Tunnelbear Review Free VPN Download

Tunnelbear Review Free VPN Download
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A more secure approach to viewing the internet:

Your internet connection is encrypted by TunnelBear, allowing you to stay anonymous while browsing the internet on any network.

Applications that are simple to use for all of your devices

Simply launch the TunnelBear app, select a country, and toggle the switch to enable or disable the tunnel. Once connected, TunnelBear will work in the background to protect your data in an unobtrusive manner.





Tunnelbear review free vpn download

What is the reason for TunnelBear's millions of users?

Put an end to the theft of passwords and data.

Hackers can steal passwords and data when using an unprotected public WiFi network. TunnelBear prevents them from doing so in order to keep you safe.

Information is available on a global scale.

Some content is only available in specific regions, such as the United States. TunnelBear transforms your virtual location so that you may view it from any area on the planet, including space.

Censorship can be circumvented on a local level.

Certain governments impose restrictions on the use of popular websites and mobile apps. Because TunnelBear reroutes your virtual location, you can easily access these resources.

Protecting your online privacy is essential.

Network administrators and internet service providers have access to anything you do on the internet, including your personal information. TunnelBear has a completely deafening effect on them.

Preventing tracking based on IP address is important.

Your IP address is used by advertising providers to track your online behavior across a number of different websites and applications. TunnelBear thwarts them by issuing you a new IP address to disguise your location.

as well as a great deal more

Take advantage of the latest game servers, bypass bandwidth throttling, and unblock apps and websites that are blocked on school and workplace networks.

49 different countries are represented on the web.

While traveling or living abroad, experiment with new things or use a VPN to connect to your own country to access your favorite websites and apps.































Every function that a VPN should have is listed below (and more)

Designed for maximum speed

Our global server network has been adjusted to ensure that you may surf and stream at lightening speed on all of our services. Thawing, buffering, and other hassles will not be necessary in this case.

You may rely on the protection of the state.

In addition, TunnelBear is the only VPN provider in the world to conduct regular independent security assessments of our apps.

Encryption that is both reliable and secure

The AES 256-bit encryption technique is used by default in TunnelBear. Weaker encryption is completely out of the question.

What is it about TunnelBear that has millions of people placing their trust in it?

TunnelBear is devoted to safeguarding your personal information. We will never track, log, or sell any information about your online activities to any third party without your permission. You can rely on us to keep your connection secure because we are the only VPN provider in the business that undergo annual independent security evaluations.

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is TunnelBear, and how does it function?

TunnelBear is a virtual private network service provider that operates in the United States (or VPN for short).

All incoming and outgoing data from your smartphone is routed through a secure server and encrypted using industry-standard Grizzly-grade encryption once it is turned on by you.

As a result, if an internet service provider, network administrator, or even a hacker attempts to monitor your browsing history, they will only see jumbled, nonsensical data in their hands.

Moreover, this process affects your IP address (which is similar to your internet phone number), which prevents anyone online from knowing your genuine physical location or quickly identifying your online activity with you.

Is it reasonable to pay for the protection of my internet privacy?

The importance of online privacy is dependent on your level of comfort with businesses knowing sensitive details about your personal life and the information they collect. The majority of the time, firms purchase this information directly from your internet service provider (ISP), which is legally entitled to package and sell information about your online activities.

In particular, once information has been packaged and sold, it is almost certain to be sold again, moving from database to database and being used for a variety of different purposes. Some of it may even flow over into the advertising technology ecosystem, where there is little oversight over how your data is used, stored, or protected.

Last but not least, privacy is a subjective idea. Some folks appear to be really anxious, while others appear to be entirely nonchalant with the situation. For those who do, TunnelBear is a simple and cost-effective solution for preventing further data collection and sale down the road.

What can I do to be certain that TunnelBear is keeping my information safe?

To check your appearance in the country you selected, visit bearsmyip.com after connecting to a TunnelBear server (by picking a country and switching the switch on your phone's app). If there is a match, you are in good hands. The entire duration of your connection will be encrypted and will appear to be coming from the country you specify, as long as you remain connected to TunnelBear.

