Tispy App Price for iPhone & Android Sign up

Tispy App Price for iPhone & Android Sign up
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Tispy App How to track a cell phone Android phone tracker - Best Parental Monitoring App, Mobile Phone Tracker Software, FREE Cell Phone Tracking Apps. Best Kids Monitoring Apps - Tispy .net is the leading children's cell phone SMS tracker software that helps you with GPS tracking . Mobile Free monitoring apps helps you to track SMS log, contact phone calls log. How to track a cell phone, free cell phone spy.

Tispy App Price for iPhone & Android Sign up

Tispy App Parental Monitoring

Software Ever!

World's foremost phone monitoring application designed to help you ensure your child's and your smartphone's safety.

Track Whatsapp and other IM

Monitor Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, and other IMs.

Adult Content Alert

The AI-based algorithm detects adult content and notify.

Auto screen recording

Intelligent auto screen recording for a specific application.


Now you can schedule Screen, Audio, and photo capture command.

Enjoy All Phone Monitoring Features

that will help you keep your closest ones safe

Monitor and control your child's activity on their mobile devices!

TiSPY is Parental monitoring software used to monitor and control your child’s activity on their mobile device. TiSPY is easy to use, and its advanced features , like live panel, make it the world’s most powerful parental monitoring application in the market. It provides an instant photo, audio, location, SMS-driven capturing facility. It will also provide monitoring of all commonly used communication applications, including SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, IMO, Zalo, Viber, Line, Kik, Tinder, Wechat, Telegram, Kaka, and others. Best of all, even if the monitored device’s messages are deleted after sending, you can still see them online. Through the live panel, you can secretly listen in on what’s happening around your child’s device. Just install the software on your child’s mobile phone, and you can SECRETLY learn the truth about their calls, text messages, and GPS locations by logging into your registered account from any web browser.

Awesome product features into a single app


Give all calls to the dashboard. It will also display the cell numbers of the caller/called person, how long each call lasted. Also, if the number is registered under a name in the phonebook, you will get his name/image. The system will also send call log details to your registered email address.


You can read any message that was received by or sent from the phone. The messages are logged into your TiSPY account as they are generated with sender number, receiver number, date, time, and message, so you can read them EVEN IF the phone holder erases them. The system will also send a text message to your registered email address.


You always know where your kids are. We give you Real-time interactive maps. Receive notifications when they arrive at their destinations. Location path helps you to draw a full path of your phone for the whole day.


Supervise user’s popular social network accounts to learn what they are texting about. Using TiSPY, you can monitor Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Hike, Skype, Hangout, Tinder, Wechat Kik messages, and Mails. If your phone is non-rooted, you will get only incoming messages. In a rooted phone, you will be able to get both incoming and outgoing messages. Even if the user removes the records, you won't miss them. They will be available on the TiSPY dashboard.


TiSPY dashboard will allow you to view every image the phone camera has captured. Many users use TiSPY as their image storage. Even if the photo is erased from the phone, it will be available on the dashboard.


TiSPY gives you phonebook access to monitoring your phone. When new contact data is created on your phone, the record will be available on the dashboard. You can always use them as a Phonebook backup if your phone stopped working. It also gives provision to download contacts in CSV format.


TiSPY logs all URLs the user has visited in the cell phone browser. You'll be able to see if someone has been viewing something they shouldn't be viewing! Many users specifically buy TiSPY services just because of this feature.


Do you know which application is most used on your phone? TiSPY lists all installed applications on the phone. It also shows which app is more frequently used. As a parent, this is going to valuable feature, as you can always block an adult application from the TiSPY dash bousers user praise TiSPY for this feature.


TiSPY gives you the facility to schedule photo capture. Schedule pre-planned photo capture. The scheduler starts capturing photos for a given time. If internet connectivity is not available at that time, then it will upload that data when the device connects to the internet.


Capturing Live activity is now very easy with TiSPY. From the TiSPY dashboard, you can capture the live photo. Along with live photos, you can get instant location and many more features. If your phone is stolen by someone, by accessing play ring, your phone will start ringing loudly. Even you can not stop the ring until you unlock the phone.


