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Viber Spy App-Spy On Viber Calls, Messages & Multimedia

If you are worried about your children using Viber excessively or fear your employees are wasting time chatting away on Viber during work hours, SPY24 is the Viber spy software you could rely on. SPY24 lets you track all Viber calls and chats remotely from anywhere.

How to Monitor Viber On Android & iOS Devices Via SPY24?

Watch a tutorial to learn how SPY24 not just monitors Viber chats and group chats but also all shared photos on the target device.

What is SPY24 Viber Tracking?

With SPY24, you can remotely monitor Viber messages, calls and multimedia files your children or employees send and receive on their phones or tablets. Below are the things SPY24 can help you to do:

Track Viber calls logs.
Monitor Viber messages.
View all photos with Viber photo tagging.
Check sender’s name and number.
View time and date stamps.

The No. 1 Viber Spy Tool for a Reason!

We are the No. 1 Viber Spy app and we have some BIG reasons for that. Our Viber Viber Spy iPhone completely monitors every facet of the Viber app, be it call logs, messages, or photos.

Spy Viber on iOS
If you have any jailbroken iOS device with you, you could spy on its Viber app by opting for SPY24’s Jailbreak solution for iPhones and iPads. How good is that?

Works with Android also!
Not just with the iPhone, SPY24 Viber spy apps also work with all old and new Android devices. And just like on iOS, you can spy Viber messages, call logs, and photos.


Viber Spy

Viber Spy: Track & View Viber Messages

Viber Spy

Using the new Viber Spy app from SPY24, you can track anyone’s activities in Viber, save messages, make screenshots

Best Viber spy app

also, the program saves phone calls, SMS, geolocation, takes camera pictures, tracks Viber history best Viber spy app Track Viber messages free Access all their Viber chat messages online

Viber Spy Feature

Spy on Viber private and group chats. Do it remotely, without being discovered.


Spy on Viber Messages Online

Trying to find out what someone’s doing on Viber? Try SPY24’s Viber Spy utility! Read all private and group Viber chats. See timestamps accompanying chats. Access call records. Check the names and phone numbers of Viber contacts. View photos and other media files uploaded to Viber.

Spy on Viber Messages (100% Works!)

Why do you need to spy Viber app?

Instant Messaging apps like Viber are safe havens for cyberbullies and online predators for personal one-on-one interaction.
There are more than 800 million registered Viber users; it could be one of your children too, roaming recklessly, making calls, and sending messages to anonymous people.
Parents need to limit their kids’ use of instant messaging apps that have made sexting and child pornography normal.
With employees having an internet-ready, company-owned cell phone, killing time at work gets easier with free calls and text messages.
SPY24 Viber Spy can monitor all text messages and multimedia that are sent or received on the monitored device, ensuring that your employees stay fully-focused during office hours.
With SPY24, you can also take care of the workplace bullying that’s eminent with the use of social networking apps by employees.
As a manager, you can avoid the office grapevine by having tabs on all the informal channels of communication, including Viber and other IM apps.

Viber Spy

How does Viber Spy work?

Spy on Viber with our Viber Spy App

Do you have SPY24 installed on the target device? You can start monitoring Viber activity by logging in to the SPY24 home screen. You’ll find the Social Apps>Viber option in the selection panel to the left.

The Viber window shows the messaging activity in reverse chronological order. Every chat thread carries a timestamp. You’ll know exactly when a chat started and ended.

You get to see who the target was talking to, including their name, number, and display picture. You can browse through all uploaded photos and videos. Also, if calls were made, you can see the call logs.

Note that SPY24 will save Viber activity to your account. That means even if a user deletes a conversation thread, you’ll still have access to it.

Do I need to root or jailbreak my phone?

You don’t need to root the target device to spy on Viber. Note that the Viber Spy feature won’t work with target iOS devices. However, SPY24 can still monitor messages, iMessage, WhatsApp, and LINE.

Works in the Background
SPY24 is a hidden spy utility. It can’t be detected. After it’s installed, you can hide it. Afterward, it will run in the background without slowing the phone down or draining the battery.

Why Spy on Viber?

There are several scenarios where spying on Viber may be necessary. You may need to do it to look out for someone close to you. Alternatively, you may be trying to protect your business interests.

If you’re a parent whose children use Viber, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their Viber activity. There are plenty of people with bad intentions out there who target children. SPY24 will assist you in keeping your kids safe.

