Spyzie app Free Account iPhone - Android Download Login

Spyzie app Free Account iPhone - Android Download Login
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Spyzie Spy Phone App: Your Tracking & Monitoring Software: Spyzie is a revolutionary phone monitoring web application for Android and iOS devices. It offers features that help in keeping track of a phone's data, in order to protect what matters.

Spyzie app Free Account iPhone - Android Download Login

The World's Spy Phone App

Spyzie is used by countless parents globally to track their child's cell phones. Even employers use Spyzie to make sure that their staff are actually working on the job at hand

Message Monitor

Does your child spend too much time on the phone? They might be texting someone they shouldn't. Why don't you find out about it using Spyzie? Spyzie lets you view their messages and the people they are messaging.

Location Tracker

It can be hard keeping eyes on your child 24x7, especially since kids have to go to school and a lot of other places. However, with Spyzie, you will always know where they are by tracking their location.

Remote Monitoring in 3 Easy Steps

Sign Up

Create a free Spyzie account with your email.

Configure Spyzie

Spyzie's setup wizard will guide you through the configuration process.

Start Monitoring

Access Spyzie's dashboard and view all their data.

Why Choose Spyzie?

Priority to Security

There is no chance of your data being stolen with Spyzie's world-class encryption.

100% Hidden

No one can find out you are monitoring their phone.

Most Popular

Countless positive reviews by authority media outlets.

24/7 Customer Service

Spyzie provides 24/7 resolution to problems.

About Spyzie

Spyzie helps you watch over your kids and protect them from pornography, online predators, cyberbullying, and other threats. You will be able to monitor and store call logs , messages, social activities, and more.

Meet Spyzie team

Spyzie has a team of excellence-driven individuals with the expertise for highly-rated software that answers to users’ security concerns. Our professional team has created Spyzie as the leading light of monitoring tools. Our array of backend IT strategists and researchers are immersed in the design, development, update, and marketing of the most efficient monitoring tool for home and parental use.

Contact Us

Are you facing any issues while using Spyzie? Or perhaps you have some feedback or suggestions for us?. Please contact us at [email protected] If you have a refund request, please contact our online reseller Paddle on Paddle.net

You can find answers to some common problems on our FAQ page. If you want a tutorial about how to use Spyzie, you can visit the Support Center. If you still didn't find the answer to your problem, you can contact us and we will resolve the issue within 48 h

Frequently Asked Questions

Read FAQs for iOS Target Devices (No Jailbreak) here.

What is Spyzie?

Spyzie is remote monitoring and parental control program. It's used by parents who want to keep an eye on their kids remotely and managers or businessmen looking to monitor their employees. Spyzie lets you see what's happening on a target iOS or Android device. ours.

How does the Spyzie Android app work?

For target Android devices, Spyzie is a 2MB app. You need to download it and then install it on the target device. The app runs in the background, recording everything occurring on the phone. It then transmits the information to your dashboard via the internet. You can access the recorded data via any web browser.

You can use Spyzie for Android without root, which makes it an advanced app, not to mention easy to install. Most of Spyzie 's features work without root. You have the option to hide Spyzie after it's been installed. The app icon disappears. Spyzie will then run in the background without draining the battery or slowing down the phone, making it impossible to detect.

The app auto-updates, so you'll only have to access the target Android phone once to get Spyzie working. You can also uninstall it remotely with a single click. What about if you want to install Spyzie on an iOS device? Read FAQs for Non-Jailbroken Target Devices for details.

Can I use Spyzie from anywhere?

You can use Spyzie from any place and with any internet-enabled device. You need to have Spyzie installed for it to give you phone monitoring data, though. The target device will also need to be switched on and connected to the internet to transmit data. If it's not connected, you will have to wait until it is.

What Android versions is Spyzie compatible with?

You can use Spyzie with phones or tablets running on Android 4.0 and up.

Do I have to register an account with Spyzie before I can start using it?

Yes, you need a Spyzie account first. It's where installation instructions will be sent. And you need the account to access the Spyzie control panel.

Will the target Android device have a visible Spyzie icon in the app drawer?