Will TunnelBear cause my browser to slow down or otherwise interfere with my online experience?

Unless you're tunneling to a country that is incredibly remote from your current location, TunnelBear should have no effect on your browsing experience. For example, if you connect to a location halfway around the world, your browsing will have to travel substantial distances before it can reach you. Consequently, unless you require special access, choose Quickest from the country option in TunnelBear's country selector to connect to the server with the fastest available connection speed.

In the event that your internet service provider frequently slows down your connection when you're streaming videos or playing games, TunnelBear can actually accelerate your connection by preventing them from seeing what you're doing (and slowing you down if they don't like what you're doing, as well).

In order to use a single TunnelBear account, how many devices am I permitted to use?

An unlimited number of devices can be protected with a premium TunnelBear subscription. To install TunnelBear on several devices at the same time, navigate directly to tunnelbear.com/download from each of the devices in question. After downloading and installing the app on your new device, log in with your old TunnelBear credentials and establish a connection to a server to begin using it.

The following are the reasons why I should select TunnelBear over another VPN service.

As the only consumer-oriented VPN company that conducts annual security audits, we are unique in this regard (and actually publish the results).

We provide you with the ability to access and delete your own account information directly from our website (which is not the case with the majority of other VPNs).

In contrast to other service providers, you do not need to be a lawyer to understand our Privacy Statement, which is a significant advantage.

We've received over 175,000 5-star ratings across a variety of app store platforms.

TunnelBear apps are extremely easy to use, requiring only a single on/off switch and no sophisticated technologies.

We'll give you 500MB of free monthly bandwidth to try out before you decide to purchase.

Bears are quite adorable creatures.

TunnelBear for Microsoft Windows is a program that allows you to tunnel through a network.

Simple, safe, and visually appealing. Installation of a Bear on your computer is now required in order to begin protecting your browsing activity and location.


Straightforward and aesthetically pleasing

The ease with which you may turn on and off your connection is matched with a beautiful map that helps you perceive your connection. A well-thought-out piece of software that even a bear could understand.


If you lose your Wi-Fi connection, don't be concerned; TunnelBear will restore it for you. Once everything is safely connected, it will disable all unprotected communication until everything is secure again.

Encryption that is both reliable and secure

The AES 256-bit encryption technique is used by default in TunnelBear. Weaker encryption is completely out of the question.


Is your VPN inaccessible in some regions or countries? Using GhostBear, you can keep your VPN-encrypted data hidden from governments, corporations, and Internet service providers (ISPs).

Confidence Networks are a type of network that consists of people that have confidence in one another.

Using a list of trustworthy networks, you can program your TunnelBear to connect or disconnect automatically.

TunnelBear is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Your internet activity as well as your physical location are being tracked. Installation of a Bear is recommended in order to safeguard your data and location from hackers, ISPs, and malicious websites.



TunnelBear has been designed and created to be a leaner, trimmer version of itself that suits your browser nicely.

Installation is straightforward.

It doesn't get any easier than this. You'll be browsing in stealth within seconds after installing the software.

Only your browser's information is collected.

This plugin, which has VPN-like properties, encrypts only the traffic that passes through your web browser.


With Linux, Chrome OS, macOS, or Windows, there is no problem. TunnelBear for browsers is compatible with every operating system that Chrome or Firefox is capable of running on, including Mac OS X.

A Simple and Straightforward Design

It's as simple as turning on and off a light fixture. Even a bear may benefit from this easy addition.

TunnelBear VPN is one of the most widely used virtual private network (VPN) services available online. Furthermore, it provides a great lot. To give you an example, it unblocks a range of streaming services such as Netflix, provides numerous features, and maintains a no-logs policy on all of its activities. Additionally, TunnelBear has a free edition, which is a fantastic choice for those who are hesitant to make a long-term commitment.

