The most effective program for keeping track of staff

The most effective program for keeping track of staff
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In the event that you're in charge of a team, you're probably asking how to keep track of your colleagues' progress. They are free to be away from work, engage in other hobbies, or even take a nap while on the job! The answer to this query is to make use of employee monitoring tools. A list of the five best employee monitoring programs has been assembled on this page for your convenience.

The most effective program for keeping track of staff

What is an employee monitoring software, and how does it work? What is employee monitoring software?

Computers will be used in nearly every workplace by 2022, according to estimates. Construction employees, like everyone else, utilize computers. Aside from that, employees are provided with smartphones or tablets. It is possible to monitor their actions using any of the gadgets listed above. You can find out what your team did and when they did it, whether you do it openly or discreetly. With today's apps, you can even find out where they were at the time!

Employee monitoring software is available for download and installation on the following operating systems:

Personal computers or laptops that run Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS are included.

Smartphones or tablets running Android or iOS are supported.

The first stage is to establish a relationship with the client.

Create a free online account by filling out the form below: Fill in your e-mail address and a new password if you have one.

2. Download and install the best phone tracking application from your internet account.

Step 3: You can access all of your recorded data and phone calls using your online account.

The fact that this collection of devices allows you to monitor 90–95 percent of individuals in developed countries such as the United States of America or Germany, and 60–70 percent of people in developing countries such as India or Turkey, may come as a surprise. The following percentages represent the number of people who own portable electronic devices.

Following installation, you will be able to track the following information:

As soon as the user made use of the gadget; In what ways did the user interact with the system;

There is also a plethora of additional material available.

You have complete control over how you intend to employ it. For example, you can use the software to determine when a certain employee entered or exited the company's facilities. Additionally, you can gather information on the number of calls made, to whom they were made, and so on. All of this presents a significant opportunity for human resource management and the development of more efficient company operations, among other things.

Employee monitoring software can be used in a covert or overt manner, depending on the situation. Each option has a number of advantages as well as negatives to consider.

Covert monitoring, for example, can be used to identify and prevent infractions of company policy. The awareness that he is being watched causes an individual to strive to improve his performance and comply with all applicable standards and rules.

Complicated situations might arise even under the guidance of a qualified professional. For example, a worker may notice a decrease in motivation to do their job duties. If your good employees perceive that you do not trust them, they may become enraged. Because of this, you must create a balance between worker independence and supervisory oversight.

You have the option of monitoring employees openly or discreetly. The following are the top five employee monitoring software applications available today. The majority of them are capable of operating in both modes, showing that they are ubiquitous in their use. We've tried them all and have our own thoughts on them to share with you.


Designed to keep track of every activity, SPY24 is a surveillance tool that can be used to keep track of anything. Not only is it compatible with PCs, but it is also compatible with cellphones! Because even if you monitor your employees' internet activities in 2022, your team may waste time in other ways, such as by utilizing their phones, which is crucial in the year 2022. With SPY24, you can track people much more successfully than you can with any other piece of software on the market.

The software's advantages include the capacity to track several devices at the same time, as well as the ability to track a variety of different sorts of data:

Among the activities tracked include phone calls, web browsing, SMS transmissions, messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat, and location-based services.

Consider the following: with SPY24, you can track when your employee made a phone call, when he used a browser, and which websites he visited while on the job.

Location tracking is a wonderful tool for keeping an eye on your employees. You can use it in conjunction with your internal systems to keep track of when employees arrive and depart from the workplace. It's a simple and transparent way to keep track of where and when your employees were. It is possible to identify whether or not the individual arrived at the office on time, for example.

When it comes to tracking messengers, there are two advantages. You can tell whether your employees are working or speaking with one another, and you can tell whether an employee is communicating with one of your competitors through a monitoring system.

Using the SPY24 application, you can monitor employees in complete secrecy if that is what you like; alternatively, your team members will be aware that you are watching them. Simply turn on Stealth mode and spy on them without drawing their attention to yourself.

The practice of secretly spying on employees has a lot of advantages. If your staff are not aware that they are being watched, they will act in a natural manner. If you follow them down and alert them of your location, you will only see what they want you to see. Being monitored by your employer is not necessarily a bad thing, as knowing that your boss is watching you may encourage you to work more efficiently. They may, on the other hand, make an attempt to swindle you.

When utilizing SPY24, it is impossible to be misled by members of staff. Whatever they try (for example, through the use of a VPN or mobile Internet), you will be able to access all of the information they seek. Additionally, you have the ability to monitor the screens of their devices!

All collected information is maintained in the Control Panel, which allows for simple management of both personal and monitored information. To store information for an extended period of time, you can download it, such as your call history, and store it in the cloud.