It won't have an icon if you choose to hide it. After you've set up Spyzie, you're given the choice to hide the app from the phone and run it in stealth mode. If you choose to hide it, the Spyzie app icon disappears from the app drawer as well as the installed apps list. Spyzie will run in the background without the user knowing.

Can Spyzie be installed remotely?

That depends on the target platform. Spyzie can't be installed remotely on target Android devices. However, you'll be able to install it on target non-jailbroken iOS devices.

How do I install Spyzie on a target Android device?

It's very easy. You can use your smartphone or PC to install Spyzie. Note that you'll need brief physical access to the target device to get the app up and running.

You don't need to root the target device. Spyzie can monitor Android phones and tablets without root. You may get extra features if you root, although we don't generally recommend rooting.

First, ensure that the "Allow installs from unknown sources" option has been ticked on the target device. You'll find the option in the Android Settings menu.

Make sure Wi-Fi or mobile data is enabled on the target device. That's it! You've installed the app successfully. Log in to your Spyzie account from any other device to start monitoring.

How do I uninstall Spyzie on Android?

You can choose to uninstall Spyzie with a single click from the dashboard. Alternatively, go to Phone Settings > Security on the monitored device. Tap on Device Administrators > Update Service > Deactivate. Then, go back to the Settings menu. Here, go to Apps > Update Service. Find Spyzie and tap on Uninstall.

How can I monitor the target device?

Log in to your Spyzie account from any PC or phone web browser. You'll get access to the Spyzie control panel. You can remotely monitor the target device from here. The dashboard offers an overview of the phone activity, while the selection panel on the left of the dashboard gives you access to various features

How many devices can I monitor?

You can monitor a single device if you purchase the Premium plan. If you purchase a different plan like Family, you can monitor multiple devices. Check your plan's details. To monitor more devices, purchase a new plan.

How often does Spyzie update the monitoring log?

Spyzie updates the data log every 24 hours for target non-rooted and non-jailbroken devices. For rooted or jailbroken devices, you can choose the update frequency, which can be as little as 10 minutes.

Be aware, though, the more the update frequency, the larger the battery drain. We recommend setting the update frequency to once every half a dozen hours at the most. It's the least suspicious option.

Spyzie's [OFFICIAL] iPhone Spy App

People thought iPhone spying is impossible, Spyzie came and proved them wrong. Spyzie offers real-time iPhone spying solutions that give you access to each and every bit of data of an iPhone.

Every Possible iPhone Monitoring Feature in One App

Reviewers often hail Spyzie as the best iPhone spy app online. Here's why:

Spyzie works without having to jailbreak the target iPhone

After five-minute setups, iPhone monitoring can be done instantly, any time.

All iPhones and iPads, regardless of version, are compatible with Spyzie.

Spyzie offers countless iPhone monitoring features, usable without jailbreak.

Spyzie is 100% hidden, leaving no chance of you getting caught monitoring their phone.

Spyzie's iPhone Monitoring Features (No Jailbreak)

Location Tracker

Spyzie lets you track the live location and the location history of the user.


Read all their incoming and outgoing messages, including the deleted and unsent ones.

Call Tracker

View detailed call logs along with additional details like caller ID.


Monitor all the installed apps on their iPhone and set restrictions.

Gallery Viewer

See all the photos and videos they have on their phone.

LINE Monitor

View their LINE messages, media, and contacts.

Browser History

Track the website history of your kids. Make sure they are safe online

Calendar Viewer

Check all their calendar events and added notes on the calendar.

WhatsApp Monitor

Read all their WhatsApp messages and even see the WhatsApp media files.

Protect Your Loved Ones With Spyzie

iPhone spy app for parents

Child Monitoring

Spyzie is created by parents for parents. Parents can have a hard time protecting their kids online. Children love their privacy so it is hard to know what they do on the internet. Spyzie ends the worry of the parents by giving them all the online activities of their children, without the children finding out about it.

Children are vulnerable and innocent, which can make them prey to wrong and harmful habits. With Spyzie, parents can keep their children completely safe 24x7 by blocking any harmful content.

Employee Monitoring

Even employers make use of Spyzie to protect their company and interests. By monitoring the employee's phones, employers can make sure that the employees are always loyal to the company. If the employee is slacking off or trading company secrets, employers can learn about it before it is too late.