A TunnelBear VPN advertisement is likely to have appeared on your screen if you've ever listened to a podcast or visited YouTube in the last five years, according to the company. As a result, you would expect that the frequency of this exposure would be proportionate to how well the product performs.

This is a claim that should be looked into in greater detail. As a result, in my TunnelBear review, I'll be looking at the level of security, subscription benefits, connection speeds, and the overall quality of their customer service bears, among other things.

The advantages and downsides of TunnelBear


Plan à titre gracieux

Suitable for on-demand viewing

Robust security features are essential.

Terms of Service that are unambiguous

A fascinating subject matter

Simple to put together


Occasionally unstable connections are encountered.

There is no live chat assistance available.

It is possible to be sluggish.

A touch on the expensive side

For additional information on the features, please see TunnelBear's website.

Is TunnelBear a safe piece of software to use?

In order to protect your connection, TunnelBear uses industry-standard encryption technology to ensure that it remains safe. However, the fact that they are headquartered in a country where data privacy is not well respected is the single significant drawback to their service.

Protocols for encrypting information

The encryption setup used by TunnelBear is equivalent to that of rivals' products. They encrypt data with AES-256 and authenticate it with a SHA-256 hash, both of which are implemented in Java. Even the United States government has allowed its use for the transmission of classified material. This suggests that your connection will be safe, and that no one will be able to easily monitor your internet activities without your knowledge.

Tunneling protocols are what allow you to establish a connection between your device and the virtual private network server. OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and IKEv2 are the protocols that are utilized on Windows and iOS. On Android and macOS, only OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) is supported, with no other protocols. Despite the fact that an application supports both tunneling protocols, you can only choose between OpenVPN (TCP) and IKEv2/OpenVPN while using the application (UDP). This is performed exclusively through the use of the TCP override configuration parameter, as described above.

As they explain on their blog, when you select a country, the protocols "race to see who can connect first." While less tech-savvy users may like the automation, it seems strange to remove the option to manually select a destination. In particular, when IKEv2 and OpenVPN (UDP) are grouped together, it is important to remember that these are two very different types of protocols that are effective in very different settings.


VigilantBear in action, as seen on the screen photo.

Even while referring to its security procedures, TunnelBear maintains a cheerful tone of voice. VigilantBear is the name of the kill switch that they employ. In its most basic form, it serves to protect your privacy during brief periods of time when the connection between your device and the VPN server is interrupted.

While it waits for a response from the VPN server, VigilantBear temporarily disconnects you from the internet connection. If this occurs, data is permitted to transit, allowing you to return to your previous activity without interruption. This option protects you from unintended exposure of your IP address or geographic location.

For the time being, this capability is only available in Windows, Mac OS, and Android applications. Keep in mind that the iOS version of TunnelBear does not have it, so keep that in mind if you want to use it on your iPhone or iPad.

Always keep in mind that, by default, alarms for disconnection and interruption are turned off. As a result, when VigilantBear is activated, you will not receive any notifications as a result. As a result, if you are troubleshooting a connection while it is attempting to fix itself, it is possible that you will start investigating other network components that are otherwise functioning normally.


TunnelBear is not in charge of monitoring or logging your activities on its website. In layman's terms, this means that they do not collect any information on your internet activities while you are using the service:

TunnelBear does not have a policy in place regarding logging of any kind.

In addition to collecting personally identifiable information through their website and non-personally identifiable information through their app, the service also collects information through their social media accounts. According to the company's privacy statement.

For example, TunnelBear VPN is cognizant of the following information:

Your e-mail address is provided here.

Username on the social media platform Twitter (if you opted-in for their special promo)

The operating system's version number can be found here.

The total amount of data used this month

The surname of the cardholder

Also available to them is information held by their third-party payment processors, Stripe and PayPal. This may include the billing address for your credit card as well as other personal information.