This is the best application that will be released in the year 2022. Following that, we'll go over some premium and free alternatives. Even if you choose one of these options, you must always return to SPY24 because it is an incredible solution that allows you to monitor employees in real-time.

For the final grade, I received a 9/10. Hoverwarch is a tool that we recommend to anyone who is interested in tracking their activity across different platforms, including PCs and mobile devices.


Teramind is one of the most effective employee monitoring software programs now available on the market. Despite the fact that this program is limited to monitoring personal computers, it is at the top of our list.

Teramind's key benefit is that it not only collects data but also independently analyses it! It's especially helpful if you manage a large team (more than 100 people), because Teramind eliminates the need for you to check everything on a daily basis.

All of the information has been obtained and assessed; all that is required is that you read a brief report. If necessary, you can enable notifications to show only when specific rules are violated, preventing them from appearing at all. Those regulations have been established by you. As an illustration:

Turn off your computer in advance.

An employee's extended absence; no phone calls made during the day; and so on and so forth

All of this helps you to automate and optimize the monitoring of employee activity levels. Teramind achieved the runner-up position on our ranking as a result of this.

The ultimate score was an 8 out of 10. For large teams and anyone wishing to optimize their monitoring process, this solution is highly suggested for consideration.


It is well-known that ActivTrak is a workforce monitoring solution. We came up numerous references to and evaluations of ActivTrak throughout the course of our investigation. The vast majority of them were in support of it.

The software stores all of the information in the cloud. A similar statement may be made about Teramind, which features an analyze feature. However, this is not the most important advantage! It is a completely free solution that operates on a freemium pricing model, according to the developers.

As a result, ActivTrak is the most extensively used personnel tracking system in various countries, which is a huge accomplishment. However, proceed with caution because the expanded version, which includes the full range of features, is a paid version, and the cost is prohibitively expensive - starting at $9 per month per user. When compared to popular employee monitoring software such as SPY24 or any similar product, ActivTrak falls short of the mark.

The final score was 7.5% (10/10). The features available in the free edition are insufficient for newbies or small teams. The points were deducted as a result of this; still, ActivTrak is a fantastic service that we believe deserves to be included in our review.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor - This is a fantastic solution for a small business. According to sources, the greatest number of TimeDoctor users is between 20 and 30 despite the fact that the official website indicates that the software may be used by enterprises with up to 500 personnel.

The fact that the team is tiny is not a drawback because the program is really great. The number of people on the team is only one of the key concerns. According to the reviews, there are two other facts to be revealed. The Time Doctor does not come with a remote control or keyboard functionality, for example.

Due to the fact that it is web-based, the solution provides additional flexibility in monitoring employees' activities. It is not resourced hungry on laptops and can be run on even the most ancient of devices with no difficulty.

Time Doctor is a time management program that is primarily concerned with activity monitoring. It may be integrated into a wide range of popular apps, including browsers and text editors, among others. You will be able to acquire a detailed report on how your time was allocated.

The ultimate score was a 7 out of 10. If you're not concerned about your ability to perform daily tasks, this is the option for you!


Time tracking in Skype Business based on activities is made possible by SkypeTime, a one-of-a-kind solution for tracking time. If your company is heavily reliant on telephone conversations, you may be able to benefit from this service.

Due to the fact that it is not a sophisticated surveillance software application, it operates in a semi-hidden mode. This has the advantage of being both convenient and inconvenient. While your staff may be completely unaware that you are watching them, it is rather simple to manipulate the system to your advantage.

When you use Skype Business, you can track how much time you spend on it with the SkypeTime feature. Employees, on the other hand, can initiate it even if they are not present in the workplace. There is no way to prevent this from happening or to remove the data from your computer's memory.

The final score is a 6 out of 10. We recommend that you use this tool in conjunction with other tracking strategies. Clearly, this program cannot be used as a stand-alone solution in its current form.

Locate the most effective personnel tracking software for organizations in the year 2022.

We looked at more than five different options. In order to compile our rankings, we only examined the best applications. Each of the solutions presented on this page offers a number of pros and downsides that should be considered carefully. We sought to select items from a number of categories, ranging from a spy solution to a highly specialized device for monitoring employees via Skype. We were unable.

It is recommended that you experiment with each option on our list in order to get the best answer for 2022. If you're tight for time, you can jump straight to the first one - SPY24. This is the most frequently encountered solution.

Maintaining control over employees should be done in a lawful manner when applying any of the options presented on this page. Your primary goal is to avoid breaking any laws at all costs. If everything is in working order, select the most appropriate solution and keep track of your team's progress in real-time.