Spymaster Pro App Download Free Reviews For iPhone - Android

Spymaster Pro App Download Free Reviews For iPhone - Android
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Cell Phone Monitoring Software - Mobile Monitoring App - Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is a cell phone monitoring software used to track a target Smartphone's activities in real-time. You can secretly monitor a phone with our app.


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100% Safe To Use | Know More Compatible With Latest Versions of Android OS 12 & iOS 15.0Safe to use





















Monitor Any Cell Phone Remotely

Know what your family and kids are doing on their smartphone with the best cell phone monitoring software in the market remotely. Track WhatsApp chats, manage screen time, get instant alerts, record calls, check real-time location; the possibilities are limitless!

Easy And Most Affordable Packages Available

Do not worry about spending a lot with this cell phone monitoring software. Our Android and iOS subscription plans are affordable and come packed with top-rated spy features.

Get Access To The Most Powerful Features

Spymaster Pro features are the best you can ever get in cell phone monitoring software. The unlimited and the most powerful fully-functional features, along with the user-friendly control panel, are sure to make your spying experience super-smooth.

Compatible With Latest Android And IOS OS

Be it an iPhone or Android phone, Spymaster Pro works perfectly with both and is compatible with the latest versions of Android 11 and iOS 14. From an iPhone and Samsung phone to Oppo and Xiaomi, you can track all with this cell phone monitoring software.

No Installation & No Jailbreak Solution For iPhone

This cell phone monitoring software allows you to spy on any iPhone by using its iCloud credentials. Along with remote installation, monitor the target iPhone in a 100% hidden mode without jailbreak.

Catch Cheating Spouse In Hidden Mode

Did you know 75% of people never gather enough proof to confront their cheating spouse? Spymaster Pro will be your hidden eye and help you find that solid piece of evidence about your partner’s infidelity.



Click on Buy Now button or the Buy Now page on our Website. Submit your details. After filling in the required details, proceed to checkout.


Download and install the software in the target phone only that you want to spy on. It will take just 5 minutes. Follow the instructions carefully, sent to you via email.


Login to your Spymaster Pro Control Panel using the login details sent to you via email. Start monitoring your near and dear ones. Protect your family and business remotely.

How does Spymaster Pro work for iPhone?

Want to track iPhone secretly without harming your relationship? You are at the right place. Keeping a continuous eye on a suspicious person is not always possible. But, if it is the need of the hour, then one has to find an easy and quick solution. The intelligent technique is to use Spymaster Pro software for iPhone tracking. Spymaster Pro works secretly to keep you safe from getting caught. And the best part is that it does not require any installation or jailbreak on the target device.


Cell Phone Monitoring Software Click on Buy Now button or Buy Now page, anywhere on our Website. Submit your details. After filling in the required details, proceed to checkout.


No need to install the software on iPhone, you want to spy. Just use iCloud credentials of the target iPhone when required, during the process. Follow the instructions carefully, sent to you via email.


Login to your Spymaster Pro Control Panel using the login details sent to you via email. Start monitoring your near and dear ones. Protect your family and business remotely.


Now, it is quite easy to monitor an Android phone secretly. Easier, safer, and faster. No need to peep into the phone of the suspicious person. Just get the modern spy app and track their activities remotely. You can look into all the content of their Android phone at a single click using the exclusive features associated with this monitoring software. Get the software, sit back and relax. Spymaster Pro works pretty well with almost all Android devices and provides 100% reliable information.


Cell Phone Monitoring Software Click on Buy Now button or Buy Now page on our Website. Submit your details. After filling in the required details, proceed to checkout.


Download and install the software in the target phone only that you want to spy on. It will take just 5 minutes. Follow the instructions carefully, sent to you via email...


