Spy Software – Top 14 Mobile Spy App for 2021 Spyware App

Spy Software – Top 14 Mobile Spy App for 2021 Spyware App
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THE MOST OUTSTANDING MOBILE spyware app download. One may never control every step of their children in the real world so should we talk about virtual ones? The Internet may contain lots of threats for them and only spy software may help parents control everything properly. It can be quite overwhelming to choose the best cell phone monitoring app when you have so many options. Also, who has the time to go through all the options and then choose just one? The problem is, if you subscribe to a bad one, you won't get a refund. Yeah, you'll be pretty stuck with it. This is why it is really crucial to evaluate your options quite carefully and then pay for one. But don't worry, we've made your job easier. We bring you the top 14 rated phone spy app s for 2021 that are available. With this guide, you will be able to compare the options you have and choose the application that best suits your needs. Let's get started, shall we?

Protect your business and members of your family with the newest spyware app download SPY24 software! Our application helps you get the answers you wanted to know, there is no more reliable mobile phone spy software .

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Spy Software – Top 14 Mobile Spy App for 2021 Spyware App

Spy Software – Top 14 Mobile Spy App for 2021 Spyware App

Track all the call and text logs

24/7-access to the data!

Track the messages on email and social networks!

Use your mic - you can make records at any time!


You'd better surrender, nobody has any chances to survive with apps for Android , iOS, and Blackberry OS devices - it is the best program for remote tracking call and text logs. It is the best mobile spy software on market and you need less than five minutes for a complete installation! All the gathered information is always displayed in Control Panel - check it any time you wish. Just choose the tab that you want to check and get the data: text messages, social network logs, call history, geolocation, and lots of other kinds of information. Top spyware app download uses the convenient chronological display of data.IMPORTANT: mobile phone spy can be installed only on devices with jailbreak done. If you have an Android device we recommend you root it for obtaining access to social networks data and logs of such apps as WhatsApp and Viber .


Top spyware app download SPY24 is made on the basis of the most modern technologies that use the power of modern smartphones. Our application is very adjustable and easy to customize - you may do simple things like tracking SMS or perform more complicated tasks like voice calls recording. We are absolutely sure that our software will cover your needs and meet your expectations, you finally find out the truth you have been searching for! And do not be afraid - our mobile phone spy software is undetectable, we guarantee that nobody will catch you.


Once you have installed our Top spyware app download the SPY24 application you immediately start getting the messages and even deleted ones. Enjoy!


Use the mic of your phone and record the calls you need. Now walls really do have ears! We offer absolutely outstanding features - just go to the control panel, find the proper function, enter the number you want to record from and that's it!


GPS sensors of your "victim" will be turned off but you can still get all the information about his or her location! How does it work then? It works with the Network Triangulation method, amazing technology letting us do what we do!

Top Cell Phone Spy Software Tracker & Mobile Monitoring Spy Apps

We have reviewed an immense range of spy mobile software and services and picked just a few best spy app s which allow you precisely discover the irrefutably real truth and feed peace to your mind. At any time, mobile spy SPY24 software will enable you instantly track and find the actual location of the monitored mobile user, read their every SMS text message and chat or email conversation, along with Internet usage, call history, and much more. Discreetly keep an eye on your employees or catch a cheating spouse and ensure that your children are not mixed up in activities they should not be nor with individuals, you do not trust with any of recommended innovative spy cell phone and tablet monitoring apps. We are certain you will notice our reviews commendable in your decision-making.

MOBILE SPY SPY24 Spyware App For Android & iPhone

1- Mobile Spy SPY24 - iPhone Spyware App


19.99 (USD) – 3 Months

49.99 (USD) – 6 Months

75.99 (USD) – 12 Months

Supported Devices

Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad

Symbian, Windows Mobile, PlayBook, Mac os

Mobile Spy SPY24 is a top spy app of choice for parents, employers, and spouses when it comes to remote spy phone monitoring for smartphones and tablets. In that, a sensible preference too as a single subscription license to its invisible mobile tracker software allows monitoring of up to three mobile devices – which makes it well suitable for most families and small business monitoring needs.

