Spytech Web Spy Software Pc Free Download Remote Install

Spytech Web Spy Software Pc Free Download Remote Install
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Spytech spy Software - PC/Mac Tracking & Recording & Web-Based Audio/Video Award-winning computer monitoring, employee monitoring, spy software, and parental Control software for Windows and Mac computers are all available from Spytech Software.

Feedback on the SpyAgent Software

Spytech SpyAgent 11 allows you to monitor your children’s internet use while still allowing them to enjoy their time online.

SpyAgent 11 is the latest version of SpyTech's internet activity tracking program. For the most part, it lets you monitor a person's online activity across all of their devices. You may monitor your children's use of the internet with this dependable and inexpensive parental control software(opens in a new tab), which allows you to access email and IM chat logs, attachments, and chats from both sides. It is compatible with a large variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, the latest smartphones (opens in a new tab), and tablets.

Discounts on SpyAgent Standard as of today

SpyAgent 11 stands out because it lets you monitor your kid's online behavior in secret. Keeping tabs on someone's digital habits without them knowing about it is a terrific way to keep the peace in a relationship, but setting up in complete stealth mode takes a bit more work and time.

Feedback on the SpyAgent Software

SpyAgent Standard offers yearly subscriptions for US$69.95.

When compared to the other internet monitoring software we tested, this one is a little trickier to get up and running. To avoid having SpyAgent flagged as malicious software and prohibited by our system, we had to disable various security safeguards and switch to a browser other than Chrome. It took a little longer to learn how to use the application after installation than its rivals, but once we did, it was simple to recall the appropriate menus for making filter changes and accessing activity logs. And the reports are fairly detailed, giving you a wonderful overview of all different forms of usage.

SpyAgent allows you to tailor the application to match your individual needs. You can ban or filter websites based on filter categories, set the frequency at which screenshots are taken, and choose where the associated logs are stored. The software can be configured to perform monitoring at predetermined times or to restrict access to the internet in response to predefined events. For example, if your child attempts to search for a specific term too many times, SpyAgent locks the browser so they can’t try again. You can restrict your children's internet use for specific times of day, such as when they should be doing homework, doing chores, or going to bed, with the help of this internet monitoring software.

SpyAgent doesn’t have specialized anti-cyberbullying tools that are present in other internet surveillance products. These programs proactively shut off discussions your child has with harmful individuals and restricts the use of specific terms and image sharing. In addition, you'll get real-time warnings if cyberbullying ever becomes an issue. While SpyAgent doesn't have any built-in protections against cyberbullying, you may utilize its chat blocking and message capture functions to keep your child safe as long as you're paying attention to the email alerts and web reports. Surfie(opens in new tab) features the single best anti-cyberbullying feature of any program in our range.

Reports can be generated in numerous ways in this tool, including remotely and through email. The time of day, individual websites visited, failed login attempts, and individual keystrokes can all be used to filter through activity records, which include screenshots. Any report can be saved on your computer for subsequent perusal. One of our primary complaints about previous versions of SpyAgent is that it lacked SMS alerts for undesired activities; this has been addressed in the latest edition.

You only get one license to monitor one PC or laptop when you purchase SpyAgent, though you can purchase extra licenses. Spytech sells a gadget that can monitor your smartphone's location. If you buy both, you may monitor cell phone and computer behavior through a single parental portal online.

The SpyAgent program by Spytech is trusted and reasonably priced. It can track all incoming and outgoing communications, including email, chat, and social networking activities. Websites are restricted based on the categories selected for the filter and the blacklisted URLs. This software has a stealth mode that allows monitoring to occur without the target being aware of it. Installation is a little trickier than with other parental control software, and you may need to temporarily stop security applications like your antivirus while downloading and using the program.

  • Discounts on SpyAgent Standard as of today

SpyAgent 11's entire stealth mode makes it an effective and low-cost monitoring tool. It's not perfect—missing its several functions and could be simpler to set up—but it gets the job done.

  • Pros
  1. Benefits
  2. Has a stealth mode
  3. Applies to a wide range of devices
  4. Exhaustive Summaries
  • Cons

  1. It may be challenging to set up.
  2. Cyberbullying prevention tools are absent.

Users' every move is secretly recorded by SpyAgent.

