Spytrac Review App Download Login for iPhone & Android

Spytrac Review App Download Login for iPhone & Android
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SpyTrac is a cell phone monitoring app for Android that lets you keep an eye on and track any Android device. The best app in the world gives you a free 2-day trial. See everything, including GPS, calls, texts, and more... Parental Control is now easy and works well because of tracking. Parents can keep an eye on what their kids are doing on their phones by using tracking software that works well. It's also helpful if you want to keep an eye on the activities of a partner or an employee.

This article talks about the SpyTrac app, which is a good way to keep track of things. This article also gives real reviews of SpyTrac and explains how to use it.


Phone Monitoring Software in the World - Trusted by Customers Worldwide

  1. View calls and texts that have come in, gone out, and been deleted
  2. Watch Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Gallery.
  3. Follow the GPS location and set up alerts and safety measures
  4. Real-time access to live video, screen, and sound
  5. Works on all phones and tablets with Android.

Why is SpyTrac the best app for keeping an eye on kids?

  1. Thousands of parents trust it. Over 95 percent of users come back regularly.
  2. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Best Price. For less than $0.5 per day, you can keep an eye on your child's phone.
  4. Stop worrying about what your child is doing on the Internet.
  5. See where a phone is in real-time. Get alerts and look at your GPS history.
  6. You can get started very quickly (in as little as 15 minutes!).
  • Parental Control to Keep Kids Safe:

Features and benefits of Advanced SpyTrac

We are always working to improve SpyTrac's features, both by adding access to the newest social media or messaging apps and by making the program more secure and stable overall.

spytrac Review App

You can't get all of this for such a good price anywhere else.

You can see the content and information of every sent or received message, even if the child deletes it.

You can see the time and length of each outgoing and incoming call, as well as detailed information about the caller.


Keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder, and other sites, as well as the history of your Web browser.


Set up Profanity Alert, Geo-Fencing, Contact Alerts, and more to always feel safe. (Comming soon)

Access chats from popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Messenger, Kik, and more.

You'll always know where your kids are if you can look at their GPS history and see where they are right now.


View and download any photos or videos that were taken or received by the device being watched.

You can block or limit the use of any downloaded or built-in apps and programs from afar.


Get all of the contacts and notes saved on the target device and keep track of who is calling them.

You can always keep an eye on them, even when you're not there, with SpyTrac.

  • Get your SpyTrac right now.

Don't worry about things. Or, keep your company from being used in the wrong way. We also have a wide range of Android devices that come with our cutting-edge tracking software already on them.

Before you use your Spytrac, make sure you have full permission to see everything that is sent over the phone.

What do we do?

SpyTrac is a company whose goal is to make the best platforms for tracking phones. Our Spytrac has the most advanced mobile tracking software on the market right now. Parents and employers can use our easy-to-use online platform to keep track of all phone activity.

  • General Highlights

How can I be sure that SpyTrac does what I want it to do?

Our top priority is dependability. We are sure that our monitoring application will meet all of our customers' needs. But you don't have to believe what we say. Try SpyTrac for free if you are still not sure about its monitoring features.

How do I stop getting emails from SpyTrac every day or right away?

  1. Sign in to your SpyTrac account.
  2. Choose the thing.
  3. Open settings.
  4. Uncheck the "Everyday Email Notifications" box and save the new settings.

How can I keep my cell phone data?

  1. Sign in to your dashboard in SpyTrac.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Uncheck the option that says "Allow communication over cell data."
  4. The "sync interval" and "GPS scan interval" should be made longer.
  5. In settings, uncheck the box for "Custom Push Channel."
  6. Save settings.

How can I find my device when I can't connect to the internet?

Using SMS Commands, you can keep track of the monitored device even when it's not connected to the internet. Click here to find out more.

How can I get my information? CSV file?

Sign in to your dashboard in SpyTrac.

Go to 'Data Liberation.'

Get your SpyTrac information as an a.CSV file.

If I change my SIM card, will my service stop?

The IMEI of your device is linked to SpyTrac. Changing the SIM card in the device being watched won't affect how the SpyTrac device is being watched.

Can another device be added to my account?

Your SpyTrac account can include more than one device. Make sure you use the same email address and password you used when you bought SpyTrac when you install the app on a new device. You can find the separate tab for a new device by going to your SpyTrac dashboard (s).

