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Malware can be found in online stores. Many of the apps that come out for the Android and iPhone operating systems under different names are made from open-source apps. Many of these programs make money just by changing the name and icon to make it look like a different program and using the advertising services within the program to make money for the program's publisher. Recently, security researchers found a well-known piece of Android malware that spreads through fake instant messaging apps. ESET's research shows that this malware, which is called APT-C-23, can turn off security app notifications on Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei devices. This lets it stay hidden even if its activity is noticed. Also, the malware can steal incoming messages from Telegram, Instagram, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber by reading their notifications. The spyware malware APT-C-23 can record the screen (both video and images), as well as incoming and outgoing WhatsApp, calls. It can also make secret calls by messing with the black screen of a passive phone. In 2015, the advanced hacking group APT-C-23 used this malware to spy on the military and schools. Different security companies keep track of the APT-C-23 spyware under different names, such as Big Bang APT and Two-tailed Scorpion. The hacker group APT-C-23 has attacked targets in the Middle East with malware for Windows (KasperAgent, Micropsia) and Android (GnatSpy, Vamp, FrozenCell). Unlike older Android spyware, the latest version of APT-C-23 can steal more than just voice recordings. It can also steal call logs, text messages, contacts, and file types like PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, TXT, JPG, JPEG, and PNG. With an updated version, this spyware software can get around security alerts that run on Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei devices. This means that malware can spy on you without you knowing.

How does spyware work?

Like most malware, spyware gets on your device without your knowledge or permission. Spyware was seen as software for exploitation or a web browser. Spyware doesn't spread like a virus. Instead, it gets installed and runs when users download fake software or click on an ad that looks like it's from a legitimate company.

Spyware can also get on your device through run-by-download (which happens when you go to a website), phishing links, and even anti-spyware tools. They can also load from USBs and other physical devices.

How do we find out if someone is watching us?

By using Anti-spyware, your device can be scanned. But users should be aware of common signs like slow computers, crashes, and pop-ups, as well as suspicious activity on the hard drive and running out of space on the hard drive.

How do stop them from getting around?

Many times, people have been warned about the risks of using app stores that can't be trusted. Most of these stores sell copies that are not real. Or, in some cases, even similar packages of applications, many of which are infected with malware. Spyware can watch what you do or steal your private and private information.

For example, there has recently been a Netflix scam that infects systems with SpyNote RAT, which first poses as a real Netflix app and then doesn't spy on users' activities. As a general rule, you shouldn't download software from anywhere other than the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store. Avoid.

How do I get rid of spyware?

It might seem hard to get rid of spyware, but if you do it right, it can be easy. The steps are different for each device, but a good start is to download software that stops spyware, run security scans, and deletes temporary files.

Users of mobile devices may also need to update software, remove apps, or do a factory reset.

Why is SPY24 Viber Spy the best Viber spy app for Android and iPhone?

Every day, new and different programs try to make things better and better. When it comes to good sound and video, a lot of people use Viber. Viber is safer and more private than other social networks like Facebook and Skype. If this affects security, it might make it harder for people to get in. For example, if you want to make a crack to get into Viber calls, voice calls, and video calls, you can do that. But SPY24 Viber spyware gets rid of those barriers and lets you enter your target's Viber world without them knowing:

Viber Mobile Social Message Installer for VOIP Call Recording on Mobile When SPY24 Rootless Spyware was installed:
With the Viber VOIP call recording software, users can install and use the Viber social messaging app on an Android phone that hasn't been rooted. Also, it lets you record IM voice calls that only go in one direction from the target device.

On the social media app, users can record and listen to voice messages, but they can only record one-way voice calls. The IM voice call recorder only works with the most recent version of Windows 10 and the most recent phones. On the SPY24 web, you can listen to and record live video calls and save information about voice calls. You don't have to root your device anymore.

  • Using SPY24 software for Viber, you can: Look at the Viber contacts list and pay attention to any new or removed contacts.
  • Follow chats on Viber and read the whole conversation.
  • View each chat's views and dates.
  • Each Viber video call can be saved with the date and time.
  • You can check your call logs and IMs right from your online control panel.

How does SPY24 read Viber messages?

