Track Last Location Of Phone

Track Last Location Of Phone
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How to quickly locate a misplaced Android phone

You've experienced it, right? That "I'm afraid I've lost my phone" nagging sensation. When you're worried about your lost Pixel 4, you do a quick pat-down of your pants pockets. You begin to retrace your steps and all you can think about is, "How do I find my lost phone??"

We at Asurion understand how frustrating it can be to misplace one of your most prized possessions. Fortunately for Android users, our experts have provided instructions on how to locate your phone in the event that it is stolen.

First and foremost, thorough planning is essential. Nobody ever expects to lose their cell phone, but it does happen. Nearly 2,000 phones are misplaced or stolen every hour, according to our records. So, just in case, make sure you enable phone tracking on your device.

How to use Google's Find My Phone feature on your Pixel

Find My Device should be enabled:

Go to the Settings menu on your mobile device.

Tap on security and location.

To look for your device, press the Find My Device button. Start it up.

Turn on-location services:

Go to the Settings menu on your mobile device.

Once you've clicked on Security & location, click on Location.

Turn on the location feature.

How to use Samsung's Find My Phone feature

Take a look at the options in the menu bar at the top.

Tap into Biometrics and Security.

Tap Turn on My Mobile and locate it.

To improve the accuracy of location:

Take a look at your phone's menu.

Tap into Biometrics and Security.

The location is at the bottom.

The location accuracy can be improved by pressing the Improve Location Accuracy button.

Track Last Location Of Phone

How to make your phone's lock screen display the second set of contact information?

Alternate contact information can be displayed as a lock screen message. A lost phone with these messages is three times more likely to be found by its owner, as we've discovered in our research. It's a breeze to put together:

To begin, go to the Settings app on your device.

Squeeze the screen lock button once.

Then, click on the Contact Information option.

You can type in your message here. Then press the Save button.

Those are all the precautions you've taken in the event that you lose your phone. To help you out if you can't find your phone, here are some tips: To help you find it, our experts have devised these three simple methods.

There are three ways to locate your missing Android device.

Using Google Maps, locate your phone's current location.

Visit for more information.

Use your Gmail username and password to log in.

The approximate location of your phone will be shown on the map. If the device cannot be located, the last known location will be displayed (if available).

Three options are available from the map page – locate, lock, and delete your Android device:

Set it to ring. It will still make noise even if it is set to vibrate or silent.

Secure your device by putting it into sleep mode. Your current pin or a new one can be used for this.

Remove your phone from your pocket. As an added layer of security, you can do this remotely.

"Find My Mobile" or "Find My Phone" won't work if your phone isn't connected to Wi-Fi or an available network, which is most likely the case.

In the end, what matters is that you try again. As soon as it establishes a network connection, the phone will appear on the map.

2. Use your smart speaker to locate your phone.

Using a smart speaker to locate a missing phone may be useful if you know where it is in your home. To make it easier to locate your phone, make sure both your device and your smart speaker are signed in to the same account.

Using a Google Home, you can say "Okay Google, find my phone." The device you've asked about will ring when your smart speaker confirms it. The cherry on top? You'll hear it even if your phone is set to vibrate or silent.

Bluetooth trackers can help you locate your phone.

Are you prone to misplacing your phone? You're not the only one who feels this way. Bluetooth trackers can serve as an additional layer of security. The Tile, for example, is one option that's currently available. The tracker will sound an alarm on your phone if your phone is temporarily hidden behind a couch cushion, all you have to do is connect your phone to the tracker.

Keep your phone safe.

More than 300 million customers have relied on Asurion for more than 25 years to safeguard, connect, and enjoy their favorite tech. Smartphones aren't any different. Make sure your device is safe and secure. Today is the day to learn more about Asurion's phone insurance policies.

In 2022, how to track the location of a cell phone for free

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To lose your smartphone is a terrifying thought, even if it is possible to find and recover it after it has been misplaced. While it's easier to track a smartphone, we still have your back if you're using a first-generation Motorola Razr — don't give up hope.

Set up your phone's native phone-locating software, such as Apple's Find My iPhone or Google's Find My Device or Samsung's Find My Mobile, first if you have a smartphone. Try the following apps if you'd like more options after this.

Have you ever wondered what happens to a stolen phone once it is recovered? Try this voyeuristic film if you're up for it.

Keeping tabs on cell phone activity


If you'd like to use SPY24 on more than three devices, you'll need to purchase a subscription. The service can be used on both computers and smartphones. Sit back and relax after signing up for the service. Tracking your phone is as simple as finding a computer, logging into your account, and getting started. You don't have to be concerned about your privacy while the phone is in your possession because SPY24 runs quietly in the background and won't track your phone's location until you tell it to. The most recent updates improved network configurations, enabled TouchID and FaceID on iOS, and added Chromebook support. Android no longer has the camouflage feature.


With This Fan, You Can Keep Your Phone Cool.

Download Avast!

