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Viber spy app
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You can find malware in online stores; many of the apps that release under different headings for the Android and iPhone operating systems are made from open source apps. Many of these programs produce simply by changing the name and icon as various programs and to use the advertising services within these programs and generate revenue for the publisher of the program. Recently, security researchers tracked down a relatively well-known example of Android malware that distribute via fake messengers. According to ESET surveys, the list of features of this malware, called APT-C-23, includes the mute security application notifications with Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei devices, which allows keep it secret even if its activity is detected. Also, the malware can read notifications of Telegram, Instagram, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber messaging applications and effectively steal incoming messages. The spyware malware APT-C-23 can record screen (video and image) as well as incoming and outgoing calls via WhatsApp and can make secret calls by interfering with the black screen of a passive phone. Advanced hacker group APT-C-23 used this malware in 2015 to spy on military and educational institutions. The APT-C-23 spyware track by various security companies under the different names Big Bang APT and Two-tailed Scorpion. The hacker group APT-C-23 has used malware for Windows operating systems (KasperAgent, Micropsia) and Android GnatSpy, Vamp, FrozenCell to attack targets in the Middle East. Compared to previous spyware for Android, the latest version of APT-C-23 can go beyond voice recording, stealing call logs, text messages, contacts, and file types such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, TXT, JPG, JPEG, PNG. An updated version of this spyware software allows it to bypass security notifications that run on Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei devices, so malware can spy on you unnoticed.

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How does spyware work?

Like many malware, spyware gets on your device without your knowledge or permission.

Spyware saw as exploitation software or a web browser. Spyware does not spread like a virus, but instead installs and runs by convincing users to download fake software or by clicking on an ad.

Other ways in which spyware can invade your device includes run-by-download (which loads when you visit a website), phishing links, and even anti-spyware tools. They can also load via USBs and other physical devices.

How can we tell if someone is spying on us?

Using Anti-spyware can help scan your device. However, users should be aware of common symptoms such as computer slowdowns, crashes, and pop-ups, as well as suspicious hard disk activity and running out of hard disk space.

How to prevent their spread?

The dangers of using unreliable app stores have been warned repeatedly. Most of these stores release counterfeit copies. Or, in some cases, even similar packages of applications, many of which infected with malware. Spyware can spy on your activities or steal your confidential and personal information.

For example, there has recently been a Netflix scam that infects systems via SpyNote RAT, which first introduces itself as a real Netflix application and then does not spy on users' activities. As a general rule, do not download any software outside of the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store mix. Avoid.

How to remove spyware?

Removing spyware may seem complicated, but if done right, it can be easy. The process is different on each device, but downloading spyware blocking software, performing security scans, and deleting temporary files is a good start.

Mobile users may also need to update software, uninstall applications, or run a factory reset.

The best Viber spy app for android and iphone:

Why TheOneSpy Viber Spy ?

Every day, new and innovative programs strive to improve quality and performance. Many people have turned to Viber when it comes to audio and video quality. Viber has more privacy and security than other social media such as Facebook and Skype. Where this affects security, it may create a thicker barrier to intrusion. For example, if you are looking to create a crack for access Viber calls and voice and video calls. But TheOne Spy Viber spyware removes barriers, and gives a smooth but invisible entry into your target Viber world:

Viber VOIP Call Recording on Mobile Social Message Installer Installed with TheOneSpy Rootless Spyware:

Viber VOIP call recording software enables users to install and activate the Viber social messaging program on a non-rooted Android phone. Also, it allows you to record one-way IM voice remote calls from the target device.

Users can record and listen to voice messages on the social media app, and only can record one-way voice calls. The IM voice call recorder only works on the latest operating system 10 version and the latest phones. You can listen to and record live video calls and save voice call data on the TOS web. You no longer need to risk your device by rooting.

Using TheOneSpy software for Viber, you can:

  • Take a look at the Viber contacts list and be careful about any recent additions or deletions.
  • Follow Viber chats and read full conversations.
  • View views and dates for each chat.
  • Record Viber video calls with day and time details in each.
  • Read call logs and IM messages directly from your online control panel .

How does TheOneSpy spy on Viber messages?

For many reasons, such as parental control s, employee tracking, and older personal chats, you want to control Viber chats on your target cell phone remotely. You must install the phone Viber spy app for iphone on the target person's device unless he/she is your child, you own the device and you will receive your consent. Now you are done with the installation process and then access the Toss App web control panel and select the Viber monitoring program and activate it. Now you can know all the activities that are done in the target program of social media such as Viber with a full stamp. You can access any conversation, media file that has been shared or received. The user can perform all spy activities on Viber remotely after download the monitoring software for Viber on your mobile phone.


Spyware has spread widely across the web and has existed on mobile devices and computers. You should always be aware of security issues and strictly avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading unknown software. It is recommended to use security software to protect your systems continuously.