The quick and uncomplicated installation can be easily managed with just a few clicks by individuals of all backgrounds. The very moment Mobile Spy SPY24 software installs and running, it swiftly springs into action by recording all inbound and outbound traffic of electronic email messages, including SMS spy on Text, as well as MMS messages. Any of which can be immediately viewed through your online Mobile Spy SPY24 account, withal the captured information “suddenly” became deleted on the monitored cell phone or tablet. Proficiently and secretly snoop on contacts of any Android, iPhone, and other supported top mobile platforms by Mobile Spy SPY24 like BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Symbian, as well as Android Tablets and the legendary iPad, iPod, BlackBerry PlayBook, and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

At any time, instantly obtain a complete record of every incoming and outgoing mobile call log with specifics such as date, time, and duration of conversations. In addition, quickly find the precise location of the tracked mobile phone and/or tablet on a live map from any browser with GPS spy, similarly trace the Cell ID position and analyze every single previous travel activity in meticulous detail. Moreover, the Mobile Spy SPY24 app enables on-device spying of social networking activities, web usage, calendar entries, pictures, and movies. As well as the ability to spy on chats of all leading messenger applications – i.e.| iMessage, Whatsapp, BlackBerry messenger, Yahoo messenger, and Windows Live messenger.

With such powerful mobile surveillance app features – it allows any concerned parent and employer alike to gather valuable information and accomplish them effortlessly, much like a trained private detective professional would – perhaps even with much more precision and accuracy yet all on your own! Furthermore, in the event that technical assistance or questions may arise regarding your mobile spy SPY24 app installation and usage, Mobile SPY24 Spy’s skilled support personnel can be reached via toll-free number, online chat, or email anytime. When selecting the Mobile spy SPY24 app for your mobile monitoring needs, note that the annual subscription plan includes a complimentary free PC or Mac computer keylogger software that silently captures all actions performed on the desktop and/or laptop computers of your teens and employees. Mobile Spy SPY24 is compatible with Android, or BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad, Symbian and Windows Mobile operating system-based smartphones, including many popular models by Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and HTC.

Our Features spying apps free

SPY24 monitoring spying apps free software is a powerhouse of innovative features developed based on the latest technological advancements and the demands of smartphone and tablet users.

It is absolutely undetectable and gets installed in minutes onto the smartphone or tablet you need to track.

Manage Calls

This mobile tracker provides you with the opportunity to discover who your target phone user is calling or getting calls from and you can remain incognito in doing so. See who they are in contact with, when and for how long the call lasted. Check how many times they have dialed the same number. Keep a check on all inbound, outbound, and missed calls.

View SMS

SPY24 lets you look over all text messages, sent or received by the target smartphone or tablet. Each time the target device sends or receives SMS, it gets instantly forwarded to your Control Panel. It means that even in case the user deletes a message right after it is sent/received, you will still see every text message in your Control Panel.

Read Emails

When it comes to monitoring employees and children, it might be essential to see emails sent or received using the target phone’s browser. SPY24 allows you to read all e-mails with time and date stamps.

Track GPS Locatio

Log in to your SPY24 Control Panel and track the GPS location of the target mobile device remotely! See all routes which your kids or employees have taken on a user-friendly map. View every detail of their location history. Even if the target phone or tablet has been lost or stolen, you can easily find out where it is using this amazing feature!

Monitor Internet Activities

Do you want to make sure your kids stay away from inappropriate websites? Do you wonder why the phone bills of your employees are so sky-rocketing? With the SPY24 mobile tracking application, you can track websites visited by your children or employees from their mobile devices.

WhatsApp Monitoring

If your target phone user is using WhatsApp messaging tool to exchange free and unlimited text messages, photos, and videos on their smart gadgets, you can outwit them using SPY24 cell phone tracking software. SPY24 gives you full access to WhatsApp history, letting you track all sent and received messages, shared pictures, and other multimedia content, locations, and contacts.

Control Apps

You can view logs about all applications and programs installed on the target mobile device. Make sure there are any inappropriate or banned apps. Find out which of them the target uses the most. You can even use SPY24 to ban any app you don’t want your children or employees to use.

View Multimedia Files

Check and supervise all images and videos taken, stored, and downloaded by the target phone user! Find out if your kid's mobile device contains any porn content or if your employees take pictures of confidential company documents! Even if some of the multimedia content has been deleted from the target device, you will still be able to see them in your Control Panel.