SpyAgent has been our most popular and award-winning spy software for over 21 years, and its unrivaled feature set allows it to secretly monitor any computer and internet activity without triggering suspicion. SpyAgent combines over 20 essential computer monitoring tools, allowing you to record, see, and respond to everything that happens on your computer. This is accomplished through the cloud- and email-based remote activity log viewing, instant behavior alert notifications, filtering, and graphical "top 10" reports. You may stop stressing about the future and start living in the present with SpyAgent.

With Realtime-Spy, you can keep an eye on things from afar.

Realtime-Spy is cloud-based computer monitoring software that can be installed remotely and so allows you to keep tabs on your PC or Mac from anywhere in the world. Thanks to Realtime-advanced Spy's monitoring tools, you may view live user activity and keystrokes from any browser. Keystrokes, websites visited, apps used, chats, emails, file system operations, and much more can all be recorded with Real-time-screenshot Spies and recording capabilities. Top 10 pie charts show which events and activities are the most well-liked. Now on Google Play for Android Users!

SentryPC is a cloud-based computer monitoring and security system.

SentryPC is a powerful cloud-based security system that provides real-time, all-encompassing remote monitoring of computers, configurable time management, and access control, application and website content filtering, activity logging, behavior activity alerts, and graphical reports on computer usage. SentryPC allows you to keep tabs on your kids' or employees' computer use from anywhere in the world through a web browser. Supports both Mac and PC!

NetVizor is a network monitoring tool that can keep tabs on anything.

Remotely deploying NetVizor throughout your network from a centralized location enables you to monitor and record all network activity, execute remote administrative activities, watch user activity in real time, and provide detailed statistics on network usage. By sending you instant alerts whenever a user makes a change to a file, relocates a computer, transfers data between places, or even uses a portable storage device, NetVizor can keep your network secure.

  1. You may now monitor and record their every move.
  2. Secretly track their online movements and actions, including their chats, emails, app and website use, keystrokes, and more.
  • Watch What Your Kid or Employee Is Doing On Your Computer Right Now!

Spy on any Computer, Mac, or Android Device in Real-Time

You can keep tabs on ANY computer, Mac, or Android you own from ANYWHERE with Spytech Realtime-Spy, the state-of-the-art in remote spy software monitoring technology. No physical installation is required for Realtime-Spy, and its activity logs can be accessed from anywhere, online or offline, on any Windows or macOS machine. Keystrokes, webpages, programs, e-mails, chats, screenshots, and more are all secretly recorded by Realtime-Spy. Users' actions and keystrokes in real time are also visible with Realtime-Spy.


  1. Control and Reporting from the Cloud
    1. Capable of Being Installed From afar
  2. Live Streaming
  3. Tracking of Every Move You Make
  4. Catching a Screenshot
  5. Covert Action
  6. Informative Graphs
  • Realtime-Spy works on all major platforms, including PCs, Macs, and Android phones and tablets.
  • Cloud-based remote computer monitoring is great for monitoring computers from far away, but a physical installation is also possible.

Use SpyAgent, the Best Windows Spyware on the Market, to Keep an Eye on Any Computer.

The award-winning computer monitoring in SpyAgent makes it the best of the best when it comes to spy software. Keystrokes, email, apps, windows, webpages, internet connections, passwords, chats, and even screenshots are all recorded by Spytech SpyAgent. SpyAgent can be used undetected, can circumvent common spyware scanners, and can limit access to websites, instant messengers, and other applications. A must-have for keeping tabs on everyone else who uses your computer, whether it be kids, spouses, employees, or guests.

  1. Tracking of Every Move You Make
  2. Catching a Screenshot
  3. Covert Action
  4. Filtering of Content
  5. Transfer of Records by Electronic Mail
  6. Alerts Updated Instantaneously
  7. Informative Graphs
  • It's perfect for keeping tabs on Windows users both locally and remotely.


The SentryPC Cloud Service Allows for Remote Computer Monitoring, Content Filtering, and User Access Control.