Avast is a well-known name in the computer security industry. Virus scanning and protection, backup, power savings, and anti-theft features are all included in the Avast Antivirus app. You can take a "theft" of the criminals who snatched your phone, or you can remotely lock or wipe your phone. In order to keep the thief from realizing that Avast is guarding your phone, you can put it into stealth mode. Avast also provides notifications and locks for Android, Mac, and PC, with similar services. As a paid premium service, Avast provides an all-in-one package for protecting devices against viruses and thieves.



In addition to security and tracking, Lookout also provides antivirus and malware defenses as part of its suite. You can also back up your contacts before you remotely erase them, take a photo of any would-be thief, and email it to yourself with location data, all before your phone's battery dies. You can use Lookout's Safe Wi-Fi and System Advisor features to keep your device safe from Wi-Fi attacks and to check your device's operating system. If you're concerned about identity theft or misplacing your wallet, you can pay an annual fee of $100 for Premium Plus, which includes identity theft protection and the ability to recover a lost wallet. Premium is free, but you can pay an annual fee of $30 to access premium features like safe browsing and breach reports.


Tagging those people who don't have smartphones

Tracking your phone is possible even if you don't have a smartphone. Our recommendation would be to use a GPS tracking service if that's the case. However, AccuTracking is an excellent choice that works well.


Showing location on the Accutracker map.

AccuTracking uses GPS to track your phone's location, and it works with a wide range of feature phones. AccuTracking should be able to help you locate your phone as long as it is GPS-enabled. If you ever lose track of your phone, all you have to do is log on to AccuTracking's web interface from any internet-connected computer and it will show you exactly where it is as long as your phone isn't dead. Pricing ranges from $13 to $26 per month, with updates occurring every 120, 60, 30, or 15 seconds. In other words, you don't have to sign up for anything, and you can even try it out for free. You can also use the iOS or Android app if you have a smartphone.

Android and iOS

Keeping an eye on your phone after it's been stolen

In the unlikely event that you misplaced your phone without first downloading a device recovery app, there is no need to panic. If you've lost your phone, there are still a few simple ways to get it back.

When it comes to a non-smartphone feature phone, there are few options for recovery. Try calling your service provider if you didn't register your phone with AccuTracking or a similar service before. Since most service providers charge a reasonable fee for GPS location services, finding your phone may be as simple as turning on the GPS chip on your phone.

Find My Device

Find My Device can be used by Android users. Using this service, you can see which devices are linked to your Google account because it's a Google service. Additionally, you can lock your device, reset your PIN remotely, and delete all of your stored data. Adding a recovery message or phone number to the lock screen can increase your chances of getting it back, or if it is nearby, prompting your device to play a sound. It is now possible to locate your device in large buildings like airports, malls, and so on with the help of updated versions of the app.


My iPhone's location has been lost.

The Find My iPhone app is available for iPhone owners. iOS 5 already includes this functionality, so there's no need to get the latest version. With iCloud integration, you'll be able to check the location of your misplaced gadget on a map and see where it's been recent, whether you're on a computer or another iOS device. An emergency message can be displayed and data can be deleted if the phone is lost or stolen permanently.


Forcing someone else to allow you to monitor their phone

With the option of simply calling and requesting the location of the person in question, there is an equal probability of either not being able to get through to them or being terrible at giving directions. For those who find it difficult to communicate with or trust the person they are looking for, there are a variety of other methods available.

People with smartphones can share their location with you via a variety of different location-sharing apps. Facebook and Twitter both have location-aware check-in features, and Swarm has some pretty robust location-sharing features of its own, too. However, we'd like to recommend a few more of our personal favorites to you.

Maps by Google

There is a good chance that you already have the tools to keep track of a friend or family member because Google Maps allows you to share your real-time location. Simply open Google Maps and tap your profile picture at the top right, select Location Sharing, and you can choose to share your location with the people you want. The location sharing function can be turned off at any time or set to last for a specific amount of time. Your location will appear on Google Maps for anyone you share it with. This service has evolved over time thanks to Google's constant tweaks and improvements.

Apple Inc.'s iOS

What I'm Looking For

Find My Friends is one of our go-to tools for keeping tabs on our friends' whereabouts. For both iOS and Android devices. Both apps provide a similar service, despite the fact that they are not made by the same company (Apple makes the iOS version, which is also supported on the Apple Watch). When you're trying to meet up with a large group, being able to track multiple people at once is extremely helpful. Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and feature phones are all supported by Find My Friends for Android. To locate people, the app uses cell phone signal triangulation and makes it easy to share their location. Non-smartphone users can be added to the app's map by sending a text invitation.

Android and iOS

Apple's iMessage and Google's Hangouts are two popular options.

If you and your traveling companions have iPhones, you can share your location with them via iMessage. On both Android and iOS, Google Hangouts has a similar feature. Even if someone asks, "Where are you?" the app will suggest that you share your location. Chatting and video calls are also made easy with this app.