Spyzie even lets employers keep a check on the field employees. Spyzie's location tracking features tell employers about the actual location of the employees as well as track the location in real-time.

Spyzie Android Spy : Hidden Android Monitoring at Your Fingertips

Spyzie gives you eyes on all the activities that someone does on their phone. Be it their messages, phone calls, or anything else; with Spyzie, you can see it all.

Android Monitoring Application

Monitor target Android devices conveniently from any browser.

View all their social media activity and messages.

Track their live location and location history 24x7.

Just takes few minutes to set up for the first time.

Never get caught monitoring someone's phone.

All Android monitoring happens without needing root.

Spyzie: The All-Inclusive Android Monitoring Solution

android spy app for parents

Keep Your Children Safe

Children are never safe, especially when they are on the internet. The online world has cybercrime, online predators, and bad influences. Use Spyzie and protect your children from all of these things.

Protect Your Business

To make a business successful, you need loyal employees. However, there are always people slacking off or sharing your company's secrets with competitors. Use Spyzie to catch any such people and take action before it's late.

Spyzie’s Android & iPhone Features

Phone Call Monitoring With Spyzie

It can be quite important to find out who the person is in contact with. Spyzie's call monitor gives you exactly that. With Spyzie's phone call monitor, you can keep a tab on all the incoming and outgoing calls of the user with complete details.

Call Log Monitor- Call Spy- Phone Call Tracker

The Secret Phone Recording Application

Spyzie lets you record all the incoming and outgoing calls if you want a deeper insight into what they are talking about.

The recording feature is not just limited to phone calls; Spyzie even lets you look at their private messages, WhatsApp chats, locations, and more.

Listen to every phone call in real-time, record them for later as well.

Viewing and recording call logs is as easy as turning on a switch, through Spyzie's dashboard.

While you listen to someone's phone call, they have no idea about it because of Spyzie's stealth...

Even the most advanced features work well without asking you to root the target phone.

The Easiest Way to Track Phone Calls

Spyzie's dashboard is a single place that combines all of its features. To use the Phone Call Monitor, click on the 'Calls' tab in the dashboard. It will show you all the data organized properly.

Spyzie even analyzes the data and you can view call results on the basis of the most frequently called people. Details like call timestamps and caller ID provide more information about the calls.

Sorting through Call Logs

You have the freedom to view the call logs in any order you wish, such as sort by date, number, name, time, and a few other parameters.

The importance of call monitoring is so obvious that it needs not to be stated. There are several predators on the internet looking to take advantage of your child. Use phone call monitoring to find out if your child is talking to someone suspicious. Flag any numbers you think are dubious.

Phone call monitoring can be important for assessing employees as well. Check the call logs of the employees to find out if they are slacking off or talking to competitors behind your back. Record calls to know what they are talking about your company.

Use Spyzie's phone call monitor and track your child's and employee's phone calls in a hassle-free way. Spyzie is designed for simplicity, so you won't have any trouble using it.

The best part is that Spyzie does not leave anything to chance. If you are using Spyzie, there is no way that the target user will find out about it. Therefore, use Spyzie without any doubts at all.

Text Message Spying With Spyzie

Spyzie gives you the content of each and every text message of a person. You can read the text messages that a user sends or receives, without the user's knowledge. All that is made possible by Spyzie's high-end design for Android phones and iPhones.

Hidden Text Message Monitor

Text Message Spy

Read all their private messages without them knowing.

View the phone number information of every user who texts them.

See the iMessages of iPhones secretly.

View the deleted text messages and conversations.

Check any media files or MMS messages they have shared.

No root or jailbreak is required to read someone's messages.

Hidden Text Message Monitoring

While everyone chats on online messengers now, there was a time not long ago where SMS texting was the only communication method. Even today, people interact with SMS messages and receive important messages like OTPs. Spyzie's message monitor gives you access to all of this data.

spy on text messages with Spyzie

Child Monitoring

Children can often get in trouble, and their parents can be clueless about it. Don't be a clueless parent and always know what your child is doing, all with the help of Spyzie's Snapchat monitor.