TiSPY tracks every calendar activity entered into the device, which can be showed into Calendar List. TiSPY client captures scheduled meetings, reminders, and Tasks created into the user's device.


Identify which application and programs the target phone can most access—Block inappropriate applications from the TiSPY portal. You can now have full control over the applications installed on a monitored device with TiSPY's Application Blocking feature. TiSPY also gives a feature to block incoming/outgoing calls and incoming SMS for unwanted contacts.


Keylogger android also provides real-time data synchronization, which means that as soon as a keystroke is performed on a keyboard, on the targeted device, it will be visible in the control panel. The best free keylogger is available as an essential feature of the TiSPY application. Despite the fact, it is free keylogger software; it’s one of the most advanced software of this kind.


Now you can monitor all texts copied by your child. For example, your child copying a message and send it to someone else. Or your child copying some article from the web and try to broadcast using any social media app. Those will automatically be captured and available in the clipboard section at the TiSPY dashboard.


Now TiSPY brings life safety for your child. You can monitor the health of your child on the TiSPY control Panel. TiSPY shows your Child's health on its control panel. It tells how much distance he walked and how many calories he burnt by his exercise. It will work on some specific hardware versions that have supported sensors on the device.

About TiSPY

Welcome to the online home of TiSPY, your exclusive supplier for premium parental monitoring software and applications. We offer the world's foremost phone monitoring application designed to help you ensure your child's and your smartphone's safety.

TiSPY - Parental Monitoring Software

Parental Monitoring Software Globally headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, TiSPY was founded in 2010 out of a need for a better way to secure and monitor your child’s activities.

There are many hidden dangers online and in your very own neighborhood that, when known about in advance, can be controlled and, in many cases, completely avoided altogether. Our dedicated phone monitoring services were designed to be discreet and effective while keeping you informed and offering you some much-needed peace of mind.

With many easy-to-use features and benefits, TiSPY is the only parental monitoring system you will ever need. We offer live panel monitoring and monitoring of all SMS, Facebook, MMS, Viber, and other messaging platforms. With TiSPY, you can even view deleted messages and learn the truth about your child’s whereabouts using their smartphone’s GPS locator.

Our commitment is our philosophy. Premium quality & cost-effective service with absolute customer satisfaction have uplifted TiSPY to the level it is today.

We endeavor to stick to our task of keeping you apprised and your children safe.

Get Connected

If you wish to gain more knowledge about this spy software , gecontactur representative ve, e, and we will try to suffice your queries.

We express our gratitude for ranking TiSPY your first choice as parental monitoring software.

Pricing of TiSPY Monitoring Tools

Check out the pricing list and plans of the TiSPY parental control app. Choose the best plan and get started with us.


Get the most advance monitoring tool with exciting features!

$ 35.20


Get the most advance monitoring tool with exciting features!

$ 81.95


Get the most advance monitoring tool with exciting features!

$ 52.80

How does it work?

When you are ready to start monitoring your kid's smartphone – all you need to do is go through three simple, easy steps.

DOWNLOAD the app



Download TiSPY

Why TiSPY?

A parental monitoring platform can give you peace of mind, enabling you to monitor your kid's activities while also putting provisions in place to ensure your child cannot access unsuitable adult or threatening content. TiSPY developed the best parental control app and helped thousands of parents. Have questions? Chat Now, our representative will be happy to assist you.


Wonderful product. Gained a lot of confident on the Family members.


Wonderful product. Gained a lot of confidence in the Family members.


Wonderful product. Gained a lot of confidence in the Family members.

About Us

Welcome to the online home of TiSPY, your exclusive supplier for premium parental monitoring software and applications.

We offer the world’s foremost phone monitoring application designed to help you ensure your child’s and your smartphone’s safety.

What makes TiSPY for you?

Know more About TiSPY

Are you worried? What do they do with their phones? It's your right to know if children you care for are going in the wrong way through their phones.

Benefits for you

Use Child Phone to make them secure. Isn’t it an intelligent Idea?

Know about their conversations with others.

Ensure that they are not lying about their location.

