View Installed Apps On Monitored Android and iOS Devices

How to Remotely View Installed Apps On Monitored Android And iOS Devices?

Find out how SPY24 lets you remotely view apps installed on monitored Android and iOS devices.

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Detailed Call Logs for your iPhone, Android, mobile and cell phone, including time, duration, number of calls made and phone number or contact’s name. Works with all smartphones and providers, like: T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Boost mobile, etc.


Remotely access call recording s, incoming/outgoing/missed or rejected calls and contacts on target device.


Track conversations, shared attachments and more activities on social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.


Get screen time reports and know all installed applications on target device to block harmful apps or games for kids.

Why do you need to monitor your kids’ installed apps using SPY24?

Most adults believe that their kids share everything that they do online. However, according to a McAfee study, 70 percent of kids (teenagers) hide their online activity from their parents. If kids are hiding something from their parents, this itself is not a very great news for the parent-child relationship. Many kids hide adult apps on their phones that could be potentially very harmful for them. With SPY24, you can not only view all installed apps but also any activity relating to those apps. Your employees could also be hiding apps on their company-provided phones that they are not allowed to use. Many apps have poor security and with their installation on a device, they could make it vulnerable to various external malicious threats. By using SPY24, you can protect your valuable corporate information against different types of digital thefts by preventing their use during work. Track Installed Apps To prevent child from being influenced by inappropriate apps, stop smartphone addiction and help them get focused, SPY24 can not only track installed applications and monitor usage frequency, but also supports to set time restrictions or downtime for apps and even block them.

You can set SPY24 monitoring preferences using its dashboard

Android spying software enables parents and employers to set their monitoring preferences. The parental control and employee monitoring solution give you the privilege that do you want to monitor the target cellphone device, and you can sync the data of the target device into your dashboard. You can change the sync settings of tracking location, recording of phone calls, and social media spying.
Set Your Monitoring preferences on Android with SPY24 spy app

The Android tracking app is the tool that gives you a privilege to set your preferences that how you would like to monitor the target device and further how you do want to upload the data of the target device. You can visit the web control panel of the mobile surveillance software and further get access to the settings and you need to change the data upload settings. It empowers you to change the app settings, sync settings and last but not the least to change the settings of tracking location.

Frequently Asked Questions - rack Installed Applications List

Can I View The Entire Installed Apps List From The Monitored Device Using SPY24’s Installed App Monitoring Software?

With SPY24, you can view all the apps that are installed on the monitored device, including stock and third-party apps.

I Think My Child Is Using A Vault To Hide Apps, What Can I Do?

With SPY24, you can view all the apps installed on the cell phone or tablet of your child. Not only you can view the hidden installed apps but also the vault that your child would be using to hide those apps.

Which Devices Are Compatible With SPY24 Installed App Monitoring Software?

Using SPY24, you can view the installed apps list on both Android and iOS devices of your children or employees. However, make sure that the target Android device is running Gingerbread 2.3 or above, and the target iOS device is running iOS 6.0 or above. We would encourage you to visit SPY24’s Compatibility Page to avoid any hardware or software-related discrepancies.

What Are The Prerequisites To View Installed Apps From A Device Using SPY24?

To remotely view the apps installed on a cell phone or tablet, make sure that SPY24 is installed and running successfully on the device you wish to monitor. You will also need a working internet connection on the monitored device for the app to upload data to your SPY24 web account.

How Can I Access The Installed Apps List From A Monitored Device Via SPY24?

To view the installed apps list via SPY24, go to “Dashboard” on your SPY24 web account, and look for the “Installed Apps” tab. Click on it to view all the apps installed on the monitored device.

What is SPY24 Installed App monitoring?

  • With SPY24, you can remotely check all the apps that have been installed on the target phones or tablets of your employees and children. SPY24 lets you: Check all apps installed on the target device. View details like app version and download date.
  • SPY24 Installed application list tracking designed for:
  • For Parental perspective: Digital parenting is as important to traditional parenting in a current scenario where children are tech-savvy and have become obsessed with the digital world. In a situation like this, parents can use SPY24 android tracking software to monitor the installed application list on teen’s phones and tablets remotely.
  • It empowers parents to prevent teens to use apps like dating apps, social messaging apps that could lead teens towards strangers and blind hookups. Parents can get to know about all the installed applications on teen’s phones.
  • For Business perspective: The use of malicious and disapproved applications by the Google play store on the company’s digital devices could harm your devices and well as the confidential data stored on devices. Moreover, installations of entertaining, social, and online shopping applications enable employees to waste too much time in working hours.

Three Ways to Track Installed Apps on iPhone and Android Devices | Phone Track| Phone Monitoring

This article shows you how to track installed apps on iPhone or Android devices. You can easily know what apps has installed on the target devices and block those you don’t wish someone to use.

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