Employee Monitoring

Employees often slack off during work hours, wasting time texting when they should be doing the job at hand. Through Spyzie, you can know if your employee is actually working or pretending to work while texting on the phone.

Check the OTPsPs

Spyzie can give you the login credentials of every platform on which your child has an account. However, even if you have your child's username and password, you also need to have the OTP. Through Spyzie's message monitor, you can view this OTP whenever your child receives it. This enables you to login into their private accounts without them knowing.

Message Monitor Without Root or Jailbreak

If you try searching for a message monitoring application, you will find that all of the working solutions ask you to root or jailbreak the target phone. However, Spyzie can flawlessly provide you with someone's private messages without asking for root or jailbreak, all thanks to its high-tech design.

Secret Message Monitoring

Spyzie has taken special steps to make sure that you never get caught reading someone's private messages. For iPhones, Spyzie can monitor the messages even without touching the target phone or installing any app on it. For Android phones, Spyzie has designed the spy app to be 100% hidden.

You just need to spend a couple of minutes setting up Spyzie. After that, you can use it instantly to read anyone's private messages. Spend two minutes and protect your child from danger. Try Spyzie today!.

Phone Location Tracking With Spyzie

With Spyzie, you can track the location of any cell phone accurately and secretly. Not only do you get to view the live location of the user, but you can also see their entire location history as well.

Track Cell Phones Remotely

Phone Location Tracker

Spyzie shows you the accurate location of a device through phone, tablet, or computer.

Spyzie is a full-fledged location tracker and monitor:

Track their GPS location with exact coordinates.

Learn about all the addresses and localities they visit.

Various views, such as 3D street view, offer more location viewing choices.

Spyzie Offers the Best Location Tracking Service

While there are many apps to track a cell phone location, there is no app as good as Spyzie. This is because Spyzie can track a phone location in secret, without the target user knowing about it. Additionally, Spyzie's location monitor comes with a lot of other features to improve functionality.

In order to use Spyzie's location monitor, you can open Spyzie's dashboard and click on the 'Locations' tab. All of Spyzie's location tracking features are available here.

Spyzie's location tracker has integrations with Google Maps. As you might know, Google Maps stores all the location history of a user. Through Spyzie, you can view all of this location history on your screen.

The location history comes with the coordinates of every past location. You can also sort through these locations based on the most recently visited, closest location, and many other filters.

track location with Spyzie

Find Out Their Location Timeline

Spyzie has come to the rescue of many parents by answering their needs. Parents often worried when their children got late from school or when they were spending too much time away from home. Now Spyzie lets you view all the places where your child has been in the past.

Children are prone to lie to their parents when they have been out partying or spending time with friends they shouldn't hang out with. Spyzie's hidden location tracker is even more important in these conditions as it can tell the parents if their kid lied to them, along with proof.

Spyzie's location tracker is not only used to protect the family but also by employers as well. Employers use it to make sure that their employees are actually on the work at hand, whether it is on the field or at the office. If an employee is sneaking out during work hours or not doing fieldwork effectively, employers can find out about it using Spyzie.

An added benefit of Spyzie comes in the form of tracking a lost phone or stolen phone. Spyzie always keeps the track of a phone location, so you can always know where it is. Even if someone steals your phone, they cannot find out about Spyzie on the phone.

Spyzie becomes the perfect location tracker due to its awesome features, stealth design, and no jailbreak or root requirement. Sign up for Spyzie today!

Location Tracking Without Root or Jailbreak

There are a few other apps that can track a phone location secretly. However, all of them ask you to root or jailbreak the target phone. Yet, Spyzie makes no such demand. It can track any phone location secretly without asking you to root or jailbreak it.

Check Their Live Location Secretly in Real-Time

With Spyzie, you can track the location of a phone without the phone owner knowing about it. This is because Spyzie has created its phone monitoring solution to be completely quiet. For iPhones, Spyzie can monitor its location without touching it or installing any app on it. For Android phones, Spyzie has created its location tracker app to be 100% hidden.

Geofence Tracking With Spyzie

Geofence Alert

Create virtual boundaries for their location, get alerts if they cross it.

Spyzie lets you set forbidden zones and allowed zones in a virtual map for the device's location. If the device enters these zones, you get an alert.

You can create as many zones as you like.