Remote Control

View the data gathered by SPY24 remotely from any device that has Internet access. Discreetly keep track of each and every activity that takes place on the target smartphone or tablet from your private control panel without being noticed by the target.


Android version: Supports Android 4. x to 12. x.

iOS version: Works on all devices running iOS 9.1 or below. A tethered mode is also available for iOS 9.2 to 15.1.

Jailbreaking and rooting are required to use Flexispy .


More features than any other mobile spying app

Works perfectly on Android and iOS


Requires jailbreak on iOS and rooting on Android.

Some features are ethically not sound

Features like remote camera access and live interception are buggy.

Highly expensive for a mobile spy app

2. XNSPY Spyware On iPhone

Xnspy is the industry’s leading mobile spyware. It’s the app’s combination of advanced spying features, affordable pricing, and 24/7 customer support, that all serve up to make Xnspy the best phone monitoring software. Xnspy is not just your surveillance app for the children but for your employees, too. It has everything to keep you updated about their activities in real-time. Some of its incredible features include monitoring phone calls and messages, access to instant messenger chats and multimedia sent via these chats, GPS location tracking (this includes monitoring of specific locations, current location, location history, and geofencing), email and browser monitoring, recording of phone calls and surroundings, remotely controlling the target phone, and lot more. Xnspy has introduced a few advanced spying features, too, that include Keylogger , Wi-Fi logs, and WhatsApp monitoring without rooting. The app keeps on getting better and better. But that’s not all! If your fixation for spying needs a frenzy, keep on reading, because there’s still a lot to be discovered about the best-hidden spy apps.

XNSPY Spyware On iPhone

XNSPY Spyware On iPhone


Android version: Supports Android 4. x to 9. x.

iOS version: Works on all devices running iOS 9.1 or below. A tethered mode is also available for iOS 9.2 to 12.4.

Jailbreaking and rooting are required to use Flexispy .


More features than any other mobile spying app

Works perfectly on Android and iOS


Requires jailbreak on iOS and rooting on Android.

Some features are ethically not sound

Features like remote camera access and live interception are buggy.

Highly expensive for a mobile spy app

3- Flexispy Spying Apps Free

Why Should You Use Flexispy

So, what are the main reason to use Flexispy you might wonder! Brace yourself because you have many benefits from this spy app and many more than you would get from other spy apps.

As you will see in this Flexispy review, this is a superior spy software to others that you can find on the market. It is giving you the possibility to take monitoring a target phone to a new level. You can use it to track your child’s activity and keep them away from important dangers. Thanks to the fact that you will know who they are talking to and what online data they access, you can adjust your education methods to the best of their advantage.

Flexispy Spying Apps Free

On the other hand, you can use Flexispy to track your spouse in case you are working on building a lost level of trust. We know that trust is essential in any type of relationship. By using this spy app, you will know if your partner is honest with you or if they are having hidden thoughts and actions regarding your future.

Finally, if you own a business, it is equally important to stay on top of your employees and their activity. During work hours, your team should remain focused on work tasks. If you notice that they spend a lot of time on social media when they should be working, you can take the measures you need to control that and save the productivity of your business. This spy app will also allow you to identify those employees or members of your team that you can trust in the long run and with important tasks.

You will find that Flexispy tends to come at a higher price than other spy apps. But as soon as you start using this software, you will understand the worth of your investment and appreciate its upgraded features.


Android version: Supports Android 4. x to 9. x.

iOS version: Works on all devices running iOS 9.1 or below. A tethered mode is also available for iOS 9.2 to 12.4.

Jailbreaking and rooting are required to use Flexispy.


More features than any other mobile spying app

Works perfectly on Android and iOS


Requires jailbreak on iOS and rooting on Android.

Some features are ethically not sound

Features like remote camera access and live interception are buggy.

Highly expensive for a mobile spy app

4- Spyier Hidden Spying Apps For Android

Spy apps are enormously useful programs. You can use them to keep an eye on your loved ones or employees through their smart device, for whatever reason. These apps are made to be discreet, meaning the target won't know you're watching.

