or jailbroken, you can make it update more often.

We suggest setting it to go off no more than once every 6 hours so that the battery doesn't run out and the user doesn't get suspicious.

Does the thing I'm watching need to be connected to the internet?

It sometimes needs to be connected to the internet. Spyine will send you monitoring updates from the device as long as it is connected to the internet.

How many devices can I use Spyine to watch?

That depends on what kind of subscription you get. With the Premium version, you can keep an eye on one device. If you want to keep an eye on more than one device, you need the Family version.

Do I need to root the Android device I want to use?

You don't have to do that! Spyine is a high-tech spy app that works even if you don't root your phone. To install Spyine, you only need to touch the target device for a short time.

Will rooting the device make the warranty void? Can it go the other way?

Rooting voids the warranty on some of the most popular smartphone brands. Yes, it is possible to stop rooting. We don't suggest rooting, and we don't help with reversals. Spyine is a solution with no roots.

Can you find my phone for me?

No, we can't help in a direct way. But if you had Spyine installed, you could log in to the dashboard and look at the location screen to find out where your device was last seen. You can also get information about your SIM card and give it to your carrier.

The Spyine

Spyine was made to be an all-in-one spying tool. We wanted to make a powerful app that could be used to keep an eye on any modern device in a private and stress-free way. We also wanted everyone to be able to use it. Spyine is the result of many hours of research, technical know-how, and hard work by a team of cybersecurity experts from different backgrounds.

Spy Solution with Many Facets

Spyine is a powerful spy app, but it can do a lot more than just watch someone's phone or tablet. The app is also a way for parents to keep an eye on their kids from afar. The app is simple and safe to use. Spyine can also be used to back up your phone and check for suspicious activity.

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The ultimate review of the Spyine app: What is it and how can it help?

This review could be the most important of all the ones on Spyine. Check out what we found and decide for yourself if this monitoring app works.

Making a short list of monitoring apps? Then it's very important that you read reviews of Spyine. One of the most popular apps in one that lets parents keep an eye on their kids and lets companies keep an eye on their employees. But does it work the way it says it will? And is it okay for parents who want to keep their children safe? We can help you figure it out. Let's go.
Compatibility of the Spyine app


Pricing Android - iOS
• One month costs $49.99
• Three months for $79.99
• A one-year plan costs $179.99

• One month costs $59.99
• Three months for $99.99
• A one-year plan costs $199.99

• One month costs $99.99
• Three months for $199.99
• A one-year plan costs $499.99


• One month costs $99.99
• Three months for $199.99
• A one-year plan costs $499.99

• One month costs $59.99
• Three months for $99.99
• A one-year plan costs $199.99

• One month costs $399.99
• Three months for $699.99
• A one-year plan costs $999.99

Pros and Cons of Spyine
We know how frustrating it can be to read reviews of Spyine that make everything sound great and make you think the app is perfect. We like the features that Spyine has, but it's important to note that there are also some problems. Here's what we found when we looked closely at Spyine.


  • There's no need to hack or break.
  • Multiple subscription options
  • Very user-friendly


  • There aren't many ways to keep an eye on social media.
  • Can get expensive if you have more than one device
  • Some features are not available in the lower tiers.
What Real Users Think About Spyine

So, how does Spyine work in real life? Even though we tested the app for weeks, we know it's important to get feedback from real users. So, we've put together reviews from real people just like you. Here are their thoughts.

The winner of Spyine vs. SPY24 is...

The market now has a new powerhouse. It's called SPY24, and users love it, based on all the great reviews. So, how does Spyine look? We put them both in the virtual ring to see which one is stronger.

Social Media Monitoring
Spyine works well to let you see their social media chats. It talks about some of the most well-known social media sites. But SPY24 is a little bit better because it works with even more social media sites. With SPY24's built-in screen recorder, you can also see their deleted messages on the most popular platforms.

Alerts for Location
Both apps' location alerts are great, and we're really happy with them. With SPY24 and Spyine, you can find out where someone is on a map. Even though Google Street View is built into Spyine, our tests showed that SPY24's location tracking was slightly more accurate and faster. We're calling this a tie.

Pricing free
What's the price of Spyine? Well, things can get a little complicated and expensive when you want to buy more than one device or mix iOS and Android. SPY24 keeps things simple with pricing plans that are easy to understand and fair. Also, SPY24 doesn't take away features for cheaper plans.

What I Think About the Spyine Monitoring App as a Whole

  1. Spyine is a well-thought-out monitoring tool that is easy to use, easy to understand, and pretty powerful. Spyine is a good option if you don't mind some of the limits of social media and have the money to pay for it. But if you want an app that is easier to use and has more features, there is nothing better than SPY24. In the end, it's up to you to make a choice.