Login to your Spymaster Pro Control Panel using the login details sent to you via email. Start monitoring your near and dear ones. Protect your family and business remotely.

i Phone Spy Software - Spyware For iPhone - Spymaster Pro

Now track any iPhone remotely in hidden mode with iPhone spy software. With spymaster pro, you can track Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram on iPhone.

iPhone Spy Software


Monitor your child or significant other’s entire mobile activities remotely

Look into Deleted Chat Messages: Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more…

No Physical access is needed to the target iPhone

Work in Hidden mode

100% Safety Guaranteed

Accessible from all Web Browsers

Spy on iPhone with Spymaster Pro!

Spymaster Pro is a smartly designed iPhone spy software that makes it a piece of cake to track all the mobile phone activities of the target iPhone. Remotely spy and get all the precise information that you are looking for. No physical access is needed to the target iPhone. Just get this reliable iPhone spy software and start spying on the suspicious person. The best part is that the user under the surveillance won’t be able to know that you are secretly spying on them.

Enjoy the following iPhone Spy Features of Spymaster Pro

Call TrackingCall Tracking

The call tracking feature gives you access to the target person’s all call logs. You will get all the Incoming and outgoing calls (numbers dialed and receive) of the target iPhone even the length of calls.

GPS Tracking

This iPhone Spy Software is really easy-to-use and can be operated from any location. It means that you can get the exact location of the target iPhone by sitting in the comfort of your place.

Web History Tracking

Ever wondered what the target person watches on his/her iPhone all the time? Now, you can check their internet browsing history with the URL tracking feature of Spymaster Pro.

WhatsApp Tracking

Spymaster Pro effectively transfers all the Whatsapp chats of the target iPhone to your personal spymaster Pro account. Now you can track Whatsapp chats, videos, calls of the suspicious person remotely in hidden mode.

SMS Tracking

Yes, SMS tracking is also possible with this wonderful iPhone spy software. You can remotely monitor and read all the sent and received messages from the target iPhone. You will also get information about the sender or receiver number.

Photo Tracking

The secret place on one’s mobile is the multimedia gallery. Photo or multimedia tracking lets you track all the images, videos, and audio files stored in the target iPhone. Surely you can get a lot of information from the target person’s multimedia gallery alone.

Instagram Tracking

To add your areas of spying here comes another unique spy feature of Spymaster Pro that provides you the precise information of the Instagram chats. You read and save the evidence even if the chat gets deleted in the target iPhone.

Viber Tracking

The Viber tracking features let you have full control over the text messages that are exchanged from the target phone. Spymaster Pro is the leading iPhone spy software that allows you to secretly track and read whole conversation threads of your teens or significant other.

Facebook Messenger Tracking

Spymaster Pro is the powerful iPhone spy software that lets you secretly spy on the target person’s Facebook messenger. You can track all Facebook chat conversations remotely with the exact time and date stamp.

Snapchat Tracking

The Snapchat Tracking feature of Spymaster Pro lets you access all the chat conversations that the target person is having. With this iPhone spy software, you can access complete information like the exact date & time the chats were exchanged.

Hangouts Tracking

Spymaster Pro lets you remotely and secretly spy on the target user’s Hangout profile. It is super easy to spy on Hangout by monitoring all the chats and contacts with time, and date details available too.

Phonebook Tracking

The Spymaster Pro also comes with a Phonebook tracking feature that transfers all the contacts stored in the target person’s iPhone. Now you can view the list of saved contacts in the target iPhone.

How it works

Get iCloud Credentials

Collect the iCloud credentials of the target device smartly. Login to your spymaster account and submit these credentials, when required during the process.

Use the features

Select the features you want to use to monitor the information of a chosen person. For example, Whatsapp, Facebook, call log, etc.

Track every information remotely

Start tracking the target iPhone remotely, without touching it. Everything will be visible in your control panel. Check anything, anytime from anywhere.

Spy On Android Phone Remotely - Android Spy Without Root

Spy on Android phone remotely with spymaster pro. You can spy on any android phone without root including Samsung, Realme, Redmi, Oppo, Vivo, etc.

Android Spy Software


Look into Deleted Messages, Whatsapp, Facebook Chat, GPS, and many more...

