How to track someone's location?

How to track someone's location?
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Is it possible to track people with the phone GPS?

First we have to tell you that it is not possible to track people with the phone GPS; Unless the person in question decides to send you a live location and share it. Admittedly, in the modern world, with smartphones and the Internet, it no longer makes sense to lose or not find an address.

Live location (live geographical location) is one of the most useful features of social networks and shows the location of each person in an instant. That is, people without buying a tracker or any other special device, by their own discretion, will inform others of their location moment by moment. In the following, we are going to introduce some tracking programs for people with GPS of the phone:

See the location of people using Google Map

Google Map is available by default on all Android phones and is a free online map that also offers various tools to its users. Suggesting the best route from origin to destination, identifying restaurants and attractions, and saving the addresses of places of interest are some of the popular Google Maps tools.

But basically the most important tool of this program is the ability to share the location of the user moment by moment, which will act as a personal tracker. With this option, the user can, at his own discretion, inform another person about his live geographical location. All you have to do is tap on your profile picture at the top right of the screen and select Location Sharing from the menu that opens.

In this section, you must select Shared Location and then specify the duration of location sharing. In the next section, the user is faced with a list of contact names and from this list, he must select the specific contacts with whom he intends to share his location. After selecting the desired person, Google Map will send the user's location via email or other options. Do not forget that in this method, it is only with the permission and decision of the person that you will be informed of his location. It will also be very difficult for the elderly and children to use this program

Tracking people's mobile phones with special software!

Smartphones, GPS and the Internet give you countless capabilities and allow you to install location finders. Some of these apps, such as Glympse, Life360 Family Locator, and Find My Friends, are designed to instantly locate the user and control traffic.

Do not forget that using these programs requires experience and training; In many critical moments, the program may even crash and not help you at all. This is why you need to use special secret trackers, which are divided into two categories: car and personal trackers.

track someone's location

Glympse Family Location Tracking App

Designed for instant location tracking, the app lets you determine who can track your location using GPS, and even select how long you've been tracking.

It is possible to end location sharing in two ways in this application:

The first method is to stop sharing automatically after the deadline.

The second method is that you can manually stop the transfer of information about your location. In addition, you can increase your tracking time if necessary.

All you have to do is activate Glympse on your way home from work to let your spouse see where you are and when he or she gets home. Also, if you are meeting with your friends in a park or a public exhibition, you can activate this application and easily control each other remotely.

The Glympse app can send people an instantaneous position with an estimated time and speed and send it to your email or text it to your phone and even send it to social networks. One of the interesting features of this application is its integration with the calendar, which shares your location and estimated arrival time with others.

Accurate positioning program of people

Note that due to the use of NAT property, several identical IP addresses that have access to the Internet from different locations may be displayed at the same time. Because the method of tracking people's telegrams using IP is not very reliable and only shows the position of the ISP service provider. And it is usually not possible to get more accurate information about the city in which the person is present.

To get the exact position of people, it is better to use software that is specifically designed for this purpose. Software such as the SFP program can display the exact position of people using the technologies used in it and using GPS satellites and telecommunication towers. Using SFP software, you will be able to do the job without having to do anything special and with just one installation on the desired mobile phone, then the moment-by-moment position and also the messages exchanged in applications such as Telegram , Also acquired WhatsApp and Instagram

Geo Tracker GPS

GPS Positioning Software

Geo Tracker is a contact positioning software and another program to find people via GPS that is worth trying. As in the previous case, the special audience of this application is mostly people who spend their time in mountains and impassable areas, but still work in any environment.

It maps your location, but also provides a set of additional information such as speed, altitude, vertical distance (for ascents and descents), and slope. All data is stored in GPX and KML formats, which means you can import it into applications such as Google Earth and Ozi Explorer.

Other features include support for Yandex Maps (if you are in a country where Yandex Maps is better than Google Maps, such as Russia), as well as the ability to mark points of interest in travel.

The most important feature in this app is that you can share your location with your friends and family. So, if you've been unaware of them for a while, you can find them on your mobile phone.