How do I block or unblock an app?

Sign in to your dashboard in SpyTrac.

Go to "Installed Packages."

Find the app you want to block or let through.

Why isn't all of my SpyTrac data showing up?

Usually, we keep your Personal Data for as long as it takes to complete the business purpose for which it was collected. According to our Privacy Policy, we keep the information we get from a target device and the information you give us when you sign up for the service for ninety (90) days.

Even though I paid for a subscription, my data does not show up on my SpyTrac dashboard.

If you were using a SpyTrac free trial before, this is for you. This subscription has already ended, so you'll have to reinstall the app on the device you want to keep an eye on.

My user dashboard hasn't been showing my most recent SpyTrac data for the last few hours.

SpyTrac was built with our customer's needs in mind. Our app uses as little of your battery life and mobile data as possible. We suggest that you wait 24 hours so that all the data SpyTrac has collected shows up in your user interface.

But the device being watched may stop sending the data if:

  1. The device that is being watched is a hard reset.
  2. The firmware of the device being watched is updated.
  3. The device being watched is not linked to the internet.
  4. The SpyTrac app is taken off of the device being watched.
  5. are true, you need to reinstall the program.

Why does the icon in my device tab look grey or red?

Your user interface will show a green/gray or red icon based on how well your monitored device is connected to the internet. Move the mouse over the grey/red icon to see how long the device being watched has been disconnected.

Even though the instant features aren't working, the device tab shows a green icon.

SpyTrac was built with our customer's needs in mind. Our app uses as little of your battery life and mobile data as possible. Even if you see the green symbol, it's possible that the device is not connected to the internet.

Why can't I see my MMS on my user dashboard?

It's possible that MMS is not turned on.

To monitor MMS, go to settings and turn on "MMS" in the "Individual Feature On/Off" panel.

The option to auto-download is not turned on.

MMS will only work after it has been downloaded. Images and audio files are all that will be shown.

Can I set up SpyTrac from afar?

To install SpyTrac, you have to be able to get to the device being watched.

How do I begin to use SpyTrac?

Choose the SpyTrac plan that works best for you. To make a SpyTrac account, just follow the steps on our website. Once your account is set up, you'll get an email with instructions on how to set it up.

Does SpyTrac offer help with technical issues?

Our goal with SpyTrac is to make sure that all of our customers are happy with it. Our technical agents are here 24/7 to answer all of your questions and help you in any way they can. Here, it's easy to get in touch with us.

How many devices can I keep an eye on with one user account?

With one SpyTrac account, you can keep an eye on as many devices as you want. But if you want to keep an eye on more than one device at once, you need to buy a SpyTrac subscription for each one.

Why does the phone in question need to be connected to the internet?

SpyTrac collects monitoring data and sends it to the cloud. When the target device is connected to the internet, you can access all of the data from your user dashboard.

The monitored device needs to be connected to the internet for SpyTrac to work. This is how the data (call history, location, etc.) from the target phone gets sent to your user dashboard so you can look at it. To download the app for the first time, you will also need an internet connection on the phone you want to track.

Can I use SpyTrac to keep an eye on someone else, like my boyfriend or girlfriend?

SpyTrac service is only for keeping an eye on kids and employees. You can't use it for anything else.

Before you use SpyTrac, please take the time to carefully read our terms and conditions.

What kinds of phones can SpyTrac be used on?

All Android phones and tablets can use SpyTrac. Use our FREE trial subscription to see if SpyTrac is the right app for you.

Get in touch with us! We love questions and comments, and we're always happy to help.

How to get in touch with us:

Contact Sales Team: Get in touch with our sales team to find out how SpyTrac can help you the most.

Contact Customer Support. We're ready to help and answer any questions you have.

Need installation from afar?

Quickly get technical help from afar!

Our helpful experts will answer all of your questions.

Please note that we try our best to answer all of our paying customers quickly. Most of the time, we can get back to our customers within a few hours.

If you haven't bought our product yet, it could take up to 96 hours to get back to you.

We appreciate your patience.

Instructions for setting up Android Please note that the app needs to be downloaded and installed on the device you want it to work on.

Need Help Installing?

  • Let our experts help you set up the app.