Essential features at Guaranteed minimum Price

Spymaster is compatible with Android 4.4 - 11.0

Accessible from any Web Browser

100% Safe and Successful

24/7 multi-language support

Spy on Android Phone with Spymaster Pro!

Spymaster Pro helps you to track each and every record of the target android phone. No need to touch the phone once after the software has been installed. This installation will hardly take 5 minutes and thereafter, you can access all information remotely. Just get the spy software and start tracking your loved ones or dubious employee. This Android Spy Software is really easy-to-use that can be operated from any location. It is 100% safe to use as the target person never comes to know about its presence.

Features of Spymaster Pro

Call Tracking

The call tracking feature of this Android monitoring software gives you access to dialed and received calls along with their duration time.

SMS Tracking

This SMS tracking feature of the spy software helps you monitor all the sent and received messages. You can read all the content of these and view the sender and receiver number as well.

GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking feature of this spy app for Android will help you locate the target’s whereabouts. Along with this, you will get to know about the duration of their stay at a particular place too.

Photo Tracking

Photo tracking is another feature added to this software that lets you check the photos that are stored on the Android phone. Surely you can get a lot of information from these photos alone.

URL Tracking

Did you know that this features URL tracking as well? You can now check out the websites that they are checking and visiting.

Phonebook Tracking

The Android monitoring software also comes packed with a phonebook tracking feature. It lets you access the phone book on the target phone.

Snapchat Tracking

With this feature, you can have full control over the messages exchanged from the target phone. Also, you can access complete information like the exact date & time when the chats were exchanged.

Instagram Tracking

With Spymaster Pro, you can read the direct messages and have full control over the media files (photos & videos) exchanged from the target Android device.

WhatsApp Tracking

Through the help of Spymaster Pro, you can read whole WhatsApp conversation threads of your teens or your cheating spouse. It will also track shared multimedia with their date and time.

Facebook Messenger Tracking

Spymaster Pro also allows you to track Facebook conversations remotely. And you will get the exact time and date of the exchange, as well.

SpymasterPro Offers Amazing Features


This part of the software will let you have full access to all the messages shared on the target user’s mobile on their Tinder profile. Time and date details will also be available to you with this feature.


The chats, pictures, and videos will be directly available on your Spymaster Pro dashboard. The live tracking feature will help you keep a close on the Kik profile of the target user.


The chats, pictures, and videos will be directly available on your Spymaster Pro dashboard. The live tracking feature will help you keep a close on the Kik profile of the target user.


One of the unique features you get with Spymaster Pro is SMS tracking. This tool lets you to get an insider’s view of all the text messages which get handled by the monitored cell phone. In this way you get to read all the messages; received, sent, deleted.


Spymaster Pro lets you view the location of your monitored cell phone by tracking it on the Map. This way you can easily see all places the target cell phone stops by!


The user can easily look into all the calls that are made to and from the monitored cell phone. The target cell phone’s call activities will get monitored, and the user gets to see all the incoming/outgoing calls, the timestamps, duration, and much more.


Spymaster Pro is an ace in the field of intercepting messages, calls, and similarly, it is an expert in tracking emails as well! The user gets to read all the tracked emails, view the content of these emails.


Spymaster Pro is proficient when it comes to intercepting messages, likewise, it copies all the chats that took place on WhatsApp, and uploads them directly to the user dashboard. This way you get to read all the chats.


With the aid of Spymaster Pro, you can track all the Facebook conversation threads of the target cell phone. It smartly fetches the Facebook chats from the target phone and copies them to your dashboard. You can view all the chats with the date and time.


Spymaster Pro lets you track all the media files of the monitored cell phone. This gives you direct access to the album and you can see all the images stored in it.


With the help of Spymaster Pro, you can easily check out all the contacts of the monitored cell phone. All the details are provided along with the contacts, and this way you can check out the contacts with ease. Similarly, you will be able to see the calendar activities.


Your favorite Spymaster Pro has come up with an additional spy feature. Now, you can easily spy on the target mobile and track Viber messages remotely from anywhere at any time.