Listen to your child from anywhere.

Forget all your worries regarding your child’s safety.

Make your Parent-child relation much stronger like never before!

Why we're the best

Most trusted monitoring software, 100% child safety.

We give you 50+ powerful features that you can’t get anywhere else.

24/7 support via Live chat, e-mail, or ticket.

2 Days FREE trial period to test all tipsy features.

Since 2010 we’ve helped thousands of parents.

Have a Query? Use Live Chat now!

You have to love your children unselfishly. That is hard. But it is the only way.

Tipsy is an All-in-one bundle that every parent needs. Tipsy is the No.1 monitoring software used worldwide; Tipsy is the world’s fastest & lightest cell phone spy software ; Tispy has only 230 kb size and has a lot more features than others, this small bundle shows its magic like you never see before, remained hidden, silently track data. Do you think it is small, so useless? Then you are WRONG, SIR! Because it bunched with 50 power-packed features and if you found another smaller App like tipsy, we guarantee you that It should not have even 10 functions.

As we saw in movie clips where the person tries to listen to someone’s conversation by using expensive equipment. In real life, we ​often reveal secrets that make us mad. What if my son drinks alcohol? What if my daughter goes to porn clubs? What if the child you love is leading a secret life through their phone? Threaten your child. To tell the truth, is legally prevented. Fighting with them for truth will result in spoiled relations. Detectives are too expensive for you. Use of parental monitoring software is the only safe, legal & most recommended way to save your child from dangerous activities whenever they are far away from you​.

Control Activity on Smartphones

TiSPY is Parental monitoring software used to keep your children safe and keep peace of mind in your home. TiSPY is easy to use, and its advanced features, like live panel, make it the world’s most powerful parental monitoring application on the market.

It provides an instant photo, location, SMS-driven capturing facility. It will also provide monitoring of all commonly used communication applications, including SMS, Facebook, MMS, Viber, Line, and others. Best of all, even if the monitored device’s messages are deleted after sending, you can still see them online. Just install the software on your child’s mobile phone, and you can SECRETLY learn the truth about their call logs, text messages, and GPS locations by logging into your registered account from any web browser. Not only can you monitor your child’s activities, but these tools can also ensure your child’s safety while they are away from you.

Cell Phone Activity

We provide the hottest and most powerful security monitoring software for your Android device. We have an experienced, talented, and innovative workforce that provides the best cell phone monitoring system for android mobile phones. One of the main benefits of our mobile phone monitoring software is its ease of use. Our expert team is specialized in providing tailored and customer-oriented mobile tracking solutions using the latest technologies.

We lead the competition in the security solution market of android devices. Using state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced mobile monitoring applications, we provide the best and easiest to use android mobile monitoring software. Easily keep an eye on your children with TiSPY simply by logging in to your account from any web browser on a computer, tablet, or even your own mobile device. Our upcoming release will provide mobile monitoring applications for the iPhone platform also as soon as possible.

Installation and Registration

Can I install or uninstall the application remotely?

Sorry, you can’t. The app must be manually installed and uninstalled on the target device, so please make sure you have physical access to the device.

Can I uninstall TiSPY remotely with a web interface?

Yes, it works only on a rooted phone. Go to the monitor dashboard -> Locate Device -> “Factory reset” or “Factory reset with sd card.”

Note: This will remove all data and applications on the phone.

During Registration, I get an Unauthorized User Error.

Unauthorization error means you are entering the wrong email ID or Password while registering the client.

How can I change my registered email address?

Email address is highly secure and mostly unchangeable. So we do not allow changing the email address.

Many times customers do not have alternatives other than changing email addresses, Only. In that case, we allow them to change their email addresses with the below steps.

(1) Release your current account with the TiSPY service. (need to send a release email request from registered email id).

(2) Uninstall the TiSPY client from the device.

(3) Install TiSPY client again in the monitoring device

(4) Now, create a new account from the client, and this time, use a different email id during registration.

(5) Do payment to extend the subscription.

You have to terminate your current account first and then reinstall the TiSPY client on the device.

