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Truth spy app
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As you know, one of the main concerns of parents in today's life is children and their safety, and because children are very playful and need to be active, it is much harder to control them. You may have serious concerns about delays in your child's return from school, your child's social media activity, etc., but what can be done to alleviate these concerns? In this article, we will introduce you to one of the best child monitoring applications so that you can use it to monitor children and reduce your worries.

How to spy on a phone?

There are several ways to spy on a person's phone.

The easiest way to hack and spy on a person's phone is to first access his phone and then install the hacking software on his phone. This method is known as the simplest way because it is not very complicated and does not require programming knowledge.

If we want to spy on a person's mobile phone without access to it, we must say that this is not easy to do and requires learning to program, Linux, the basics of hacking, and security.

If a person wants to spy without access to a person's phone, he or she must have acquired programming knowledge and security issues for at least a year to be able to do so.

Here we are looking to get away from the usual complexities of hacking.

So, aside from the programming topics, we will go to the introduction of a program to spy on your spouse or children or colleagues' phone so that you can end your worries and doubts.

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TheTruthSpy - Cell Phone Spy Software :

Features of this software:

TheTruthSpy is a very easy-to-install parental control software that lets you monitor your child's activities remotely by installing it on your child's mobile phone. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Position the phone with high accuracy
  • Record high-quality phone calls
  • Record surround sounds
  • Access to Whatsapp, Viber , Facebook, Skype, Gtalk, Hangout, Yahoo Messenger, and   ...
  • View the content of the email, Gmail, and  ...
  • Browse the history of default browsers, Chrome, Firefox
  • Access monitor applications
  • Access images and videos were taken by the target phone
  • Access all mobile data with their exact time
  • SIM change notification
  • View folders and files
  • Report calls, text messages, and correspondence with friends and contacts
  • Announce instant location and daily trails
  • Determining the traffic restriction by announcing the arrival and departure of the specified range
  • Programs and games used and how long they are used
  • Smart alerts and screenshots when typing immoral words
  • Call reports:

Your kids' simple communications are through phone calls. TheTruthSpy provides complete monitoring by reporting incoming and outgoing calls along with the contact's name, contact number, and call duration, as well as reporting manually deleted calls.

  • Control of sent and received SMS:

One of the communication strategies for children in the family that does not cause any sensitivity is sending a text message; But the TruthSpy software will eliminate any possible worries and concerns in this field by sending a complete report from the list of sent and received and deleted SMS, along with details about the contact's name and the content being exchanged.

  • Report of social networks Telegram, Instagram, and so on.

One of the most dangerous platforms that your child can face with thousands of people of different age groups, different cultures, and educations and endanger the child's health, is the communication platform of popular social networks such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram. With TruthSpy, it is possible to monitor and control all social networks.

  • Moment-by-moment position:

With the help of TruthSpy software, you can be aware of the position of your loved ones at any time and any place, determine the allowed and unauthorized traffic places on the map and be notified immediately if you enter or leave these areas. For example, you can specify the scope of the school and the home route for children, or in similar applications for your marketers, specify the scope of marketing.

  • Access management:

Use TruthSpy to specify hours of sleep, homework time, and time allowed to use the device and block access to some applications at the desired times. Control websites visited by your children and block their access to immoral topics.

  • Installed applications:

Have a complete list of programs installed on your child or employee's phone and be aware of any inappropriate programs and block them if necessary. You can also specify when to allow them to be used at certain times of the day.

Benefits of TruthSpy for family members:

  • Supervision of children:

TruthSpy reports all your children's activities to you, indirectly allowing you to monitor and control your children. It does not matter if you are at work or home; The important thing is that you are always by their side with TruthSpy software.

  • Restrict the use of applications and the Internet
  • The full report of all daily communications and correspondence
  • Determining the allowed traffic range for entry and exit
  • Elderly care:

Elderly people with Alzheimer's disease are adults who need intangible child care and affection, but they cannot be restricted like children or assigned to travel. But TruthSpy software allows you to not only control your children but also to take care of the elderly and people with Alzheimer's disease and be with these loved ones at all times.

  • View and announce their exact position and moment by moment
  • Warning of exit or entry into dangerous areas
  • Ability to declare an emergency and receive ambient sound
  • Employee monitoring:

Controlling off-site forces and marketers has always been a concern for large collection managers.

Quality control of employees and marketers with the customer ensures the health of your business family.

  • You can also customize the reporting system settings as you need.
  • Instant positioning and linear navigation
  • Determining the range of allowed and unauthorized traffic
  • Monitor calls and control customer relationships


One of the biggest concerns parents have about their children is who their teenage son or daughter is hanging out with or who their friends are. Many parents always complain that they are unaware of their child's communication. Hacking children's phones without them realizing it can go a long way in monitoring children. In this article, we introduced one of the best spy software for parents. We hope you find this article useful.