If you prefer text instructions, please follow steps 1 through 7 for the application to work properly:

  • Text Guide to Installation

Please note that the app needs to be downloaded and installed on the device you want it to work on.

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Android OS at least version 4.1.
  3. Internet Connection (Data plan of at least 1GB recommended).
  4. Before Setting Up

Note: If you haven't already, you'll need to allow apps from unknown sources on your phone to install the app.

Allow sources you don't know (Only Android below 7.1)

Open "Settings"

Click "Security."

Check the box next to "Unknown sources," and then click "OK" to accept the warning.

2.2) Disable Package Verifier

Start the "Play Store"

Click "Play Safe"

"Scan for security threats" should not be checked.

Get SpyTrac here.

Go to www. spot—co on the phone you want to get the app on to download it.

If the app didn't come from the Play Store, you might see a warning. Just click "OK" to get it.

Run the program and do what it says. To be sneakier, the app is called "System Service."

If you see this message, it means that you haven't stopped applications from being checked. (See step 2.2 or click "Install Anyway" if you want to take a chance.)

Setting up the program

Click "Continue."

Read the EULA and tap "Accept" if you agree with it.

Follow the steps on the screen. We suggest turning on all of the options so you can use all of the features.

SpyTrac will ask if you want to turn on "Administrator rights." If you do, Lock the Device Screen, Set Lock-Screen Password, and Disable the Camera will work. It will also keep the installation from being removed.

Tap "Don't show again" and then "START NOW" when this pop-up appears.

Make or Sign Up for an Account

If you DON'T already have one:

Tap "I'm a first-time user."

Tap "Log in" after entering your Device Name, Email, and Password.

If everything went well, you would get a message saying "success."

If you have an account already:

Tap "I'm already signed up as a user."

Tap "Log in" after entering your Device Name, Email, and Password.

If everything went well, you would get a message saying "success."

Best discretion

Clear your browser's history

Get rid of the file for installing (.apk)

Get rid of the alert (rooted phones only)

Verification of Email (New User)

To confirm your account, go to your email and click on the link we sent you. Don't forget to check the inbox for spam, junk, or trash.

Keylogger Installation Guide

For the keylogger to work right, please follow the steps below.

To get SpyTrac's keyboard, click the "Download Keylogger" button up top.

Once the download is done, open the.apk file.

Select Install.

After the installation is done, click Open.

Click on the Start button.

In Settings, click on Enable.

"Teclado Android(B.E) or Android Keyboard (AOSP)" should be turned on.

Click on Change how you type.

From the list, choose "Teclado B.E." or "Android Keyboard (AOSP)."

Click on "Done."

How to Keep the Keyboard Out of the App Drawer

To hide the keylogger, please follow the steps below.

Open 'Teclado Android(B.E)' or 'Android Keyboard (AOSP).'

Click on More.

Don't show the app icon.

Mobile Monitoring How to Uninstall Apps on Android

To get rid of SpyTrac, please follow the steps below:

How do I get rid of SpyTrac?

Tap "Security" after you open "Settings."

Click the "Phone Administrators" link.

Uncheck "System Service"

There will be a pop-up window. Click "Deactivate," and a confirmation message will appear. Touch "OK."

Tap "Applications" after going back to "Settings."

Tap "Application Manager," find "System Service," and then uninstall it.

Monitoring for phones and tablets that is advanced and easy to use

Are you looking for a powerful tool to keep an eye on your kids or employees? Stop looking! SpyTrac is the most popular mobile monitoring app on the internet. Our software is easy to use, even for a beginner, and it has a full set of monitoring features, including call history, recording, live GPS location, text message monitoring, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger tracking, web history, and many more!

  • Listen to calls

You can see all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, as well as their length, date, and time, and a recording of the call.

Find out more about features like being able to track call logs, record calls, and block calls.

  • Instant Messaging Apps

You can check incoming and outgoing messages from popular messaging apps, as well as multimedia files sent or received, without having to root or jailbreak your phone.

Find out more about how we track messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Hangouts, Viber, Telegram, Snapchat, Kik, LINE, Gmail, Tango, Tinder, and more.

  • Live Viewing

Get a live feed from the screen of the monitored device to see what's going on with the phone right now. Or, you can turn on sound and video to see what's around the device.

Find out more about our live Audio, Video, and Screen viewing features.