No need to peep into someone’s phone to get information. The hangout tracking feature of Spymaster Pro lets you spy on Google Hangouts and give you precise information of all the Hangouts chat messages.


With this feature, you can have full control over the text messages that are exchanged from the target phone. Apart from it, you can access complete information like the exact date & time the chats were exchanged.


With Spymaster Pro, you can read the chat messages and has full control over the media files(photos & videos) that are exchanged from the target Android & iPhone.

About Us Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is the top specialist in the field of mobile phone tracking solutions. We provide the best technology in cell phone monitoring while ensuring our customers are greeted with a user-friendly interface. Your journey continues with us even after the product has been purchased. We believe in top-quality customer service which is why we have a dedicated team of people who are always on standby to receive your queries.

When you buy this app, not only do you gain the support of one of the most pioneering companies around, but we also stand committed to providing you with a top-notch user experience.

Do you seek a partnership with our company? You can do so via our affiliate program. If in the event that you require further information from us, kindly let us know either by contacting us on our website or by giving us a call. Our customer service team will always be there to answer your queries. For further inquiry contact us here.

Whatsapp Tracking Software


Track WhatsApp activities like Chats, Photos, Audios, and Videos.

Compatible with Android Phone and iPhone.

Accessible from any Web Browser.

24/7 multi-language support.

100% Safe and Successful.

Whatsapp Tracking Software For iPhone

To use Whatsapp tracking software in iPhone, follow these few simple steps:

Purchase this Whatsapp Tracking Software and your login details will be sent to you via email

Get iCloud credentials of the target iPhone

Use login details, you receive, to login into your Spymaster Pro account and fill these credentials where required

Start tracking the WhatsApp chats of the person you want to observe.

Note: No need to install the software on iPhone

Whatsapp Tracking Software For Android

To track the WhatsApp messages of target android phone, endure through the following points:

Get the software and login details will be sent to you via email

Install the software in the target android phone using the link given in the email(5 minutes installation) and leave the phone

Log in to your account from any device

Start reading all the WhatsApp messages of the android phone you want to target.

Are you looking for an Ultimate Spymaster Pro Review? Here's what we can tell you about the situation.

Kids utilize their mobile phones for a variety of activities. They require devices in order to communicate on social media, look for information on the internet, and trade material via instant messengers and other platforms.

People's lives are enriched by modern technologies, yet the risks associated with these advancements are also significant. Every parent wishes to shield their children from the potentially detrimental effects of the Internet. However, it is impossible to prevent children from using the program. As a result, many parents hunt for monitoring applications.

Parental control programs, such as Spymaster Pro, provide a solution for parents by allowing them to keep track of their children's online and offline activities. However, in addition to its numerous advantages, this software has a number of serious downsides.

According to Spymaster Pro reviews that can be found on sites such as sitejabber.com and comparable websites, the app gets a low rating of 3 stars. Furthermore, the Spymaster Pro demo appears to be out of the current and hasn't been updated in quite some time.

Nonetheless, if you are interested in trying out the software, continue reading our evaluation. Alternatively, you might test a dependable SPY24 app right now.

What Is Spymaster Pro and How Does It Work?

Spymaster Pro is a monitoring application that allows you to remotely access and intercept information from a target device. The most significant advantage is that there is no requirement to access a monitored phone in order to view the collected data.

Using Spymaster Pro, you can monitor your child's smartphone from anywhere in the world. You only need to access it once to complete the installation. Following the installation of the app, it immediately begins gathering information about your child's internet activity. It is possible to see this information by logging into your Spymaster Pro user account.

What is the procedure for using Spymaster Pro?

Spymaster Pro is compatible with devices running iOS 9-11.2.2 as well as Android 4.4 and higher versions. Before purchasing the software, you must ensure that it is compatible with the device to which it will be installed.

The first step is to register with Spymaster Pro and generate a username and password. After that, you must acquire a subscription that meets your requirements. Once your money has been received, you will receive instructions on how to install the spymaster pro apk file on your Android phone as well as a link to download the apk file.

spymaster pro evaluation

To install the app on an iPhone, you must first obtain access to the device's iCloud credentials. You can use them to remotely configure Spymaster Pro.

