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Telegram Hack App
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When it comes to hacking Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social networks, hackers offer several solutions. Today, in this article, to raise people's awareness in this field, we will explain some common methods of hacking Telegram so that you can protect your Telegram from hackers.

Hacking the Telegram server:

The first method, which is the most difficult method and no one has been able to hack anyone with this method, is to find a security bug in the Telegram server. The Telegram server is where all account details, as well as all messages (except Secret Chats), are stored. According to Telegram, the secret chats are encrypted from the sender's device and then opened in the recipient's device, and these messages are not stored anywhere except the device of the two parties.

You have probably heard by now that Telegram has held many contests that if someone can hack the Telegram server in any way, great rewards will be awarded to the hacker. This is enough for us to know that hacking the telegram is impossible, and if it were possible, the world's biggest hackers would have done it and received the reward.

Our goal in explaining this strategy further was to conclude that the possibility of hacking Telegram in this way is very low, and if a hacker does this, he will most likely use this information to sell for Bitcoin or Atrium in special markets.

Telegram Hack App

Hacking Telegram with Phishing:

In this method, which is called Phishing, the hacker creates a fake website or app that is very similar to the Telegram login page and with excuses asks you to enter your phone number and verification code and so on. Access your account. When you enter your phone number, the hacker sends the number to the main Telegram service, and a message is sent to you with the access code, and the hacker reads that code before you and logs in with it and accesses your account.

To prevent your Telegram account from being hacked this way, always make sure that the address at the top of your browser page is or before entering your phone number, and that the HTTPS-related lock mark is also green.

Hacking Telegram Using a Fake App:

In this solution, the hacker introduces a fake app that you can install. Usually, Telegram apps such as Android, iOS, and desktop are open source, and this allows hackers to get the Telegram Android code, for example, and after making changes to it, a copy of all your chats will be sent to another server.

Sometimes hackers even create a version of the software that has more features than the original version to encourage users to install the non-original version, for example, the background image can be replaced or provide users with more default stickers.

Method 4 - Hacking Telegram Using Trojan and Keylogger :

In this method, a file is sent to your mobile or computer system, which can be game or other application software. You may install and run this software or game and you are satisfied with its performance, but during the installation, the software asks you for permission to access the private parts of your mobile phone. You also issue this permission regardless of the text and the software. Then this software starts recording and sending all the buttons that you press on your phone or keyboard. The software that does this is called a Trojan or Keylogger .

In this method, in fact, Telegram is not hacked and your phone is under control, of course, when you enter Telegram, all your activities will be recorded and sent.

To avoid being hacked this way, before installing the software, even the ones you downloaded from Google Play, check the permissions it asks you to make sure that it does not require additional access than usual. Antiviruses are very good at detecting keyloggers and trojans, so be sure to install a strong antivirus on your phone or laptop.

Hacking Telegram using PLC SPY software:

Plc spy software is a remote phone-hacking tool that is designed and released to control and monitor children under 18 years of age. plc spy actually hacks your child's phone and has nothing to do with the telegram server. But by hacking through this program, you can access all the information on your child's phone, including photos and videos in the gallery, SMS list, contact list, location, as well as your child's telegram messages.

The use of social engineering:

Some may think this is not a telegram hacking method at all, but you should know that social engineering or the clever abuse of a person's natural desire to trust is a method that is widely used by hackers today. In this way, hackers gain your trust by sending emails or telegram messages, or even phone calls and receive information from you that they can use to hack you directly or indirectly.

Hacking Telegram remotely without access:

In this way, your telegram is not actually hacked, but your phone or computer is hacked and then they access the telegram and much other information on your phone. Using this method is not everyone's job and requires high knowledge and skills, but professional programmers today have designed and offered programs that have only a phone number and a little other information that any software according to the design of the program the author requests that people with little knowledge can also hack other people's phones.

Of course, do not worry that anyone can hack your phone number, because these applications usually ask for other information such as mobile phone number or Apple ID on Apple phones from the person who wants to hack you. So take care of all your personal information and your phone. You can also install a good firewall to prevent hacking with this method, which is actually responsible for securing your device's ports.


If we want to say how this software and hackers work, we must say that hackers use security vulnerability in the telecommunication system that exists all over the world and hack your phone through the mobile network. In this article, we explained the methods of hacking Telegram and ways to prevent it. We hope you find this article useful.