Not all spy apps work well, however. Many lack key features, while some aren't all that well-hidden. Some are even viruses or malware in disguise. If you're in the market for spyware, you need to choose carefully.

<a class= Spyier Hidden Spying Apps For Android">


Android version: Supports Android 4. x to 9. x.

iOS version: Works on all devices running iOS 9.1 or below. A tethered mode is also available for iOS 9.2 to 12.4.

Jailbreaking and rooting are required to use Flexispy.


More features than any other mobile spying app

Works perfectly on Android and iOS


Requires jailbreak on iOS and rooting on Android.

Some features are ethically not sound

Features like remote camera access and live interception are buggy.

Highly expensive for a mobile spy app

5- SpyHuman Software Overview

What is Spyhuman ?

Spyhuman offers you state android monitor ing solutions; it helps you look after your child’s online activity. Spyhuman comes with a mobile tracker that is easy to install and equipped with call detail monitoring. It also includes SMS, location, browsing history monitoring, and many others. Spyhuman does not require root your mobile phone for complete functioning.

SpyHuman Software Overview

Spyhuman enables you to oversee your ward’s online activity from anywhere at any time. You can also block websites with Spyhuman. Along with domestic monitoring, Spyhuman offers you a look into your employees’ actions as well. It is essential for organizations dealing with critical and confidential information.

The best part about Spyhuman is your employees and child would not know they are being inspected. Spyhuman is one of the best spyware available in the market!

SpyHuman Software Overview

Features of Spyhuman

Spyhuman provides you amazing features, some of them are listed here for you:

GPS Tracker : Identify the location of your target and find its whereabouts through the highly efficient GPS tracker embedded in Spyhuman. It monitors your target remotely, gives you access to all the routes traveled by them.

Call Management: Spyhuman offers a range of features in the calling function. It monitors who the target is calling, the duration of the call, and several other details. One of the salient features of the software is it also records call and restricts phone numbers to get calls.

SMS Tracker : Get access to the messaging log of your target like outgoing messages, incoming messages, date & time stamps, message body text, contact information. After installation, Spyhuman takes a backup of the entire message log of the target from their device; and instantly uploads data to your device.

Live Monitor: Spyhuman mobile app enables end users to record the surroundings and these can be accessed even from remote.

Price of Spyhuman

Spyhuman price varies on customer-oriented modules. To know more about the price, please request a call and our sales expert team will get in touch with you.


Android version: Supports Android 4. x to 9. x.

iOS version: Works on all devices running iOS 9.1 or below. A tethered mode is also available for iOS 9.2 to 12.4.

Jailbreaking and rooting are required to use Flexispy.


More features than any other mobile spying app

Works perfectly on Android and iOS


Requires jailbreak on iOS and rooting on Android.

Some features are ethically not sound

Features like remote camera access and live interception are buggy.

Highly expensive for a mobile spy app

6 - Snoopza App

What Is Snoopza ?

Snoopza is a phone tracker app that allows you to keep a close eye on your dear ones, spy on a suspicious partner, or monitor your employees. With its assistance, you can track the location of the target device, record calls remotely, view media files, capture screenshots remotely, track internet activities, and much more. In all, it is an all-in-one spy solution for Android devices out there.

Snoopza App

Snoopza App

What Can You Do with Snoopza?

Among all the spy apps out there that can monitor and track Android devices, Snoopza has gained huge popularity, and for good reason. It brings many advantages that make it apart from others.

Nevertheless, it has both a free and paid version. And with Snoopza free, you have access to the following main features-

Track Calls – You can track both incoming and outgoing calls of the target device.

Track SMS – You can track the SMS messages both send and received on the target device.

Monitor Internet History Usage – You can track the browser history of the target device.

Geolocation – You can track the location of the target device as well as the target person.

With its paid version, you have access to the following features in addition to all features mentioned above-

Record Calls – You can record the calls received and made on the target device.

Social Media Spy – You can track the social media activities of the target person, and it includes tracking Viber , Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat

Screenshots – You can intercept the vital info by capturing screenshots of the target device.

Check Contacts – You can track the contact list of the target device.

Stealth Mode – You can track an Android device without being visible to the target person.

Track Camera – You can unlock the screen of the target phone and monitor the photos and screenshots captured by the target device with the camera of his phone.