To access your Control Panel after the installation has been completed, you must first authenticate into your account. You can now begin monitoring your child's smartphone activity. Check your dashboard every now and again to see if there has been any action.

In order to provide adequate activity tracking, the monitored smartphone must be linked to the Internet. SpymasterPro will not be able to send recorded activities to your Control Panel if you do not have Internet access.

What Information Do I Receive When I Use Spymaster Pro?

spymaster pro apk download

If you are wondering about whether or not Spymaster Pro is effective, we have some good news for you: it is. Not only does the software perform as promised, but it also has the capability of monitoring a wide range of activities that your children engage in on their smartphones.

You may keep an eye on the following things with Spymaster Pro:

Messages sent through text

Geographical position (GPS)

E-mail addresses in the contact list

Pictures in the gallery

WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram are all popular messaging apps.

Calls from the web browser's history

Apps that have been installed

Parents may protect their children's online safety by utilizing a number of monitoring options provided by Spymaster Pro.

In this comparison, Spymaster Pro vs. SPY24

As previously stated in this post, Spymaster Pro has a number of downsides that can be quite problematic for certain parents. If you happen to be one of them, we recommend that you utilize SPY24 as a substitute application.

SPY24 is a parental control tool that includes a variety of useful functions for advanced device monitoring. It is available for iOS and Android devices. It is compatible with the majority of Android and iOS devices, and it offers a variety of subscription plans to suit the demands of different users.

With the help of SPY24, parents can ensure that their children are safe and secure when they are online. The following are some of the advantages of using the app:

assistance. The majority of parental control software providers offer round-the-clock customer service. With SPY24, you not only get basic assistance, but you also have the ability to remotely install the program on a target device.

A new interactive demo has been added. Using the demo version of the SPY24 software, you may have a better understanding of how the software operates. It is available for free and may be accessed from the main page of the website SPY24.

Keylogger. With the keylogging feature of SPY24, you can see exactly what your child enters on their device's keyboard without them knowing. Using SPY24, you may record every written word and sentence and have them copied to your user panel for convenient monitoring.

Alerts based on geofencing. GPS location tracking is the most frequently requested feature by parents of all ages. The present location tracking feature is supplemented by the ability for SPY24 to send notifications to you when your child enters or exits preset regions.

Call blocking is a type of call blocking. SPY24 assists you in preventing your child from communicating with persons who are suspicious or violent. Parents have the ability to restrict or block unwanted contacts from their children's phones. You have the ability to ban any phone number in order to safeguard your child from potentially harmful connections.

Parents will benefit from the additional services that SPY24 has to offer. The user-friendly interface and advanced monitoring tools make it much easier for parents to keep an eye on their children's internet activities using this software program.

Why Spymaster Pro?

Spymaster Pro is the world's most advanced Cell Phone Spying Software, tracking calls, texts, phone books, emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more.

2. Is it hard to install Spymaster Pro?

Installing Spymaster Pro is simple and takes only a few minutes, using our step-by-step instructions. Learn more about installing in this area.

3. Does Spy Master Pro work where I live?

Spymaster Pro works in all countries except China.

4. What is Spymaster Pro?

Please check our compatibility section to ensure your phone is compatible with spymaster Pro. Then go to How Spymaster Pro Works.

6. Do I need to update my phone?

In addition, the program won't interfere with your phone's operation.

7. What is the technology behind Spymaster Pro?

The software records every second in an XML sheet on the server. This XML sheet updates the relevant information in your account, which you can access at any time. After purchase, you will receive your account details, which include a unique license number, username, and password.

8. How can I contact you if I have questions?

We are available 24/7 at [email protected]

9. How do I get the software when I pay?

After purchase, Spymaster pro can be downloaded instantly. Spymaster Pro is a digital product that must be downloaded and installed on an Android phone.

10. How much does software upgrade cost?

If we improve the software in the future, we won't charge you because you're already registered.

