The finest smartphone brands for anti-spyware protection

The finest smartphone brands for anti-spyware protection
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Identifying the most trustworthy smartphone manufacturers:

Learn which phone manufacturers are the most impermeable to espionage in order to keep your personal information protected. We examine smartphones from manufacturers who place a high value on their customers' privacy, such as Apple, BlackBerry, and Black phone, as well as other manufacturers.

In 2018, personal data privacy is a major topic of discussion. Because almost everyone has at least one mobile device, mobile phone security should be a key priority for policymakers. People use cell phones on a daily basis, whether at home, at work, on vacation, or virtually anywhere else in the world. Users can send and receive messages and images, make phone calls, and interact with one another through social networking sites such as Facebook. Consider how much information is transferred throughout the day and what may happen if someone got their hands on it for themselves.

To protect yourself, familiarize yourself with the phone brands that are the most difficult to track down through monitoring. We looked at items from companies that place a high value on the privacy of their customers' personal information. In terms of preventing end-users from being spied on, the following are some of the most successful smartphone models in recent history.

The finest smartphone brands for anti-spyware protection

What makes a phone impervious to eavesdropping is unknown.

If you were hoping to see household names like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, or LG on this list, we've got some bad news for you: you won't be seeing any of them. All smartphone models from A-brand manufacturers do not have data protection features that are optimized. The lone exception to this rule is BlackBerry, which is a mobile operating system.

An additional problem is that there is no simple answer to the question "Which phone is the most secure against keyloggers and other spy apps?" If a device is connected to a public network, it is at risk of being compromised. If you want to avoid being spied on, the most straightforward approach is to avoid using a phone at all, or at the very least a smartphone.

If you are not ready to make such a huge change in your life, you may want to look at our list of the best secure phones instead of making the leap.

In order to get started, it's critical to realize that there are two types of phone manufacturers. The first category includes companies that manufacture phones for the mass market. Some are more concerned with the security of the end-user than others, and this is reflected in their work. As an illustration:

Apple iPhone

Samsung Galaxy s22

Huawei P20,

LG G7, and other models

Secondly, a phone maker that places a high value on the security of the data that consumers transfer over the phone is a good example of this. They design and manufacture specialized phones that are equipped with data encryption technology. As an illustration:

BlackBerry DTEK60 Turing Phone, BlackBerry Blackphone 2, and additional models are available.

A device belonging to the second group is most often found in the hands of government agencies, entrepreneurs, and other individuals who seek confidence that information will only be received by the designated receiver.

The French government, for example, responded to the outcry created by Snowden's data collected through listening to the phones of Presidents Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Francois Hollande by placing an order for 14,000 highly secure military cryptography mobile phones from Thales.

In Germany, the government purchased 5,000 cellphones that were outfitted with 256-bit encryption and secure message routing, as well as a special microSD card that gives further protection against being spied on by other parties. This smartphone is available for purchase for € 2 500.

Prices, like phones themselves, are usually one-of-a-kind. This is especially true for expenses. Because of this, it is vital to comprehend why you will be using the telephone:

If your smartphone will be used exclusively for internet connection, or if it will be used in conjunction with a SIM card, tell us about your plans.

You want to achieve one of the following goals above all things: virus protection, personal privacy, or something else.

Is biometric security more important to you than a more straightforward technology?

For a well-protected device, be prepared to spend more money than you would for a more basic model and to accept some limitations.

Anti-spyware protection on smartphones from the best smartphone brands

Aspects that are important to each smartphone maker differ; some are more concerned with privacy, while others use secure boot and encryption to protect users from viruses and spying programs. Certain companies have a wealth of features, but these phones are prohibitively expensive.

Although it's important to remember that the most expensive phone is not always the finest, At the end of the day, everything is established by the user and his or her expectations for security. For your convenience, we've produced a shortlist of the top five most secure smartphones available.

620 Euros for the Blackphone 2. (SilentCircle)

Because of its various security layers, this is unquestionably one of the most well-known office phones available today. The Blackphone is designed to be compatible with a wide range of operating systems. The Blackphone 2 has recently received praise for its attention to security details in its design.


In addition to the Android operating system, the Blackphone 2 includes its own operating system known as Private OS or Silent OS. Because it was designed with privacy in mind, this mechanism is the phone's most significant asset. In order to accomplish this, it has a large number of features. They allow the Blackphone 2 to encrypt all SMS messages and programs that are used for communication on the device.

Additionally, it has the capability of encrypting active calls, making them untraceable. Also available is the ability to administer each program separately, as well as offer each application a unique authorization to access the data stored on your phone.


The Private OS/Silent OS phone supports application pre-loading, which implies that applications can be launched in a controlled environment before being used. This gives the user the ability to pick which information to share with others.

One of the most exciting elements of Private OS is the ability to create "Spaces." This is one of the most intriguing features of Private OS. This allows you to create virtual environments that are self-contained and can function independently. For example, you may quickly save your photographs and other sensitive material in a separate "Space" to ensure that they are kept safe and protected. You can then designate a different "Space" if you need to use your phone to browse the web on the go. The data stored in other "Spaces" on your device is not compromised if your device is compromised.

DTEK60 costs 340 euros (BlackBerry)

BlackBerry is our flagship brand, and it is also one of the most well-known security-focused companies in the world, according to Forbes. Not all models, on the other hand, are adequately safeguarded. As of 2018, just one BlackBerry model, the DTEK60, is exclusively dedicated to security and fully compliant with all applicable standards.