Remotely restricting access to, and keeping tabs on, your computer or Mac's activity is all possible with SentryPC. You may limit how long each user is allowed to stay on the computer, which apps they can run, which websites they can visit, which administrative privileges they have, and more on both Macs and PCs. The tool can log everything from keystrokes to websites visited programs used to conversations to screenshots and more, in addition to regulating access. The cloud storage service makes it possible to access your activity logs in real-time from any location.

  1. Managing in the Cloud
  2. Effective Use of Time
  3. Methods of Restricting Access and Performing Filtering
  4. Tracking of Every Move You Make
  5. Live Streaming
  6. Covert Action
  7. Informative Graphs
  8. SentryPC supports both Mac OS X and Windows.

Cloud-based monitoring, access control, and content filtering are perfect for parents and employers.


We have the most effective centralized network and employee monitoring solution in NetVizor.

NetVizor is cutting-edge software that allows you to covertly monitor your whole network from a single location, as well as keep tabs on all of your employees. NetVizor's remote installer makes it easy to deploy the software throughout a whole organization, even if individual workers are spread over multiple computers. NetVizor logs everything an employee does, from screen captures and keystrokes to the programs and websites they visit and the messages they send and receive, as well as the files and documents they open and work on. You can generate activity reports that sum up and categorize network activity in great detail. NetVizor's visual network overview and real-time activity ticker make it possible to see what everyone on your network is doing at any given time with a single click of the mouse.

  1. Continuous, Real-Time, and Historical Network Status Monitoring
  2. Deployment of a Network
  3. Tracking of Every Move You Make
  4. Live Streaming
  5. Covert Action
  6. Behavioral Warnings
  7. Informative Graphs

Keystroke Spy

Invisible Keyboard Logging and Screen Capturing Software: Keystroke Spy

Keystroke Spy is a powerful and easy-to-use keylogger and computer monitoring solution. Keystroke Spy is a robust program that records every keystroke typed and takes screenshots of the user's screen while they work. The Keystroke Spy may be programmed to operate invisibly, send logs through email, send alerts when certain keywords are typed, and restrict logging to a selected range of applications and windows. With the help of Keystroke Spy, you may monitor all of the actions taking place on a computer.

  1. Logging of Typed Words
  2. Catching a Screenshot
  3. Covert Action
  4. Transfer of Records by Electronic Mail
  5. Alerts Updated Instantaneously
  6. Both Mac and PC users can take use of Keystroke Spy.

It works wonderfully for both on-premises and remote computer monitoring and keylogging.

Remote Monitoring and Surveillance System by Spytech

  • The Ultimate Windows Spyware Bundle

Our Spy Suite is a comprehensive remote spy and remote computer monitoring software solution that combines SpyAgent with our SpyAnywhere Cloud service. SpyAgent's web-based interface allows you to monitor and control its capabilities from a distance, as well as view real-time activity logs of monitored users. The combined features of the Spy Suite make for a powerful utility for managing, monitoring, and filtering the content of computers both locally and remotely.

  1. Control and Reporting from the Cloud
  2. Indicator Lamp
  3. Live Streaming
  4. Tracking of Every Move You Make
  5. Covert Action
  6. Alerts Updated Instantaneously
  7. Informative Graphs
  8. Ideal for Cloud-based Remote Computer Monitoring of your Windows PC from Anywhere.
  9. Our PC monitoring software includes the following capabilities...
  10. Observation in Real-Time from Any Location
  11. Safe, Covert Surveillance
  12. Summary & Reporting Diagrams
  13. Instantaneous Filtering of Behavior and Notifications
  14. Keyboard Monitor
  15. Monitoring Software Consumption
  16. The Recording of Visits to and Results from a Website's Search Engine
  17. Replicating the Display
  18. Emails, chats, and other social interactions are recorded.
  19. Monitoring of Online Activity (both Active and Inactive)
  20. Recording Actions Taken With Files and Other Documents
  21. Recording Capabilities: Microphone and Webcam
  22. Also, a great deal more!
  • Providers of Monitoring Equipment for Any Situation

Spytech provides a variety of monitoring solutions, including local computer monitoring software with remote monitoring and cloud-based spy from anywhere' solutions.