11. Will the target phone know I've installed software?

No, the program is untraceable and will remain undetected by the target phone owner. So is our software.

12. Can I install the program on an iPhone that isn't jailbroken?

The target phone does not need to be jailbroken or require any software. You only need the target user's iCloud credentials. Spymaster Pro works with the latest iOS.

What if I forgot my iCloud credentials?

iCloud login is required. You can't trace iPhone data without iCloud credentials. Spymaster Pro captures and displays all iCloud backup data.

14. What if the target iPhone's iCloud backup is disabled?

Enable iCloud backup if it isn't already. Enable iCloud Backup on the target iPhone.

15. How long until I see the desired iPhone in my account?

Once you enter the target iPhone's iCloud credentials into your account, it will take 48-72 hours to collect all information.

Does SpyMaster iPhone support changing iCloud credentials?

No, once an account has iCloud credentials, they cannot be changed. Using different iCloud credentials requires a new membership. A refund cannot be performed for reasons such as “I accidentally entered my own iCloud credentials.” To utilize new iCloud credentials, you must purchase a new subscription.

If the target's iCloud account is locked,

If the target user's iCloud account is locked, the user must manually unlock it.

Will a SpyMaster iPhone account work with numerous iPhones?

No, one iPhone account can only monitor one target iPhone. Also, be cautious when entering iCloud credentials because you can only use one iCloud credential at a time. To monitor another iPhone account, you need a new subscription.

19. Can I get a refund if I accidentally bought Spymaster Pro for Android instead of iPhone?

No, no reimbursement in this situation. Buy exactly what you desire. Take your time and contact our support team if you have any questions before ordering. But once you buy the software, you can't return it. Now you may use SpyMaster Pro on any Android phone you want.

20. What if the target iPhone has 2-step verification?

If the destination iPhone has 2-step verification enabled, please contact us and our text support team will assist you.

What if I don't like the software after I buy it?

If we are unable to resolve the issue or the program does not operate on the target phone, we will refund your money.

Does Spymaster Pro Work With Any Phone?

Yes, Spymaster Pro works with all phones. Before buying Spymaster Pro, double-check the following:

1.) The target phone must be compatible with Spymaster Pro software.

Cell phones should have adequate Internet.

23. Do you accept credit cards?

Spymaster Pro can be bought with any international debit, credit or PayPal card.

24. What data can I track with WhatsApp for Android?

Spymaster Pro's WhatsApp functionality lets you to view all group discussions and messages sent and received by the target person. Detail on spymaster Pro Whatsapp area after login.

Which Facebook activities can Spymaster Pro spy on?

Spymaster Pro records every Facebook Messenger messages sent and received.

How do you handle refunds?

Click here to see the refund policy and conditions.

27. How long is the subscription? Do I need to renew?

The program is available for one phone and the tracking service is valid for one year. If you want to keep using the tracking service, you must buy a new subscription or renew your existing one.


If you renew your subscription before it expires, you won't need to reinstall. If you renew your subscription after the expiration date, you must reinstall the software.

FOR ANDROID PHONE: You can change the target device for FREE but only one device may be monitored at a time.

How to install Spymaster Pro on different Smartphones?

The approach for all devices is the same as for Android Installation, go here for more information.

Need to root my Android phone?

Yes, rooting target Android phones is required to use Spymaster Pro's pro capabilities. Rooting is a simple and safe technique. The target phone user would never know it was rooted.

Why isn't my Spymaster Pro account receiving information from the target Android phone?

The information from an Android phone will be transferred to your Spymaster Pro account in 24-48 hours.

Do you use WhatsApp Spy Software?

It's a software bundle that incorporates WhatsApp Spying. Our spying tools include WhatsApp Spying, so if you get the advanced edition of Spymaster Pro, you can also snoop on other apps like Facebook.

What if I have an iCloud issue?

When using Spymaster Pro for iPhone, you may need to make minor changes to the target iPhone's settings. For further information, please contact us at [email protected] or via Live Chat on our website.