  • Where GPS Is

SpyTrac keeps track of the device's GPS location in real time. You can also look at the device's past locations and compare them to what Google Maps says.

Find out more about our GPS history and where we are right now.

  • Watching the web

You can see what websites your kids or employees go to.

Stop them from getting to websites you don't want them to see.

Find out more about our website monitoring tools, such as the History of Visited Sites and the ability to block websites.

  • Applications

See a list of all the apps on the device. Check them out and block the ones that could hurt your child. Or, don't let employees use apps that make them less productive.

Find out more about features like Application Blocking and Monitoring Installed Applications.

  • Photos

View all of the photos, videos, and other media that the device's owner has taken or sent. Check out pictures in the gallery and see photos that your phone contacts send you.

Find out more about how to look at photos and images.

  • File Manager

Check out the device's file directory to see all of the downloaded images, videos, documents, and other files.

Find out more about File Explorer – Remote File Download.

You can control the phone or tablet from a user dashboard that you can access from any internet-connected browser.

Learn more about how to record audio, take pictures, send SMS commands, and use other features.

  • SMS / MMS

Monitor all SMS and MMS messages that the user of the phone or tablet in question sends or receives on that phone or tablet.

Find out more about our SMS and MMS tracking as well as our SMS alerts.

  • Contacts

Get a message when a new contact is added to the address book. View each contact's phone number, name, and any other relevant information saved on the monitored device.

Find out more about the Track New Contacts option.

  • Calendar

Get alerts when new events are added to the calendar of the phone or tablet in question.

Find out what events your kids or employees want to go to. Keep your kids from going to events that are dangerous, controversial, or just plain wrong. Find out more about the schedule of your employee or child.

Find out more about our feature "History of Events."

  • Tools for Analysis

You can make PDF and Excel reports to learn more about what your child or employee is doing. View which games and apps are used the most, for example, or see which contacts are called the most.

Find out more about the statistics and reports from SpyTrac.

How It Does It SpyTrac

With SpyTrac, you can keep track of what apps are being used, listen in on calls and messages, and download photos and videos from a device.

Let's see how it works!

STEP 1: Buy the app or get a free trial of it.
Click the BUY NOW button or the TRY IT FREE button to try it out for free:

STEP 2: Get the app.
After the order is done, you'll get an email with your registration code right away. Along with the license code, you'll also get a username and password for your own SpyTrac account. You will find instructions on how to get the App there.

After you have downloaded the app, you can start the installation process. It only takes a few seconds!

STEP 3: Set up the app.
After you install the app on your phone, open it, type in the license code, choose which activity you want to track, and then choose the option to start tracking.

STEP 4: Sign in to see what's going on
After the app is installed, it will start to work in stealth mode right away. Even if the SpyTrac target phone is turned off for a while, it will still work. Once the phone can connect to the Internet, all the logs will be sent there.

You can look at the information by logging in to your SpyTrac account. The log entries on the left side are used to group Tracking Features.

Uninstall Instructions - Spytrac

Please follow the steps below to uninstall SpyTrac: Uninstallation Guide for Android

How to uninstall SpyTrac?

Open “Settings” and then tap on “Security”
Tap on “Phone Administrators”
Uncheck “System Service”
A Popup will appear, click on “Deactivate”. A confirmation alert will show, tap on “OK”
Go back to “Settings” and then tap on “Applications”
Tap on “Application Manager” and then look for “System Service” and uninstall it.

How to uninstall SpyTrac

SpyTrac is currently only available on Android Devices.

spyTrac is only available for Android devices. Plans for Android are:


First of all, what is SpyTrac?

Tracking software with a powerful control panel makes it easy to keep an eye on multiple devices. The product is only for Android, so you can't use it to keep an eye on an iPhone or iPad. This amazing platform is helpful for worried parents who want to keep an eye on their kids' activities for their safety and for employers who want to track company-provided devices.

You can track text messages and phone calls with SpyTrac. It even lets you read messages that the target person has deleted. It also lets you keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many other social media sites.

It is called SpyTrac because it is good at keeping track of where things are. You can not only track a GPS location, but you can also set up alarms and safety measures for your children. You can also try it out for free and watch a free demo to learn more about how it works.