Spyzie alerts you immediately when they cross it.

You can also see the device's movements in real-time.

Geofence set up is easy as pie

Once you have Spyzie up and running, you do not need any other application or hardware to use it. Spyzie runs from any device through the web browser.

In order to use Spyzie, you just have to log in to your Spyzie dashboard. Logging into Spyzie gives you access to the Spyzie dashboard. The geofence feature is present here on the left-hand side.

You can set the geofence boundaries on a virtual map. When the device enters the forbidden zone or leaves the allowed zones, you get alerted with the timestamps of the exit and entry.

Geofence Offers Benefits You Never Imagined

While geofencing is an uncommon feature absent in most phone monitors, its benefits are too obvious to miss. For one thing, geofencing is an automated feature and you won't have to spend time staring at the screen.

Parents can not always track the live location of their children because they have to work and take care of other chores. So how do they make sure their kid is safe at school? Geofencing turns out to be helpful in this regard by keeping eyes on their kid even when the parents are busy.

Employers also find this feature to be quite useful. They can set a geofence around their office for their employees. When any employee crosses this geofence during work hours, the employer can know about it.

Rooting or Jailbreaking Not Required

People are reluctant to root or jailbreak a phone as it can damage a phone, ruin it completely, or make it vulnerable to hackers. Therefore, Spyzie is a big relief as it works without asking for root or jailbreak.

Stealth Geofencing

Regardless of which Spyzie feature you use, including the geofence feature, the target user will have no clue about it. While Spyzie sends you alerts every time they cross the geofence, the phone's owner will not find out

Secret Facebook Spy ing with Spyzie

Facebook is as important as food for many people (for some, even more). Imagine all the secrets that you can find in someone's private Facebook chats. Spyzie gives you exactly this information.

Spyzie lets you spy on Facebook Messages Easily

Facebook Messenger Spy App

With Spyzie, you can see their private Facebook chats, media files, and more.

Spyzie even shows you the people they chat with on Facebook:

View all of their Facebook conversations.

See all the pictures and videos they send or receive.

Check the Facebook profile of the people they chat with.

Best Way to Read Someone's Facebook Messages Secretly

Spyzie is unmatchable when it comes to reading someone's private Facebook messages. Not only it gets you their Facebook messages without them knowing, but the process also works without asking you to root or jailbreak the target device.

Spyzie's configuration takes just about five minutes for the first time. After that, you can access their Facebook data instantly at any time using Spyzie's dashboard. On the dashboard page, you can find the Facebook Monitor present under the 'Social Media Apps' tab.

You get to see as much of their private Facebook data as they can see themselves. This includes their messages, pictures, videos, and even the people they chat with. It is just as if you have logged into their Facebook account yourself.

To give you additional details, all the messages come with timestamps. Spyzie even shows you the Facebook messages and chats that they have deleted.

Search for Red Flags Using Spyzie's Facebook Monitor

Spyzie's Facebook monitor can reveal the darkest deepest secrets about people. Therefore you can protect your loved ones and your relationship with them using Spyzie.

Facebook spy

Rooting or Jailbreaking Not Required

There is hardly any Facebook monitor that works this well. Even the few working Facebook spy apps ask you to root or jailbreak the target device in order to work. However, Spyzie can give you all their data without asking you to root or jailbreak the target device.

Monitor Facebook Securely

Data security is a big concern nowadays as users feature their private data might be stolen if an app has weak security. This is why Spyzie uses the best encryption measures in the world. In fact, Spyzie does not store any of your private data on its servers at all. It is only visible to you on your system. Even Spyzie's own team cannot access this data.

Monitoring Employees' Facebook Activity

Private Facebook messages of your employees will reveal what your employees talk about your company. You can also know if they are being scouted by your competitors or if they are involved in anything illegal.

Additionally, insider information trading has become a big cause of worry for employers. By using Spyzie, they can make sure that they are well protected from this threat.

Monitoring Children's Facebook Activity

For parents, the importance of using Facebook monitoring service is utmost. Nowadays every kid is getting on Facebook regardless of their age. Therefore, parents can use the Facebook monitor to make sure the child is not in any bad influence.