You want to control Viber chats on your target cell phone from afar for many reasons, such as keeping an eye on your kids, keeping track of your employees, or reading old personal chats. You must install the phone Viber spy app for iPhone on the device of the person you want to spy on unless that person is your child and you own the device and have their permission. Now that the installation is done, you can go to the SPY24 App web control panel, find the program for monitoring Viber, and turn it on. With a full stamp, you can now see everything that is done in a social media target program like Viber. You can look at any shared or received conversation or media file. After putting the monitoring software for Viber on your phone, the user can do all spying activities on Viber from afar.

Spyware has spread all over the web and can be found on both computers and mobile devices. You should always be aware of security issues and never click on strange links or download software you don't know anything about. It is best to use security software to keep your systems safe all the time.

Find out which Viber spy app is the best.

Review and testing of Viber online tracker apps

There has never been a time when people all over the world were as connected as they are now. Thanks to mobile and Internet technology, our world is getting smaller and smaller. People and businesses are using social media for conversations that used to happen in "real life" more than ever before. So, it's not surprising that employees and guardians would want to keep an eye on what their charges do online. Because of this, you can keep an eye on someone's online activities in real-time with a good spy app.

What are apps that can spy on Viber?

Viber is one of the most popular social networking apps in the world right now. More than a billion people use Viber to connect to a network of instant messages and phone calls. With this app, two people could call each other without having to use their phones. Viber is good for making instant calls between random users, but it also has some problems.

Anyone with Viber can talk to anyone else with a registered phone number, even if they aren't "friends." So, if a user sets up a registered number, they could send them messages for free. Even if they aren't in your phone book, they can still send you a message through Viber. This means that people who don't want to or are dangerous can contact Viber accounts.

Viber Tracker is a free app for Android that lets you track Viber.

Viber is one of the oldest messaging apps, and it's still one of the best. Viber was so creative, and many of its features came out before WhatsApp or Telegram. Viber was the first messaging app for mobile phones that let you call another Viber user for free. Even though Viber isn't as popular as it used to be because of other apps, it's still on the market for many reasons.

  • Let's talk about a few ways that Viber is better than other apps.
  • Viber is probably just a program that works on Linux desks.
  • You can join public chat groups on Viber.
  • With the help of a pin code, we can hide chat.
  • The quality of both video and sound on Viber is probably the best on the market.
  • We can easily play several games with the person we are chatting with.

But in the world of people, the most alarming thing is that there are fewer Viber users than there are for other social media or chat apps. As there aren't many users, it's hard to keep track of them. For example, on WhatsApp, it's easy to see when a certain person is online. So the fact that the user can keep their privacy is one of the best things about it. We don't find a lot of ways to track Viber for a good reason. The number of users is the same reason why Windows has more viruses than Apple.

Teenagers are smart enough to know all of the things we've talked about so far, and sometimes even more. I also want to say again that there aren't many ways to track or monitor Viber on the market. So there is almost no way to track Viber on the market. But Viber online tracking is important because public chat rooms make it easier to meet and talk to strangers. How to keep track of Viber messages? It's a big thing to talk about. As there were almost no ways to track Viber, and developers didn't want to spend time on research and development, this was a problem. stands out from other online apps because it can track full Viber messages. The best thing is that it's not an add-on, and you don't have to pay extra to track Viber.'s full mobile tracker package includes the ability to track Viber messages. Viber can be tracked along with calls, texts, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Map, Gallery, and recordings.

So, again, shows that they are the only company that can handle all of your mobile tracker needs. It can help you keep an eye on every part and function of Viber.

So, when you can track both public and private chats with the Viber tracking feature, it completes the circle of mobile tracking. So, if you think the person you want to spy on is using Viber, you can use the mobile tracker to find out. Only with can you be sure that the user isn't using any other technology to avoid being tracked.

 Is the Viber app safe to use?

Viber has not proven to be a wall that can't be broken through when it comes to security. Research shows that different Viber users were sometimes open to attacks that could hurt them. A big reason for this liability is that people don't know enough about helpful security features. For example, only 14% of users protect their accounts the right way by using full security.

Even scarier is that teenagers are most at risk between the ages of 14 and 17. Using Viber could put your kids in touch with strangers who might ask them for private information. Teens are most worried about cyberbullying, so it's important to keep your kids safe online.