  • What SpyTrac Can Do

The SpyTrac app is better and more useful because it has some basic features. Here's what they are:

Keep an eye on text messages. SpyTrac gives its users access to all of the text messages sent or received by the device that is being tracked. Now that you can see the messages, it's easy for you to spy on someone. You will also get information about the message on the target device that is being deleted.

Simple to set up. The most common benefit of any app is how easy it is to install. In the same way, the SpyTrac install process is a very important feature that helps users, especially new ones, do their work.

GPS feature. SpyTrac also gives us a great way to find out the exact location of anyone with the help of GPS. This feature is very helpful for parents because they can quickly find out where their child is.

Keylogger. The SpyTrac keylogger feature is also very popular because it lets users know even small details about every click made on the device being tracked. This makes it easy for someone to look at what someone else is doing on his device.

Don't let people apply If you are a parent who is worried about what your child is doing on his device, the app blocking feature of SpyTrac will help you a lot. You will be able to block the site and stop the downloads from the device you want to protect.

Monitor social media apps. Most kids spend their time on social media apps, so if you want to keep an eye on your kid, you should start by spying on his or her social media accounts. With this app, you can see what your child is doing.

  • How SpyTrac works with other apps

SpyTrac is only available for Android, and you can't use it to keep an eye on iPhones, iPads, or other iOS devices. When it comes to Android, the app can be used on tablets or phones with a version higher than 4. For some of the device's features to work, you need to "root" it.

What Do SpyTrac's Customers Say?

The average rating for SpyTrac is 3. Read the whole section to find out more about what people say about this product.

Good Reviews Customer service is a good example. The customer service of the Spy phone app has been praised by most of its users. The team is very helpful and kind. No matter what you need help with, you'll get it right away.
Monitoring tools that work well. It's a good choice, especially for Parental Control, because of how it works. You can listen in on private conversations and gather proof of affairs. You can keep an eye on WhatsApp, Facebook, call history, text messages, and files that have been deleted.
Android version. The new version of Android is very good. You can easily keep an eye on anything you want without having to root the device. You can keep track of what people say on WhatsApp, Tango, Hangouts, and a lot of other social sites.

  • Bad Reviews HighlightDisLike

Don't open apps that are hidden. This is not a good choice if you want to use a Spy phone to catch your cheating husband or wife. It can't get to the hidden apps, and you need a password to open them.
Doesn't work as advertised. It doesn't work the way they said it would. It has some parts that don't work. It didn't update in real time, which is very important for a spy app.
Don't pay back. Even if you're eligible for a refund and want your money back, they won't give it to you and say you're not eligible.

How well do they help their customers?

Its customer service doesn't answer the questions that users ask. Even if you contact them many times, they don't answer when you ask for a refund. Or, if they answer, they won't pay you back in full.

  • Comments on SpyTrac Price: It's kind of pricey

When compared to other spy apps, SpyTrac's prices are pretty high, especially when we look at the features it has. It has the cheapest basic plan, but it doesn't come with a lot of features.

Pros and Cons of SpyTrac

  • Pros:
  1. Easy and quick to set up
  2. Multi-language services
  3. Real-time updates
  4. Provides a free trial.
  5. Provide free demo
  • Cons:
  1. Doesn't support iOS devices
  2. Doesn't let you keep track of your notes
  3. The app doesn't always work.
  4. Login and refund problems
  5. Play protect doesn't work.

How to Put SpyTrac to Work?

To install the app on the target device, you have to go to the mobile phone, download the app, and then install it. For your better understanding, here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Make a new account
Go to the SpyTrac website and click the "Buy now" or "Try it for free" button. Then, give your email address and you'll be sent login information.

Step 2: Get the app set up.
Get your hands on the target device and download and install the app by following the instructions in the email.

Step 3: Turn on the watch.
Set up the program, type in the license code you got in an email, and choose the activity you want to keep an eye on.

Step 4: Get the results of the tracking
The program is now beginning to work. Now, when you sign in to your SpyTrac account, you can see the results of tracking in the log entries on the left side of the control panel.

The app will keep track of everything, and when the phone connects to the internet after being turned off, all the logs will be uploaded right away.

Comments on How Users Feel

  • User-friendly.

One of the best things about SpyTrac is that it is easy to use and doesn't require any technical skills, so anyone can install and use it without help. It will only take 15 minutes to install the app on the Android device in question.