Everyone is aware that Facebook has a lot of online predators on the platform. There are cybercriminals that look forward to exploiting innocent and vulnerable people, especially children. Therefore, the Facebook monitor is going to keep your child protected against them.

Due to the quality of service that Spyzie offers, millions of users globally trust Spyzie to protect what matters. Join the community today before it is too late!

WhatsApp Spy ing With Spyzie

WhatsApp is the most popular chatting application in the world. Your child is on WhatsApp, your neighbors are on WhatsApp, and anyone else you can think of is on WhatsApp too. Therefore, Spyzie's WhatsApp spy feature can be a lifesaver to protect your loved ones from inappropriate online content.

Spy on WhatsApp Remotely With Spyzie

WhatsApp Spy

Read all the private WhatsApp conversations of the user.

View their entire WhatsApp activity at your fingertips:

See their private chats and their group messages.

View any pictures or videos they share on WhatsApp.

Check their WhatsApp contacts, along with the profile picture.

Read their private WhatsApp data without root or jailbreak.

Find Their Darkest Secrets With WhatsApp Spying

Your kids might be keeping a lot of secrets from you. However, they obviously share all their secrets with someone or the other on WhatsApp. With Spyzie's WhatsApp spy, you now have answers to all your questions about your child's behavior.

In case someone is harassing, bullying, or blackmailing your child, you can learn about it through Spyzie's WhatsApp spy. This feature has helped countless parents in protecting their kids, you can be one of them too!

The benefit of WhatsApp tracking is not just limited to parents. The law allows employers to track the phone data of their employees. With WhatsApp spying, employers can learn all about their employee's activities, including any slacking off or sharing work secrets.

Once you use Spyzie, you will be surprised that WhatsApp spying could be this unbelievably easy. Try Spyzie today and use all of its features right away!

Secure Way to Spy on WhatsApp

Spyzie is a secure and easy way to read someone's WhatsApp messages. You just have to spend a couple of minutes configuring Spyzie, and there is nothing else needed.

When you have completed the Spyzie setup, you get access to your Spyzie account where all of its features are available. The WhatsApp spy feature is present under the 'Social Media Apps' tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

The WhatsApp monitor of Spyzie works in real-time. This means that the messages are updated as soon as the user sends or receives them.

Spyzie even shows you the messages and chats that they have deleted. All messages are archived giving you the option to download the message logs on your device

Spy on WhatsApp Without Root or Jailbreak

There are a few other WhatsApp spy apps available online. However, they make it mandatory to root or jailbreak the target device in order to work. Spyzie makes no such demands and it can work entirely without needing root or jailbreak!

Secret WhatsApp Spying

Spyzie has created its phone monitoring solution to be completely hidden. Therefore, you can comfortably read their WhatsApp messages at any time and they will never know about it, all thanks to Spyzie's stealth mode for iPhones and Android phones.

Snapchat Spy ing With Spyzie

Snapchat is becoming quite popular today, especially due to the vanishing text and picture features that it offers. Spyzie makes sure that the user has no Snapchat messages or pictures to hide, even if they vanish from their phone.

Snapchat Monitoring Without Them Knowing

Spyzie Snapchat Spy

Read their Snapchat chats on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Spyzie shows you each and every little thing they do on Snapchat

View all the messages they send or receive on Snapchat.

Even if they delete a chat or a message, you can still view it.

View their Snapchat contacts and groups they interact with.

Look at each and every picture and video they share on Snapchat.

Remote Snapchat Spying With Spyzie

While Snapchat is used to hide text messages and media files, nothing is ever hidden from Spyzie. Spyzie shows you each and everything that the user does on their Snapchat account, even if it vanishes or deletes.

When you have finished the Spyzie configuration process, you can access the Spyzie dashboard at any time by logging into your Spyzie account. The Snapchat Monitor is present under the 'Social Media Apps' tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

You can find all the information about their Snapchat conversations in this tab. You can view their contacts and the messages they have sent or received. You also get to see their private Snapchat photos and video files.

Snapchat spy

Don't Underestimate Snapchat Spying

In case your child is spending too much time on their phone, the Snapchat spy is a must-try feature of Spyzie. More often than not, children spend hours being busy on Snapchat. It is not quite uncommon for them to talk to strangers.