Overall, this is a pretty privacy-conscious technique; nevertheless, if you want ultimate anonymity, you should pay in cryptocurrency and take additional precautions. Furthermore, TunnelBear's headquarters are in Canada, which is a member of the United Kingdom-United States (Five Eyes) alliance, which is comprised of countries known for their vast surveillance activities and highly regarded intelligence institutions. However, this is something that people should keep in mind if they are frequent users.

Security audits are performed.

The TunnelBear app has been subjected to independent security audits for three consecutive years, according to the company. In order to identify severe vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit, Cure53, a prominent German cybersecurity organization, reviewed the code, server, and client applications. For example, the most recent audit uncovered two critical, four high, and one medium severity problems, all of which were resolved as soon as they were identified.

If you compare TunnelBear to other VPN service providers, it has undertaken more audits in a short period of time than its competitors have done in a decade.

The following are the characteristics of TunnelBear:

Indicates whether or not the server name has been encrypted.

Their Android applications have a cutting-edge feature that is especially useful for people who live in countries with strict censorship. When a government decides to outlaw virtual private network (VPN) services, it can do it in a number of ways. DNS-level blocking is an example of such a technique.

DNS blocking is a method that comprises configuring a DNS server to prohibit the use of specific VPN brand names on the internet. For example, a TunnelBear server may be placed at the domain name us1.tunnelbear.com in the United States. By blacklisting the word "tunnelbear" at the DNS level, the government might prevent you from connecting to this service and accessing its resources.

A capability that allows encrypted connections to server names has been added to TunnelBear Android apps as a result of this. Countries with strict government regulations will have an easier time interfering with your ability to use a VPN client.

TunnelBear Preventer is a software program that prevents tunnel bears from entering a building.

TunnelBear is a master saboteur.

TunnelBear VPN comes with a set of browser add-ons that are unique to the service. Unlike most other browser extensions, Blocker is only available for Chrome browsers and is, therefore, a completely unique program. It is even possible to utilize it without having to create an account. The number of trackers that have been suspended will be displayed once the field has been filled up.

This feature prevents advertisements, Flash scripts, pixel tracking, microphone access, social media buttons, and WebRTC from being displayed. Additionally, you can include other blocklists that contain known Malware URLs in your security configuration. If you're using a VPN and are concerned about WebRTC leaks (the disclosure of your IP address through the browser's WebRTC function), this is a valuable tool to have available. With this add-on, you will not have to be concerned about anything.


The Ghostbear configuration screen in TunnelBear

As previously noted, various countries are continually looking for new ways to restrict the use of virtual private networks (VPNs). The fact that you are using a VPN may be discovered by your ISP based on your internet traffic patterns under certain circumstances.

Consequently, Tunnelbear VPN use obfuscated GhostBear servers, which employ complex algorithms to disguise your traffic as non-VPN traffic, rather than plain old VPN traffic. It helps you to bypass firewalls and enjoy unrestricted internet access by connecting to a proxy server.

Setting the GhostBear toggle in Settings is all that is required to make the feature operational. Unfortunately, iOS users will be unable to access this feature.

What is the streaming performance of TunnelBear? Does it unblock Netflix?

In spite of the fact that TunnelBear's official stance is that they do not support unblocking streaming services, I was able to unblock the vast majority of the media platforms I attempted using their service.

Upon my first effort, I was able to successfully unblock US Netflix, and I was able to load a US-only title, the first season of Twin Peaks. In contrast to what the information on speed test benchmarks said, the speeds were not as slow. Neither the video nor the audio cut off, nor did any disconnections occur.

In a surprising turn of events, TunnelBear permits users to access the DAZN streaming service, which is typically restricted by the bulk of VPN companies. Consequently, if you're seeking a reliable means to view mixed martial arts or boxing fights, this is a fantastic option.

TunnelBear also had no trouble viewing geo-restricted YouTube videos, which was a pleasant surprise. The BBC iPlayer was the one area where it fell short. It informed you that the service is not accessible in your country, which you accepted.

Briefly stated, if you're looking for an affordable and dependable VPN for streaming, TunnelBear may be the solution. Keep in mind that if something goes wrong, you may not be able to get help from their customer support because of their official attitude.