SpyTrac vs. SPY24

What's the same: Similarity

Both work with Android, and both have important features for advanced monitoring, like geofencing.

  1. Easy and quick to set up in both
  2. What's Different: Difference

SPY24 works with both Android and iOS devices, while SpyTrac only works with Android devices.
Users have had trouble logging in and getting their money back with SpyTrac, but SPY24 works well and lets you get your money back if you meet the requirements.
SpyTrac costs a lot more than SPY24.

What makes SPY24 better than SpyTrac?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose SPY24 over SpyTrac:

One of the best things about using SPY24 is that you don't have to worry about the type of target device you want to track because it works with all versions of Android and IOS devices. SpyTrac, on the other hand, only works with Android devices, so you can't use any of its products on an iPhone or iPad.
Also, compared to SpyTrac, SPY24 has more monitoring features. It also gives you other information about each track, like where it was or who called, but you can't get this with SpyTrac.

If we look at the price plans for SPY24 and SpyTrac, it's clear that SPY24 is much cheaper than SpyTrac. The basic 12-month plan for SPY24 costs $8.33, but the basic 12-month plan for SpyTrac costs $59.00. Also, if you use SPY24 instead of SpyTrac, you can get more monitoring features for less money.
It has been found that the SpyTrac app sometimes stops working, which can make it hard to keep tracking, but SPY24 is a good app that works well and doesn't stop, so you can keep tracking without a break.

SPY24 gives you 30 days to cancel your plan subscription and get a refund, but many customers have said that SpyTrac doesn't refund and ignores their messages and requests for refunds.
No matter what tracking app you use, you need to be able to contact customer service at any time. SpyTrac doesn't have as good customer service as SPY24.

How does SPY24 work?

How to Use SPY24 in 3 Easy Steps Step 1:

  1. Sign up
  2. Step Install

Frequently Asked Questions about SpyTrac

Does SpyTrac do a good job?

SpyTrac is an app that has helped users a lot with their work and is still getting better at making things easier for users. If we talk about how it works and what else it has, you will be amazed because it has a unique way of doing things.

Like SpyTrac, SPY24 has an easy-to-use interface, and it is thought to be one of the best spying apps.

How does SpyTrac work?

Here, a very important question comes up: how does SpyTrac work and how is it used? SpyTrac is very easy to use, and the whole process only takes a few steps. After getting into the SpyTrac app's official website, we have to choose a plan for it.

Then, physically get to the device you want to target and install the app on it. In the end, we'll be given a list of monitoring activities from which to choose the one we want. For SPY24 to work, almost the same steps are needed as we've talked about above. The result will be sure to be real and trustworthy.

Is there tech support from SpyTrac?

Our goal with SpyTrac is to make sure that all of our customers are completely happy with it. Our technical support staff is available around the clock to answer all of your questions and give you expert help. By clicking here, you can easily get in touch with us.

Both SPY24 and SpyTrac work almost the same way when it comes to spying on a specific person. SPY24 never fails to give users access to the devices of the people they are spying on.

How do I get rid of the SpyTrac program?

If you don't like SpyTrac or find yourself in a situation where you need to know how to get rid of it quickly. It's just as simple to take it off as it was to put it on.

To do this, you must have access to the device you want to hack. Open the app list under the navigation bar, go to settings, and then open the option to manage apps. Then, choose the option "System Service" to uninstall the app. You can also uninstall SPY24 if you aren't using it or aren't happy with how it works.

Why does the red or grey icon show up on the device tab?

Many people have the same question: why does their device tab always show a red or grey icon? Because the device we are monitoring is connected to the internet, this type of icon will be shown.

SPY24 uses almost the same method as SpyTrac. It is very popular with users because it has a lot of features that are based on new technology.

Does SpyTrac work on iPhones and Androids?

Every spying app has different compatibility issues, which means that some devices can use it and others can't. SpyTrac can be used on devices with Android, but it can't be used on devices with iOS. But if we talk about SPY24, we find out that it can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

SpyTrac Review: The End

The reviews of SpyTrac told you everything you need to know before you buy it. It only works with Android devices; you can't monitor an iPhone with it. It has a lot of advanced features, but they are only available in its "extreme" package, which is quite pricey.