Strangers on Snapchat are not always the nice and friendly kind. Many of them are cyberbullies, and many of them are online predators. You need to keep your child safe from each and every one of them, so Spyzie's Snapchat spy is the perfect answer.

Spyzie's hidden Snapchat monitor is a feature that is quite hard to find, especially without rooting or jailbreaking. Create a Spyzie account today!

Spy on Snapchat Without Root or Jailbreak

There are not many apps that can show you someone's private Snapchat data, let alone do it without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. However, Spyzie makes it possible due to its top-notch design and features.

Secret Snapchat Monitoring With Spyzie

Spyzie places special focus on stealth so you never get caught while monitoring someone's Snapchat data. No matter whether you are reading Snapchat messages of an iPhone or an Android phone, the phone owner will never know about it. For iPhones, Spyzie does not even require access to the target iPhone. For Android phones, Spyzie's phone spy app is 100% hidden.

Instagram Spy ing with Spyzie

Instagram has become the new Facebook of this era. Everyone is on Instagram, and everyone shares each life moment on it. Imagine what if you could view all their private pictures and Instagram DMs? Spyzie gives you exactly that.

Instagram Spy App

View Their Private Instagram Messages Instantly

See all the messages they send and receive on Instagram.

View the people with whom they chat on Instagram.

Track their followers and the people they follow.

View the media files that they share on Instagram.

With Spyzie, you have complete access to their private Instagram data

Spyzie gives you as much access to someone's Instagram as they themselves enjoy. You can view each and every message they receive or send. Even if they delete an Instagram chat, you can still see every message of the chat through Spyzie.

Spyzie's Instagram monitoring features can be used from the Instagram monitor, present under the 'Social Media Apps' tab on the dashboard. You get access to Spyzie's dashboard after you have configured Spyzie based on the target device

Instagram monitor lets you view the messages of the target user in real-time. This means that even if they are chatting right now, you can view their new messages simultaneously. By default, the Instagram monitor shows you 10 messages per page. You can adjust this number based on your preference...

Spyzie has an auto-archive feature and it archives all its messages automatically. This gives you the freedom to download their messages if you like. You can also view their messages at any time later, even if they delete them.

Instagram spy

Instagram Spying- The Need of the Hour

There were several people searching for an Instagram monitoring tool, and Spyzie gave them a solution to the problem. Instagram monitoring is a much-needed feature and countless people all over the world have started using it already.

Parental Monitoring

Parents are the primary users of Spyzie and its Instagram monitoring feature. Most parents are concerned about their kids spending too much time online. God knows what they share on their Instagram publicly and privately through messaging. Spyzie now helps parents in finding out exactly what their kid is up to.

View Their Instagram Gallery

Spyzie tells you who your child talks to on Instagram. Not only that, but you can also find out the messages they are sending and receiving with any person. If your child is sharing private pictures with strangers, Spyzie can help you in putting a stop to it before it is too late.

The best part is that you do not have to be a tech genius to use Spyzie. Anyone can use Spyzie regardless of what expertise level they have. All you need is to spend a couple of minutes on the first-time setup. After that, you can access their Instagram account instantly at any time!

No Root or Jailbreak Needed

When it comes to Instagram Spying, there is nothing better than you can get than Spyzie. Spyzie can crack an Instagram account without asking you to root or jailbreak the target device. There is hardly any other app that can accomplish this.

Hidden Instagram Spying through Spyzie

When you are reading someone's private Instagram messages through Spyzie, there is no chance that the target user will find out about it. This is because Spyzie is designed keeping stealth in mind. No matter whether the user is using an Android phone or an iPhone, Spyzie is able to spy on their Instagram messages without them knowing.

Viber Spy ing With Spyzie

Viber is a quite popular messaging and video calling application. Do you know that you can view someone's Viber chats and media files remotely, just by using Spyzie?

Spyzie's Secret Viber Spy

Viber Messenger Spy

Read all the private and group chats of Viber.

Keep track of their entire Viber activity secretly:

View their Viber messages and chat history.

See any media files that they have shared on Viber.

View any chats or messages that they have deleted.

View their Viber contacts and groups they have joined.