Plans and expenditures are discussed.

TunnelBear has three different pricing tiers to choose from Free, Unlimited, and Teams. Of course, if you're on a tight budget, the Free plan is the most cost-effective option. If you only require a basic membership, the Unlimited plan is the best option; the Teams plan is intended for business users. The pricing options could not be any more straightforward.

Furthermore, it should be noted that TunnelBear does not provide a formal money-back guarantee on any of its products. On their website, they state that they evaluate each request on an individual basis. It was our good fortune that we were successful in getting our money back, but others may be less lucky.

It is possible that the outcome will be dependent on the generosity of the agent assigned to your request. For those of you who are only interested in trying out the service and do not wish to be charged, using the free version is recommended.

Version Specifications Price

With five simultaneous connections, servers in 26 locations, and a monthly data cap of 500 MB, TunnelBear is a free VPN service that allows you to browse the internet anonymously.

Unlimited VPN connections, servers in 26 countries, and prices starting at $3.33/month are all available.

In order to use TunnelBear Teams, you must have a minimum of three TunnelBear accounts, each of which has the same capabilities as Unlimited, as well as a dashboard for account administration, which costs $17.25 per month.


TunnelBear is a completely free game.

However, while this edition is absolutely free, it does come with a number of significant restrictions. Yes, you can make connections to any of the 26 countries on the planet. The problem is that you are only allowed to use 500 MB of data each month.

Even if you don't wish to watch high-definition videos, this will be far from sufficient for your needs. I reached this limit after only one hour of web browsing, so you can take comfort in knowing that you won't have to worry about exceeding it for a month. It's just not imaginable in any way.

According to the description, the option is intended to provide users with a taste of what their Unlimited subscription will be like. For the avoidance of doubt, it's a free trial period that is time-limited, but not data-limited, as the name implies.

TunnelBear can be used indefinitely.

Their Unlimited plan eliminates the monthly data limits and allows you to connect up to five devices at the same time, saving you money. This implies that you can install TunnelBear on up to five separate devices and use them all at the same time. This should be plenty for small families or small groups of friends to meet their needs.

Aside from that, you can choose from a number of membership durations, with higher discounts available for longer terms of membership. TunnelBear's monthly subscription charge is $9.99, which is on the pricier end of the spectrum and does not include a discount for using the service in a short period of time.

In order to be eligible for the discount, you must sign up for at least a yearly plan, which costs $59.88 per year or $4.99 if paid in 12 monthly installments. They claim that their three-year plan offers the best VPN free value for the money. A three-year commitment of $120.00 is required, which corresponds to $3.33 in monthly payments. Keep in mind that you will be committing to this service for a period of three years. If, after a year, you decide that you'd prefer to switch service providers, you will not be entitled to a refund for the months that have elapsed since you signed up.

TunnelBear teams work together to solve problems.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Teams edition is that you may test it out for free for a period of seven days before purchasing it. When compared to the Unlimited plan, this one includes a separate account management dashboard for easier management. Add users, view invoices, and even delete unneeded users to obtain credit for subscription time that has elapsed, all from a single interface.

The pricing structure can be changed at any time. In the event that you have fewer than three users, the charge is $207.00 per year (which works out to $17.25 per month). This is the least sum of money available. On the other hand, if your business has at least 200 users, the cost might soon rise to $13731.00 per year (or around $6.50 per user each month). It is difficult to justify the service when the numbers are crunched, even with the procedures in place to recoup credit for unused accounts.

Is it worthwhile to use TunnelBear's free version?

Depending on your needs, you may find that some VPN companies provide free versions that are more suitable for regular use as a daily VPN service. For example, ProtonVPN does not impose any bandwidth restrictions, while AtlasVPN is completely free. Many other services, such as Windscribe, have a monthly data cap of 10 GB. Having said that, even if you are given a limitless data budget, you will be restricted in other areas of life.