As an employer, you can use SPY24’s Viber Spy feature to observe your employees if they use the program. Check to see if they’re chatting on Viber if they should be working. Alternatively, a dishonest employee may use the platform to sell company secrets.

SPY24 is one of the rare few apps with a Viber spy feature that works without root. Start spying on Viber with SPY24 now!


How to install Viber Spy

How does Viber Spy work?

The answer is simple: it runs in the background, usually going unnoticed by the device’s user, and collects data from device’s Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook and Web browser. The app is effectively hidden from the user, which makes it rather hard to discover (unless you know what you’re looking for).

In addition, it has been optimized to go easy on the device’s battery life, so the tracked user won’t experience any noticeable battery life decrease. The Viber log created by Viber Spy free app is available for you to view and download any time in your online account at SPY24.

Nothing stops Viber Spy from working properly

The logs will be created and delivered to you even if the user chooses to erase the messaging history in Viber. You’ll have access to the exact date and time when every message was sent, the contacts list, and the files shared in a conversation even if they are deleted shortly after sending.

This is true not only for Viber but also for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger apps. Viber Spy works in the same way for mobile browsers: you’ll be able to view the tracked user’s browsing history and downloads even if they were using Private/Incognito mode.

Other features

A couple of other useful functions that you’ll find in the Viber Spy app are location tracking and SIM card lock. If you activate location tracking, you’ll have a log of all user’s movements and positions during the day in your account, as well as the ability to monitor their current location.

The SIM card lock function will notify you if the user has replaced the SIM card in their device. In addition, you can make sure that the phone’s front camera takes a shot every time someone unlocks the device. This happens discreetly, and the resulting photos will be sent to your account, where they are always accessible for you to view. Using this feature, you can gain valuable insight into how often the device is being unlocked by an employee (or maybe your child at school), so you have an idea of how often they get distracted from work or studies.

If the targeted device is used by multiple people, these photos could also help you identify who sent a particular message or googled a particular phrase. Finally, should the device get stolen or misused, there’s a good chance that the culprit’s face will be photographed the first time they unlock the device.


Viber Spy free app is available for Android, Windows, and Mac OS devices. While it is compatible with the vast majority of computers, you’ll have to make sure that it is fully compatible with the ANdroid phone that you intend to track.

First of all, it has to run Android 4.0 or higher, otherwise, you won’t be able to install and use the app. Second, the phone will have to be rooted for some functions (retrieving Facebook messages, for instance). However, most functions, including a complete Viber log, will be available even on an unrooted device.

Monitoring someone’s phone is now a piece of cake

Viber Spy from SPY24 is a great way of asserting some control over the smartphone activities of your employees or children. If you’re worried that your staff members are using corporate devices for their own private purposes, Viber Spy will help you check whether your suspicions are true or not.

If they are, it’ll provide you with an instrument for identifying the procrastinating employees and confronting them with proof of their misbehavior. If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s safety or focus during school (or both), Viber Spy is an invaluable tool for tracking just about everything your child can do with his/her smartphone.

You’ll no longer have to receive reports from school saying that your son plays video games during classes or call your daughter multiple times trying to find out where she is. All you have to do is install the Viber Spy free app on your child’s smartphone and then use your account to access the most up-to-date information about his/her activities and location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Spy On Viber Messages And Calls Using SPY24?

With SPY24 Viber spy software, all Viber text messages and call logs will be automatically uploaded to your web account from where you can access them anytime.

Can I Spy On Viber Without Accessing The Target Device?

You would require a one-time access to the target device to download and install SPY24 on it. Upon successful installation, you can spy on Viber without accessing the target device.

Can I Access Even Those Viber Logs That Are Present On The Target Device Prior To The Installation Of SPY24?

Any Viber call logs, messages, or photos available on the target device prior to the installation of SPY24 will be retrieved and uploaded to your SPY24 web account.

Can I Download The Monitor Viber Calls, Messages And Multimedia To My Computer?

Yes, SPY24 provides you the convenience of exporting all the monitored Viber logs from your SPY24 web account to your personal computer.


Monitoring Viber Messenger

Track their messages and other Viber activity in stealth mode.Read their personal and group conversations with SPY24.Access and download their media files on Viber.Find deleted messages thanks to the backup feature.Check contact details like names, numbers, and pictures.
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