Safe Viber Spying With Spyzie

Viber is a major messenger platform in today's world and there is a high chance your child might be using it. Through Spyzie, you can find out what your child exactly does on Spyzie. You will know who they talk to and what they talk about, all with the help of Spyzie.

If your child is talking to a stranger or a suspicious person on Viber, you can find out about it using Spyzie. You can also learn if your child is sharing or receiving any inappropriate photos or videos on Viber

You can also know if your child is making video calls to anyone they shouldn't talk to. If anyone is troubling your kid or bullying them, Spyzie helps you in catching them too

Spyzie gives peaceful nights to countless parents. Join the Spyzie community today!

Hidden Viber Spying Remotely

Spyzie gives you access to all of their private Viber messages from any corner of the world. All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes configuring Spyzie, that too under Spyzie's guidance.

When you have completed Spyzie's setup, you can access the Viber spying feature at any time instantly. The Viber Spy is present under the 'Social Media Apps' tab on the left side of the dashboard...

The Viber chat logs come with details such as timestamps for each message. You can also see the contact information for any particular chat. While you are reading their Viber logs, the phone owner will have no idea about it.

Viber Spying Without Root or Jailbreak

Spyzie has gone the extra mile and taken technology up a level by providing Viber spying features without rooting or jailbreaking. There is hardly any other application in the world that can promise you this.

100% Hidden Viber Message Spying

Spyzie is designed to be completely hidden, whether you are spying on an Android phone or an iPhone. For iPhones, Spyzie can track its data without even touching the phone at all. For Android phones, Spyzie needs one-time phone access to install the special hidden Android spy app.

Monitor Browser History With Spyzie

Internet is useful, but it also has a plethora of pages that your child should NEVER visit. Find out about your child's online activities and the web pages they visit through Spyzie.

Track Browser History

Browser History Tracker

Monitor the Browser History of Any Device.

Check what they view on the internet

Keep track of their favorite websites.

Spzyie gives you a description of each website.

Check added details such as visit frequency, bookmarks, and more.

One-Click Access to Browser History

Spyzie needs to configure just for the first time use. The configuration process lasts for only about five minutes or so. Once Spyzie is configured, you can access their browser history at any time through the Spyzie dashboard.

When you have configured Spyzie, you can use Spyzie's features through the Spyzie dashboard. The browser history monitor can be found on the left-hand side of the dashboard among its other features.

The browser history monitor not only shows you the websites they visit but also gives added details as well. For example, you can see how many times they visit any website. You can also view the bookmarks they have saved and the date and time of the visit.

All of their browser histories are stored on your personalized dashboard. Therefore, even if they delete their browser history, you can still view it. In fact, you can even download the browser history logs if you wish.

The browser history monitor of Spyzie works in real-time. Therefore, you can see the websites that the user is visiting even right now. The data is updated every second whenever the target user is connected to the internet.

browser history

Learn Their Darkest Secrets Through Browser History Monitor

The browsing history of a person can give you details about them that nothing else can. You can see where their interests lie and if they are into anything harmful for them. You can protect them from these things before they end up in trouble.

Parents make the most benefit from the browser history monitoring feature. It can tell them if there is something to worry about concerning their child's behavior. If their child is into wrong activities, the parents can correct them before it is too late.

Internet is full of cybercrime and things like the blue whale challenge, which can be a serious threat to the safety of children. Parents can block all these things from a child's visibility radius through Spyzie's website history monitor.

Even when the parents are busy, Spyzie is still keeping an eye on the child's browsing history and protecting them. Therefore, if you are a parent, you should start using Spyzie right away!

Rooting or Jailbreaking Not Required

There are a few other apps that can offer browser history monitoring. However, when you try them out, you will be asked to root or jailbreak the target device. Here is where Spyzie offers things differently. Using Spyzie's Browser History Monitor does not require you to root or jailbreak the target phone.

Hidden Browser History Tracking

All of Spyzie's features, including the browser history monitoring, works in complete stealth. This means that you can view their entire history logs and they will have no idea about it. In fact, you can even block their access to any website without them finding out about it.

Pricing Plans Spyzie

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Basic:$49.99 / Month

Premium: $69.99 / Month

Family:$89.99 / Month

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