You may connect to all countries and use all features with TunnelBear's free plan, which offers one major advantage. Connecting to Argentina, for example, would be difficult with Free ProtonVPN, which only covers three countries at the time of writing. In conclusion, TunnelBear's free edition has some applications, but they are few and far between.

TunnelBear's performance in terms of speed: how fast is it?

As a starting point, 1ms/300mbps download/upload and 300mbps upload are recommended.

TunnelBear's transfer speeds are not particularly impressive. When using OpenVPN (TCP), you should expect severe speed reductions to occur. In some cases, the baseline download speed can be reduced by as much as 80% when connecting to other European countries, as much as 90% when connecting to the Americas, and as much as 95% when connecting to the most distant Asian countries.

Other tunneling protocols improve the problem by reducing the time it takes for TCP to complete a tunneling operation. North America saw even bigger drops in download speed, with reductions of up to 47 percent, while Europe suffered the biggest reductions, with reductions of up to 54 percent. (South America, as one might imagine, fared worse, with an 89 percent drop in emissions.) Finally, links to the Oceanic region experienced major reductions of up to 75%.

Having said that, TunnelBear does not distinguish between OpenVPN (UDP) and IKEv2 tunneling protocols. You'll be automatically assigned to either one of the two options. You will have no idea what tunneling protocol is being used unless you perform a port scan to find out.

The only thing that remained constant was upload speeds. When using OpenVPN (TCP), the Netherlands has the fastest upload speed. This is because OpenVPN (TCP) reduces the baseline upload speed by 94 percent. Meanwhile, the best result for OpenVPN (UDP)/IKEv2 was an 86 percent reduction in the amount of data transmitted. Uploading data from other continents will take longer than usual due to the fact that these speeds are only available in Europe, where I currently reside.

Is TunnelBear a reputable torrent client to use?

Torrenting may be a perilous endeavor, and this is especially true when downloading content that is protected by intellectual property rights. Consequently, it is recommended that you utilize virtual private network (VPN) tunnels to protect yourself from DNS leaks and other potential hazards.

Unfortunately, TunnelBear is not the most effective torrent client available on the market. While it makes no mention of peer-to-peer file sharing in its privacy statement, it does not appear to encourage it either. Additionally, the VPN not only lacks specialized torrenting servers, but it also appears to have speed limitations when attempting to use some of the servers that do enable torrenting, which is concerning.

TunnelBear is therefore one of the least acceptable torrenting methods accessible due to its poor speeds and lack of compatible servers, despite its effectiveness at preventing DNS leaks.

TunnelBear's servers and locations are listed below.

Tunnelbear locations on a map

TunnelBear has around 1800 servers spread across 26 different countries. For example, consider alternative VPN providers such as ExpressVPN, which has 3000 servers in 94 countries, or CyberGhost, which has 6400 servers in 88 countries, among others. According to the company, TunnelBear is on the low end of things, with less coverage in places other than North America and Western Europe.

The fact that they virtually doubled the number of server sites last year is worth mentioning nonetheless. If they continue in this direction, they will be able to catch up with market leaders. However, TunnelBear needs to extend its country coverage, particularly given the fact that the most restricted countries, which are also the ones with the most demand for VPNs, are frequently located further away from its available locations.

User interface and usability are important considerations.

Desktop applications are programs that run on a computer's desktop.

When we talk about TunnelBear desktop programs, we are only referring to the ones that run on Windows and Mac OS X. Linux does not have a client and only provides rudimentary support. You will only receive configuration files, which you will need to manually import into your system. In order to avoid this, if you intend to use it on Linux, you're probably better off finding it elsewhere.

The server selection screen on the TunnelBear website.

The Windows client appears to be pretty huge for a VPN - 131 MB in size, to be exact. It's possible that all of the animations are to blame. Keep this in mind if you're working with a less powerful machine. Although it may not appear to be much, it quickly adds up to a significant amount of weight. Even while I was not using TunnelBear, it consumed between 2 percent and 5 percent of my CPU resources.