  1. Software for Localized Computer Surveillance
  2. I'd like to be able to log in to my monitored computer and check for activity and receive reports in my inbox.
  3. Software for Remote Computer Monitoring on the Cloud
  4. I need the ability to check in on my machine whenever I want.
  5. Tools for Centralized Network Monitoring

"I'm looking for a centralized on-premises or cloud-based solution to keep an eye on all of the PCs in my network."

So Why Pick Spytech?

Spytech has been recognized by hundreds of software rating and download sites with prestigious awards.

  • Spytech is effective in the past.

Since its founding in 1998, Spytech Software and Design, Inc. has dedicated itself to the continuous improvement of its software. While our rivals have been hurrying to catch up with our computer monitoring software, we have been on the market for years, testing and polishing our software to ensure that it consistently meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients. Our software has been developed and refined over many years to become an industry leader in protecting homes, schools, and businesses.

  1. Two decades of tweaks and updates to the software
  2. 200+ Best of Web Awards from both Critic and Download Sites
  3. This has been downloaded millions of times all around the world.

An understanding of the customer's perspective drives creativity. Our ears are open to your suggestions!

  • We are here to assist you in any way we can.

Spytech is available to assist you with any issues or questions you may have with our program. In addition to being available around the clock, our helpdesk may also be contacted remotely to swiftly connect to your computer, configure settings, and test for any malfunctions.

  1. Assisting customers around the clock via an online forum
  2. Remote help in real-time is free of charge.
  3. Extensive manuals for the goods in question
  4. Manuals and other materials for independent use

Computer Spying Application by Spytech

Since its founding in 1998, Spytech Software, Inc. has been an industry leader in the field of computer monitoring and security. Spytech's products are accessible to people from all walks of life because they mix unbeatable value with cutting-edge features and functionality. For starters, feel free to look through the products we provide down here. We have a product selection wizard to help you figure out which program will work best for your needs.

The Most Powerful Computer Spyware Available, SpyAgent

Top choice for any kind of computer-based surveillance or monitoring. SpyAgent records everything you do on your computer, including the programs you use, the windows you open, the websites you visit, the emails you send and receive, the chats you have, the files you access, and even screenshots. SpyAgent can block access to certain websites and programs on your computer and email you reports of its activity.

SpyAgent boasts the most comprehensive set of features available, including the ability to run completely undetected, and a user-friendly interface.

Watch and Listen to Your Computer Anytime, Anywhere, with Real-Time-Spy

The state-of-the-art Realtime-Spy software lets you keep tabs on YOUR COMPUTER, MAC, or ANDROID from ANYWHERE. No physical installation is required for Realtime-Spy for PC and MAC, and its activity logs can be accessed from anywhere, online or offline.

Once installed, Realtime-Spy secretly watches the target computer, Mac, or ANDROID device from a remote location without raising suspicion. Logs everything you do on your computer, from what websites you visit to which windows you open.

SentryPC is a Cloud-Based Monitoring, Filtering, and Access Control System

SentryPC allows you to remotely manage and monitor your computer's access and usage. You can set time limits for computer use, prevent certain programs from running, filter out unwanted websites, limit access to specific Windows features, and more.

In addition to controlling who has access to a computer, SentryPC may also keep a record of everything that happens on it, such as what websites were visited, what programs were used, conversations, and more. The cloud storage service makes it possible to access your activity logs in real-time from any location.

Remote Monitoring and Surveillance System by Spytech

  • The Ultimate Windows Spyware Suite

Our Spy Suite is the most powerful remote spy and monitoring solution on the market since it combines SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere, two separate but equally effective spy software solutions.

Control the monitored computer from another location and view activity logs from anywhere with a web browser. The combined features of the Spy Suite make for a powerful utility for managing, monitoring, and filtering the content of computers both locally and remotely.

Remote Monitoring

View Real-Time Activity on Your SpyAgent from Anywhere with SpyAnywhere Cloud

SpyAnywhere is an add-on service for SpyAgent that lets you examine the latter's activity logs and reports in real time via any web browser, regardless of where you happen to be. SpyAnywhere gives you the freedom to adjust settings, uninstall programs, and more from a distance.