Track to-do List – You can track notes and to-do lists made by the target person.

Detect SIM Card Replace – It continues to operate if a target person changes his SIM card.

7- Minspy Phone Monitoring Application

If you were searching for a phone monitoring application, you must have come across the name Minspy many times. After all, Minspy is just one of the most popular phone monitoring apps out there.

However, just because something is popular, it does not imply that it is trustable as well. You need an in-depth evaluation of the app before you can trust it with your private data. This is what you will find here- a detailed review of Minspy's phone monitoring service.

Minspy Phone Monitoring Application

Minspy Phone Monitoring Application

You will know if Minspy is actually worth its salt and all that it can do. Therefore, you should make sure to read this review closely till the end. You will learn so many things that you never knew.

Minspy Overview

Before discussing all the things that Minspy can do for you, let us take a minute to understand what exactly Minspy is and what it does.

Minspy is a phone monitoring tool that you use to get a cell phone's data without touching the phone. Minspy offers these services for both- Android phones as well as iPhones.

It is a web service that you use from a web browser, just as you would use your Facebook account online.

Millions of people all over the world use Minspy to keep a track on their kids, partner, or their employees. Minspy comes in handy no matter why you are searching for a phone monitoring application. It is designed to serve the purpose regardless of the reason.

Minspy's success can be seen in the fact that even the authority media outlets like Forbes, PCMag, TechRadar, etc. talk about how awesome Minspy is. This leaves no doubt that it is a completely trustable phone monitoring solution.

8- Spyic Review

Phone monitoring apps are all the rage lately. You can make good use of them in several cases: To keep an eye on your children and make sure they're safe.

Monitor your employees to see if they're still loyal to your business.

Track your spouse to ensure they aren't cheating on you.

<a class= Spyic Review">

Spyic Review

Spyic is a recognized leader in the world of phone monitoring. The app is actively used by over a million people from all around the planet. Users include parents, employers, people in relationships, and even cybersecurity personnel.

Have you heard of Spyic before? Are you wondering if it's the right app for you? We review the popular phone monitoring app for you in this article to help you figure out whether it's all hype or pure substance.

We'll be covering the app in-depth. We start with a quick introduction, mention the top features, and finish by commenting on the price.

Spyic - Is This Top Spy App Worth Your Time and Money?

Spyic, as you may already know, is a phone monitoring app for iOS and Android. The app has made appearances on major platforms such as PC World, The Huffington Post, LifeWire, CNET, and BuzzFeed since its launch.

In recent years, the app has gained quite a reputation, mainly for being an excellent phone monitoring solution. At the moment, the app has a loyal user base that's spread out across 5 continents. People from 190+ countries make use of the app.

9- Parental Control Software Reviews SpyFone

Supporting Platforms – Android, iOS

Notifications – SMS, SIM card change alert

Activity Record – Location, website history, calls, texts, MMS, instant messaging

Blocking and Filtering – Block websites, calls, and texts

Ease of Use – Comes with a streamlined dashboard and user-friendly interface in general

Extra Services – Live audio, video, and screen viewing; Remote file download; SMS commands

Parental Control Software Reviews SpyFone

Parental Control Software Reviews SpyFone

SpyFone Review

Monitor Everything – this is what the creators of SpyFone claim. Staying true to their tagline, this is indeed an intelligent smartphone monitoring application, which is a great way to have peace of mind. While there are many situations when it can be useful, our focus is its use for parents when monitoring their kids.

From cellphone messages to social media accounts, SpyFone promises to extend a helping hand if you want to monitor your children. They have multiple packages available and are accessible through a variety of devices.

Want to know more about this software? Is this powerful enough to know what your kids have been up to? Read the rest of this short SpyFone review to find out!

10 - SpyBubble Review

Are you looking for SpyBubble ? Wondering what happened to it or why you can not buy it anymore? In this article, I do a spybubble review and tell you all about the app. If you do not want to read my spybubble review you can always watch the YouTube video above.

SpyBubble Review

SpyBubble – What Happened?

SpyBubble Review

When I first started doing my spybubble review I went to Google and searched “spybubble“. If you do this a few sites will come up. They have lots of information about Spy Bubble . But what you will find out is if you try to buy or sign up for a free trial you are not on Spy Bubble ’s website anymore.