There are no significant differences between the macOS and Windows versions of the software... Despite the fact that the program appears to be more polished, it is cumbersome to use because it can only be accessed from the system tray. It allows you to choose between dark or bright themes for the entire system, depending on your preferences.

The appearance of TunnelBear desktop programs is, in most cases, what distinguishes them from their competitors. While this is not the most convenient strategy, relying on attractive graphics and bear jokes to distinguish the business from competitors is beneficial in some ways. It is debatable whether or not this is a selling point that compensates for the lack of specialized servers or the need to manually select tunneling protocols in some cases.

TunnelBear's mobile applications are available for download.

The iOS version is objectively substantially worse than the Android version when it comes to mobile performance. To begin with, it is devoid of a kill switch. Consequently, if your connection to a VPN server is broken, you may mistakenly switch to regular browsing, so disclosing your location and IP address to third-party websites.

On iOS, there is an icon for quick access (TunnelBear)

In addition to the Encrypted Server Name Indicator, the Android version has another advantage over other apps. In order to evade VPN restrictions at the DNS level, this built-in feature makes use of encryption.

The rest of the time, the two versions feel and operate in the same way. With features and menus distributed throughout the software, it appears to be both busy and simple in its design and functionality. They might benefit from a facelift in order to make greater use of the screen.

A map of the Android version that has only been partially downloaded (TunnelBear)

Due to the fact that there are just as many animations in the mobile version as there are in the desktop version, you may find yourself having to have a look at the partially downloaded map before connecting anywhere. Additionally, the fact that they have Bear sounds activated is quite aggravating. As a result, if you're not careful, the first time you connect to a VPN server, you'll hear a loud bear roar, which will signal everyone in the vicinity that you're using a VPN with a bear theme.

Customer service is really important.

The fact that Tunnelbear VPN's customer service is headquartered in Canada did not prevent us from receiving a response in less than 3 hours. When you consider that TunnelBear does not provide a live chat service, this is rather outstanding. There are only two choices available: support tickets (to which you will receive a response via email) or their knowledge base (which has a wealth of information).

In the past, users have expressed dissatisfaction with the waiting times on the boards, which can be found by searching for previous subjects on the site's discussion boards. As a result, it's great to see that they've turned things around and that, despite having a restricted number of contact choices, they maintain wait times to a bare minimum.

Is TunnelBear a purchase that is worthwhile?

Virtual private network (VPN) service provider TunnelBear is a top-notch service. With robust security features and a user-friendly interface, it unblocks the vast majority of streaming services such as Netflix, DAZN, and Youtube. One regrettable aspect of their business is that only their longer-term subscriptions are more reasonable, while their free version is absolutely useless. To put it another way, not with the current 500 MB storage limit in place.

It is possible that the VPN's developers will work on enhancing their speeds. Additionally, torrenting may see some improvements as a result of the throttling that users are now subjected to.

On the plus side, I love that the organization provides obfuscated servers, which is very useful for persons who are currently residing in China or other places where internet access is severely restricted.

TunnelBear is making an attempt to compete with market leaders by extending its server fleet and decreasing the time it takes for customers to receive assistance. Despite this, they have a long way to go before they can be considered a top-tier VPN service provider.


Is TunnelBear a well-established corporation with a good reputation?

Yes. TunnelBear retains its position as a VPN provider that does not keep logs of user activities. In addition, they have undertaken independent security audits for the past three years in a row, which is unprecedented. Unlike other trustworthy VPN service providers, they do not charge any additional fees.

Is TunnelBear a data aggregator or a data collector?

It is true that TunnelBear collects certain information about its users. It does not, however, include information such as IP addresses, DNS queries, or other specifics about the content that was accessed. If you pay for the service in an anonymous manner, there is little reason to be afraid.

What is the reliability of TunnelBear VPN?

Quite well, in fact. During our testing, we did, however, come across a few strange disconnects. It is unclear whether the failure was caused by a server or by a more widespread infrastructure problem, but it does happen occasionally.