SpyAnywhere allows you to watch a computer remotely and see what it's doing at any time, as well as get instant notifications about any suspicious conduct.

Undetectable Keylogger The Use of Keyboard Monitoring Software

Keystroke Spy is a cheap and effective way to keep tabs on your PC and Mac users. When used properly, Keystroke Spy may record every keystroke a person makes and take screenshots of their whole session. Keystroke Spy has several useful features, including the ability to operate undetected, send emails when certain keywords are typed, send activity logs via email, attach screenshots to keystroke logs, and restrict keylogging to specific programs or windows.

  • Graphs that Compare

Check out the features of each of our computer monitoring software packages side-by-side in the comparison chart below to find the one that best meets your needs.

For My Good, What Is the Best Option?

You may still be unsure as to which item is ideal for your situation. Visit our Product Wizard to learn more about the optimal monitoring solution for your specific requirements.

  • Sell Spytech's Products to Your Clients.

Do you want to sell our items to the people that visit your website? We have two programs set up to help you make money off of selling our items. We have several different reseller programs available; please have a look below to find the one that best fits your company's needs.

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  18. Get Back Your Files

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Purchased Spytech Software is Ready for Download

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  • If you need help getting started with SpyAgent, we've got you covered.

Click the "Start Monitoring" button after making any necessary adjustments in the preferences panels located on SpyAgent's right-hand side. To terminate monitoring, hit the "Stop Monitoring" button; doing so will need to enter your SpyAgent password. When you press the monitoring button, SpyAgent will vanish if it is set to run in stealth mode. To access SpyAgent once more and terminate monitoring, press the shortcut key combination (by default, CONTROL+ALT+SHIFT+M).

In what ways may I disable the stealth mode?

Here you may find the documentation for SpyAgent, which explains how to access it while it is in monitoring mode.

After installation, who has access to SpyAgent?

Once SpyAgent is installed, no one else can use it unless you give them the SpyAgent password. The logs and settings for SpyAgent will now be accessible only to you.

When using webmail, where do messages get stored and accessed?

Keystroke logs (outgoing typed webmails) and website content logs will document webmail activity (incoming webmail). Webmail content will also be captured in screenshot logs.

On which OS versions does SpyAgent run?

Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 64-bit users can download and purchase SpyAgent.

  • The History of Spytech

We have been providing computer monitoring solutions for over 20 years. Learn more down below!

Spytech Software and Design, Inc. was established in 1998, and it has been a leading provider of security and monitoring solutions ever since. Spytech is a Minnesota-based, privately owned, and -funded business. Spytech is a leading provider of computer monitoring software thanks to its intuitive interfaces, robust features, stringent quality assurance measures, and devoted support staff.

Spytech's mission from the beginning has been to develop cutting-edge monitoring solutions for a wide variety of clients, including businesses of all sizes, government agencies, schools, and private households. SpyAgent, developed and marketed by Spytech, is now among the most popular monitoring tools available. The popularity of SpyAgent has prompted the creation of numerous more surveillance tools that are aimed at meeting the needs of a wide variety of industries and individuals. For complete centralized surveillance, asset protection, and user activity monitoring, NetVizor is the preferred solution for both large and small business networks around the world. SentryPC, on the other hand, has enabled parents to keep an eye on and manage their children's computer activity. Spytech's vast array of monitoring solutions has been used in many governments, military, business, and educational facilities globally - in addition to providing monitoring solutions to countless customers.

  • Mission Statement
  1. To build computer monitoring and security systems that consistently improve the bar in quality, performance, functionality, and price.
  2. Assure users that their personal information is safe and secure on their computers.
  3. Give your current and potential clients the best customer service possible.
  4. To be ahead of the curve at all times and to always supply supreme software solutions.

Spytech's Trial Downloads and Demos

Click on the links below to obtain trial versions or view interactive online demonstrations of our software. All free trials of monitoring software have a 30-minute time limit. Every time the trial version of the software is launched, as well as after the conclusion of any monitoring sessions, a notification window will open up to alert the user.

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