The phone is powered by a customized version of the Android operating system, which incorporates many features aimed at improving the security of the device. Because BlackBerry handsets run on a customized Android operating system, they are significantly more secure than devices from Samsung, LG, or other manufacturers.


When it comes to corporate customers, BlackBerry has always been a popular choice, and one major feature of this phone is that the manufacturer provides upgrades as soon as severe issues are detected. These upgrades are available to all BlackBerry smartphones.

Because of this, the DTEK60 was designed to withstand any adjustments made by hackers or malicious software. Despite the fact that this 2018 smartphone runs on an ancient version of Android, it has a remarkable safe-boot routine that is worth mentioning.

This phone comes with an integrated application with a user-friendly design that gives the user an overview of the device and allows them to keep track of software upgrades that are being made. If the smartphone identifies strange behavior, it will prevent it from occurring and tell the user of the situation.

The BlackBerry DTEK60 is a good choice if you place a high emphasis on privacy and the protection of your personal information, which is especially true given its inexpensive price.

860 Euros – Turing Telephone

Turing is considered to be one of the most secure and safe methods currently accessible. The most significant downside is the price. The nearly 1,000 euro price tag, on the other hand, is justified because you will receive not only a well-protected device but also a superb smartphone in exchange.

Confidentiality and security are important considerations.

Initially, the Turing Phone ran on a customized version of Android, but the company later switched to the Sailfish operating system developed by the Finnish startup Jolla.

The device was designed from the beginning with the goal of protecting the user's data from cyber-threats. It is equipped with all of the modules and sensors necessary for a modern phone, with an emphasis on secure Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth connectivity as well as 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth.

With its Linux-based operating system, Sailfish OS prioritizes security over appearance, resulting in a device that is less visually appealing. Instead of providing convenience, it offers Mer Standard, which enables the user to move the operating system to other devices if necessary.

It's worth noting that the operating system is free and open-source, which is advantageous to both users and programmers. Additionally, it allows the user to interact with the phone through gestures. The user interface, on the other hand, is closed source, which helps to secure the phone's security. Users can share and operate with programs while still keeping their privacy and security thanks to the operating system.

After taking pre-orders for the new model in 2016, Turing began shipping devices to customers in two stages: the first was mailed out immediately after the pre-order was placed, and the second was shipped out after production was done. Customers were able to make use of a phone until their pre-ordered phone was delivered to their location. A wise decision that indicated the company's dedication to long-term client relationships, was made.

Normally, encrypted gadgets are unassuming; nevertheless, the design of this phone distinguishes it from the rest of the pack. Aside from that, the materials used to make the phone are substantially more durable than aluminum, which is a common material used in the construction of consumer electronics. The usage of this premium type of communication by businesspeople and politicians is a trustworthy and secure method of contact.

There is a proprietary connector, similar to Apple's lightning port, that is meant to be used not only to connect a charger but also to attach headphones to the device. You can make your own judgment on whether this is a positive or negative development, but it is unique.

Which operating system is more secure: the Android or the iOS operating system?

The security measures provided by Android 8.0 Oreo and Apple iOS 11 should be taken into consideration if you are not interested in using a specialist smartphone and are on the lookout for a new phone. These statistics pertain to malware threats against mobile operating systems in 2018, and they are as follows:

Android is responsible for 79 percent of all faults reported.

iOS is the source of 19 percent of all problems.

The remaining items are available on all other platforms as well.

To be completely true, we should say that Android and iOS are the world's two most popular operating systems, respectively. However, just because their opponents are less visible does not imply that they are inherently better than they are. The competitors just have fewer customers; in order to choose the finest alternative, you should look into devices other than Android or iOS.

"Are iPhones running the iOS operating system more secure and safe than Android phones?" you might think. Apple products are considered to be safer than other electronic devices, and this is true. Right out of the gate, iOS is the clear winner of this competition. Android is a close second. Although this system can be improved, it is a closed system and cannot be improved further.

Android devices are more vulnerable to security breaches right out of the box than iPhones. As a result, the vast majority of espionage software runs more smoothly on Android devices. You may, on the other hand, improve the performance of your gadget by installing specialist apps and configuring it correctly.

It is still possible to utilize a user-removable battery on Android devices in 2018, which is one of the fundamental advantages of using Android devices. Nobody will be able to track your location or listen in on your surroundings if your phone is completely turned off. Almost all iPhones do not have a replaceable battery. This means that even if your gadget is turned off, it can still be recorded and tracked by third parties.

Which smartphone is the safest on the market today?

In today's market, there are many different types of phones. Smartphones with differing levels of security are available on the market. If you simply want to be protected against malware, go ahead and acquire a flagship device from an A-brand such as Google, Apple, or Samsung, as these companies are known for releasing updates on a consistent basis.

Consider the items on our list above if you want to protect information about your company or if you work in a government profession where information security is vital.

Purchase a phone and have it customized by a security company is another alternative. To protect your information, the company will install proprietary software on your computer. If you want to do it yourself, you can do it; but, you must exercise extreme caution because certain "protectors" or special software may contain viruses. By following these simple steps, you may increase the level of security on your iOS, Android, or another smartphone.

When discussing information security, we must also acknowledge that it is vital for all smart devices, not only smartphones and that we must treat them as such. Choose the most secure smartphone model available, but you will lose access to your data stored on your Windows or Mac OS computer if you do.

There is nothing you can do to ensure your own security and safety. If you pay attention to this topic and are concerned about the privacy of your personal data, you can make your smartphone more secure.