I noticed this right away. Why do I keep ending up on other spy app websites and not SpyBubble’s? Do these other spy apps even do the same thing as SpyBubble? Honestly the whole thing was just confusing.

What I eventually found out was that SpyBubble got into some legal trouble a few years back. There were many people on the internet reselling SpyBubble for a commission. Rather than take their site down these re-sellers simply pointed their “buy now” links to a different spy app they could get paid from.

After doing a little more research I found out that the makers of SpyBubble changed its name to “Hover Watch”. So SpyBubble is now called HoverWatch.

11- Life360

Chances are, you’ve already heard about Life360. This technology company has recently been featured on a number of high-profile news and entertainment sites such as Wired and Business Insider. In fact, it’s even been the subject of more than a couple of viral TikTok memes!

However, you’re probably still left wondering, “What’s Life360 all about?”. In this Life360 review, we’re going to take a closer look at the popular family tracking app.

What’s Life360 Like for Users?

The Life360 app for iPhone and Android is a real-time location-sharing app. Users can create private groups of people called “circles”, wherein each member of the group shares their location in real-time with other users.

Users most commonly use the app to keep tabs on members of their families. In addition to showing each group member’s location in real-time, the popular family tracking app can even show users where their family members have stopped along the way!

The app also offers popular driving safety features such as roadside assistance, real-time speed monitoring, and crash detection.

Life360 is designed primarily for families. On the company’s website, the family tracking app claims that it is on a mission to “bring families closer together”.

12 - Spapp Monitoring

What is Spapp Monitoring ?

Cell phone tracker software is used for tracking your employees. This is a common use especially now that many people are working from home. Do you suspect your employees may be wasting their time chatting on Whatsapp instead of actually working? A tracking app will let you know how much time is spent on social media apps such as Facebook and you will be able to act. Spapp monitoring can also be used as a GPS tracker. It can also be used as a parental control application for Android.

Best For

Most of our clients used the app for parental control . We hope to increase the number of people that use the app for employee monitoring.

Spapp Monitoring Pricing Overview

Spapp Monitoring pricing starts at $80.00 as a flat rate, per month. There is a free version. Spapp Monitoring offers a free trial. See additional pricing details below.

13- MaxxSpy Review

Nowadays, people are exposed to various kinds of dangers that can happen anywhere, even at home. The vast possibilities that the Internet opens up are often misused. Anyone can become a victim of a catfisher or scammer. That’s why we need to consider protecting our loved ones online.

One option to prevent someone you love from getting into trouble is to monitor their online activity with a special tool. Monitoring apps, such as MaxxSpy, make it possible to see someone else’s messages, call logs, and media files right from your smartphone.

Unfortunately, those who want to try the app will face an obstacle. Numerous MaxxSpy reviews say the app hasn’t been working since 2019. So, we recommend that you try another solution, such as mSpy.

However, if you still want to know more about the MaxxSpy app, keep reading this review.

What Is MaxxSpy?

It is a cell phone monitoring app designed to help you gain insight into another person’s online activity. The MaxxSpy app collects information about another person’s smartphone and Internet use and transfers it right to your user account.

The app is compatible with iOS-operated devices and requires jailbreaking a target iPhone or iPad. It can also be installed on Android.

14 - Safespy Review

In the recent past, spying on someone was unheard of. However, with the inception of the smartphone, this has become so easy. All you need is a reputable spyware tool, like Safespy for example.

In fact, Spyware Apps have been in use lately. The reason for their use is to keep a check on your target. These platforms are legal, and they ensure that you will keep an eye on your target in real-time.

In this article, we will enlighten you about what you should go for if you are interested in Phone Spy Apps. To do that, here is a review of one of the leading new-age spy apps in the market.

Safespy Spy App

Safespy is a remote monitoring and control program that has revolutionized the phone monitoring process. Generally, it is a web-based online spy app that boasts an array of superb features.


These features work to help you monitor someone’s activities through their phone. The spying solution gives you access to someone’s phone without them knowing. It can show you all the data you need in real-time.

Safespy has a secure and simple layout that has made it be recognized by many around the world. With this said, how do you get to conduct the spying task?