Fraudsters on the Internet could also use sneaky ways to find out confidential information from an organization's employees. A crook could pretend to be a potential client or business partner to trick a staff that doesn't know what's going on. Also, your company's official cell phones may need extra security so that you can keep track of all the messages that are sent and received.

What About Apps That Spy?

So, what do spy apps have to do with any of this? Viber spy apps let you keep track of what a Viber account is doing online in real-time. With a spy app, companies can keep track of what their employees do online, especially if it has to do with work. Employers want to make sure that their employees don't use social media too much or share private information.

Viber spyware also lets parents see what their kids have been talking about on Viber and call them from afar. All of the information about their kids' activities goes into a Control Panel that their parents can access. Even if the account owners delete the conversations and information, the dashboard will still have them.

Best Three Viber Spy Apps

There are many different kinds of Viber spyware that you can get online. But, like other tech innovations, some products have turned out to be more useful than others. Here, we've looked at some spy apps for Viber and listed their pros and cons for users. Read on to learn more about them and to find out which one is our favorite.

SPY24 spy app for Viber

SPY24 is one of the most well-known apps for controlling kids. It's easy to set up, use, and run, and the results are good.

Viber Online Status Tracker

Price: each month is free

SPY24 is a trustworthy all-arounder that gives users peace of mind about their child's safety online. This app lets you know right away if your kids are talking to strangers or showing interest in things you don't want them to be interested in. You can even limit how much time they can spend on Viber every day. This will give them more time to focus on schoolwork.

eyeZy spy app for Viber

eyeZy spy app for Viber is a popular way to keep track of what people are saying on Viber. Price-wise, it's a great deal, and it's easy to use. The app lets parents see all Viber conversations and photos and videos that are sent and received. You can even keep an eye on your child's Viber contact list.

Monthly price: $39.99

SPY24 is one of the best spy apps on the market, and it's great for iPhone users who want to keep an eye on what their kids are doing online. You can see all incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and a lot more with this app.

SpyBubble spy app for Viber

SpyBubble is a great Viber spyware app that works on iPhones and iPads. The app has all the same features that SPY24 does, but it costs less per month. If you're serious about spying on your child's smartphone activities on their iPhone or iPad, this is a great app to check out.

Price: $29.99 per month to start.

Find answers to common questions about Viber Spy Apps in the FAQ.
Here are some answers to questions you might have about apps that can spy on Viber. After talking with the support staff of the best Viber spy apps, we can now answer the questions that most users ask.

Can I use Viber on two different phones?

No, you would need to make two different accounts to do that. This is because the phone number can also be used to sign in to an account. But you can save copies of your files in your email or the cloud. Then you can sync the information with the other phone. This method is helpful for people who want to buy a new phone but keep their Viber history.

How Can I View Hidden Messages on Viber?

You can find hidden chats by looking up the user's name in your list of contacts. After choosing the contact, you would type in the password you used to hide the conversation. Once you change the PIN code for a chat, the app will delete any hidden messages. Back up your Viber data to make sure that it stays safe. If not, use a tracking app to store all of the information on a Control Panel.

Can you find out where someone is using Viber?

As with most other messaging apps, the Viber app lets you find out where someone is. You'll find it on the menu with other sharing options like media, audio, and so on. But the other person has to permit you to know where they are. If you want to track the GPS location of another device, you might want to use a monitoring app.

Can I get back messages I deleted on Viber?

If you backed up your Viber information, you can get back deleted messages by going to Settings > Account > Viber > Restore > Restore Now. But you would have to use monitoring software if you didn't back up your Viber account.

How Can I Tell If Someone Is Using Viber?

Add someone to your contact list to find out if they are using their Viber account. If a number in your phone book is a registered Viber number app will automatically add that person. After chatting with someone, you can see when they were last online and keep track of when they are online. You can find out more about what they do on Viber by installing monitoring apps on their device.

Can I spy on Viber without having the device in my hands?

Yes, many spy apps let you see almost everything the person doing the device does. In 5 minutes, you can install software like SPY24 and start getting at the device's data from afar. So, you wouldn't have to physically hold the device.