Android and iOS

Apps provided by the carrier

Phone tracking services and apps are available from a number of major networks, along with a wide range of family-safety and location-based services and features. In addition to the FamilyWhere app provided by T-Mobile, AT&T provides its Secure Family service. Using any of these services after the free trial period ends will require a monthly or annual subscription fee.

tracking someone else's phone without their knowledge or consent

Whenever you're tracking someone, you should be honest about it and respect their privacy, and you should never modify someone else's phone. While it may be possible to track a smartphone without the current user's permission, here are a few tips on how to do so, such as tracking a troubled teen.

Following the movements of a mobile phone user

If you have a child or another minor linked to your account, you can always use that account. Using the Find My Device or Find My iPhone services, you can see where your device is located on a map at any given time. You can also use tracking apps like Find My Friends, which are available on Apple's App Store. Your entire family and friends can be connected by these. Install the app before giving the phone to your preteen or an elderly family member, for example, and you're ready to use it.

By placing the app in an unnoticeable folder, you can keep these features hidden from your children. Before you hand them the phone, you'll need to do this. When it's a member of your family or a close relative, the rules are usually a little different. If you don't want to hide the app from your teen or child, explain to them why you installed it and how it will benefit them in the long run.

Tracking a person without a smart phone

Non-smartphone devices make tracking much more difficult, as previously mentioned. Fortunately, there are a few options available. In the event that you lose your phone, you can use your phone as a GPS device, which will show you where it is. Many feature phones have GPS capabilities, allowing you to locate your phone if necessary. Simply log into Accutracking and follow the simple steps to activate your account.

Here, we've only scratched the surface of the privacy and security options available on smartphones. Check out our lists of the best security apps for Android and the best security apps for the iPhone for more advice on how to safeguard your priceless device.

How to Locate a Stolen iPhone or Android Phone Even if It Is Off

Do you worry about losing your electronic device? In the paragraphs that follow, you'll discover how to track down a misplaced cell phone that has been turned off.

Increasingly, cell phone manufacturers are including security features that allow customers to locate their devices if they are lost or stolen. If you're worried about losing your iPhone, you may want to know if the tracking feature still works even if your phone is turned off. Tracking a stolen phone that has been turned off can be difficult.

Be at ease. Learn how to locate a misplaced phone that has been turned off in the article that follows.

Is it possible to track a phone that has been turned off?

Yes, that's the simple answer. Even if the phone is off, its location can be tracked. Even though finding your phone when it's turned off may not be as simple as finding it when it's on, there are still ways to help you locate it.

It's possible to locate a misplaced iPhone even if it's turned off.

The "Find My iPhone" and "Send Last Location" features of iOS 15 or later is designed to help you locate an offline iPhone.

Even if you don't have Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, "Find My iPhone" will allow you to locate your iPhone. Find My App on another Apple device or iCloud's iCloud service can help you locate an offline iPhone. Using Find My iPhone, you can find out how to track down a lost or stolen phone. (the second article's content)

Using the methods described above, you will be unable to determine your phone's current location if it is off or out of battery. "Send Last Location" allows you to see your cell phone's location before it is turned off. If you enable the "Notify When Found" feature, an email will be sent to you as soon as your phone is turned on again.

Here's how to activate "Notify When Found."

Select your lost device from the "Find My" app's list and tap "Find."

To see more options, move the cursor to the top of the page.

Turn on the "Notify When Found" notification.

locating a misplaced Android device even if it has been turned off

You can use "Find My Device" to track down a misplaced phone if it's still powered on. If your phone isn't online, turned off, or running low on battery, you can use "Find My Device" to see the last place it was located. The steps are as follows:

Open the "Find My Device" app on a different Android device or go to to find your lost or stolen phone.

Sign in to your Google account when asked. Verify that the Google account associated with the missing device is signed in.

A complete list of all of your Google-linked devices will be displayed. To find out where your misplaced device is, simply click on it.

You can use the "Find My Device" feature to play a sound on your phone, secure your device with a PIN, and remotely erase your data to help locate and protect your device.

To learn how to remove the Google Find My Device Lock, please see this article:

Using Google, how do you find a lost cell phone that has been turned off?

Using Google Maps, you can look up the location history of a lost phone that has the "Find My Device" app installed and is linked to your Google account In this manner:

Open Google Maps after logging into your Google account.

On the menu, select "Your timeline" from the drop-down menu.

Open a new tab in your browser to see the new window. To view your phone's location history, enter the date it went missing.

Google "Find My Phone" and here's how to get the information you need.

Search "find my phone" on

Simply click "Get Started" to begin. When you sign in with your Google account, a complete list of all your devices is displayed.

Select the device you're looking for.

To help you locate your missing device and protect your personal information, you will now see a checklist.

It all comes down to this:

It is our hope that the information provided here will assist you in locating your lost or stolen cell phone. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Best of luck in locating your lost or stolen device!