How can I change the device that is being monitored after I purchase this software?

Please Install the application on the newer phone which you want to monitor. Give the same email address and password while configuring the client.

– After that, transfer the subscription on your newer device to the TiSPY dashboard.

Follow the below steps to transfer the subscription.

(1) Login at the TiSPY dashboard.

(2) Click on “Transfer Subscription” from the menu.

(3) Select Devices for which you want to transfer subscription.

(4) Verify the subscriptions.

Can we track phone numbers or only phones?

Monitoring is done on the phone. So the SIM/Chip inserted on the target phone will be monitored by the app.

How to solve the call recording issue?

There are too many phones available in the market. Their firmware also varies. To make call tapping work for most of them, our technical team continuously keeps improving the app. You can change the settings from TiSPY dashboard settings. After you change one setting, keep it for at least 2-4 hours and check newer recordings. Below is the best-adapted setting.

You need to try the below settings

(1) Call Recording Codec: AMR

(2) Call Recording Source: Default

(3) Call Recording Delay: 3 seconds

(4) Recording Sample Rate: 8000

Android SMS Tracker Apps

In the modern age, mobile tracking application is critical. In the present online world, parents have to protect their kids more than ever. In doing so, it is incredibly critical for parents that they can’t be able to observe their children’s mobile actions, activities and be aware of what they do, how do they connect and where they were going. Android monitoring apps enable you to protect your kids proactively. A tracking application on the Android operating system gives parents the versatility of tracking their children’s mobile actions without intruding on their privacy. This will enable parents to take preventive measures in the event of any imminent threat to the safety of their children. This also encourages children to engage in unethical behavior because they know that they are observers.

If you’re inquisitive about the actions of your child and want to know what they are doing around or where they were to whenever they are out to keep an official meeting? This android phone tracker app will help you figure out your other half privately without any complications. SMS tracker apps allow parents to act like a receiver and a child’s phone to work in the transmitter. Once you establish a secure connection, parents can listen to what is going on around the child’s phone and access the entire front and rear cameras. While operations are activated audio and video, the child does not know that they are being monitored at this time.

Android Phone Tracker Application is the perfect solution to meet the needs of all parents. With this SMS tracker app, parents can monitor text messages on their children’s phones and see if the children misuse privileges from their smartphones by sending or receiving SMS not permitted messages or inappropriate activities on the phones.

How does This Android Monitoring Application Works?

Monitoring apps are straightforward to use. You can set it up on the mobile you plan to observe in less than a minute. The best part is that you will never have to touch the cell phone monitoring your kid again. Android monitoring app is installed on it. You will be able to observe all the SMS information, calling information, and frequented websites at any time from anywhere in the world, which means it can work quietly in the background and monitor all activities on the cell phone and record everything on the hosting server for you to view at your comfort.

In extra, you are not only able to monitor your kid’s mobile phone only, But this technological innovation allows you to do much more, such as you can read Android applications like Whatsapps messages, Social Media (Facebook, Myspace..) talks, etc. In short, SMS tracker apps are an all-in-one solution and are based on the level of management.

The essential need of this android phone tracker is necessary to have a Smartphone with working GPS locator. . Most do not come with GPS devices, however, and if it does not then you can forget about your child either on the use of this technology or get a laptop that would work. Then you will have to search for a cell Android Monitoring application that is compatible with a particular Android mobile. When you have these two things ready after then, you can start monitoring the whereabouts of your Kids.

TiSPY for iPhone Spy

The World’s Only Way To Spy on an iPhone If you want to Know Everything that happens on an iPhone, No Matter Where You Are - FlexiSPY 's unique iPhone monitoring application is the only choice available.

The only available solution for the latest iPhones UNIQUE

Record, intercept and listen in on live iPhone calls UNIQUE

Track GPS location of your iPhone devices

Spy on Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp + 9 more IM’s

Turn on the phone's microphone and record its surroundings UNIQUE

Record iPhone VoIP Calls: Skype, Facebook, Viber, LINE, and more UNIQUE

Spy on SMS, Emails, and Photos

No hassle installation service

Runs in hidden or visible mode

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