Vlc Media Player Free Download for Pc - Mac - Android -iPhone

Vlc Media Player Free Download for Pc - Mac - Android -iPhone
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VLC Media Player 2022 Latest Version Free Download

VLC, a popular open-source media player, is available for free download. Compatible with all major platforms and plays all video and audio formats.

3.0.8 is the current version. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android are the operating systems available. License:\Freemium\s🏢 VideoLAN is the name of the developer. 2,141,810 total downloads Video Player is a category of video players.

Vlc Media Player Free Download

VLC Player is a completely free and virus-free media player. Free

VLC is a free open-source media player that can play almost every video format. In less than two minutes, you'll be watching videos on your computer or phone by clicking the button below.

Vlc Media Player Free Download for Pc - Mac - Android -iPhone

How to Get the Most Up-to-Date Version of VLC Media Player

To proceed directly to the VideoLan website, click the DOWNLOAD button.

To download VLC, click the DOWNLOAD VLC button.

The installer will appear, and you may select your preferred language from over 50 possibilities before pressing the NEXT button.

Click NEXT if you're happy with the default options (I am), otherwise add or delete checkmarks before clicking NEXT.

Select your destination folder or leave it as is, and then click INSTALL.

This completes the installation procedure, and VLC is now ready to use.

Overview of VLC

VLC is frequently referred to as the "only media player you'll ever need," but is this true? It is, in my opinion.

When downloading TV and movies became popular in the early 2000s, I started using VLC. I'd burn the files on discs and have a lot of trouble getting Windows Media Player to play them. A friend recommended that I download VLC since it would solve all of my problems without requiring me to download or learn about codecs.

I downloaded VLC and was ecstatic to find that it supported a wide range of codecs, read burned CDs and DVDs, handled subtitles flawlessly, and was incredibly simple to use. It's been one of the first programs I download whenever I buy a new computer since then.

So, what exactly is it about VLC that makes it so fantastic?

The first thing to note is that VLC is completely free. There are no additional features in the premium editions. You may watch videos, webcams, stream, record your screen, listen to music, and more with just a free download.

Developers can make downloadable plugins and new features for the software because it is open-source. This allows it to readily interact with other apps and online video providers, among other things.

The video or audio playback can be adjusted using a variety of customizing tools. You can also download a selection of skins to customize the appearance of your player.


Almost every video and audio format is supported.

Increase the volume to 200 percent of the original.

Subtitles can be found, downloaded, and installed.

Make a music playlist.

Play ZIP files without having to unzip them.

Torrent files can be played while they are still downloading.

Look for and add album covers to your collection.

VLC isn't flawless, even with all of the aforementioned. Some of the advanced tools, such as converting files between formats or recording your screen, are more complicated than they should be.

How to Use VLC to Find Subtitles

The subtitle search feature is one of VLC's most useful additions.

This will open a window where you may type in the title of the show or movie, the season and episode number, as well as the language. VLC will present you with several alternatives, one of which is to click the DOWNLOAD button, which will download and install the subtitles.

How to Remove VLC from Windows

One of the advantages of the VLC Media Player is that it is just as simple to remove as it is to install. Because the software does not include any adware or bloatware, all you have to do is use the Add or Delete Program option to remove the program.

Is VLC a free program?

Yes, it is completely free. There are no hidden fees, premium member advantages, or advertisements.

Is VLC a safe program?

I ran the file through VirusTotal and found that it had no flags. If you download VLC from the official VideoLAN website, you'll get a virus-free version with no spyware, adware, or bloatware.

VLC can play a variety of file types.

VLC is a multimedia player that supports over 50 different formats, including video, audio, and streaming. Most formats, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, and MP3, do not require Codec packs.

What is the location of the VLC Open Source code?

Check out the VideoLAN support page for further information if you're a developer interested in contributing to the VLC project.

Why is my video grainy or lagging in VLC?

Poor video experiences can be caused by a variety of things. The biggest issue, though, is a slow CPU. If this is the case, try disabling other programs you aren't using to free up some resources on your computer.

Because VLC is a free source, it has a significant user community that discusses video playback bugs and other topics. If stopping other applications doesn't solve the problem, there are many forums where you can get help troubleshooting your problems.

VLC Media Player is a free media player for Windows.

Download the.EXE Installer, which works on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.

Open the file you just downloaded.

Permission to run the player on your Windows should be granted to the administration.

Select "Install" from the drop-down menu.

Stick to the instructions on the screen.

Finish by pressing the Finish button.

VLC Media Player is a free media player for Mac.

Download Mac OS X

The.DMG installer file can be downloaded here.

Go to "Download Files" and run the "VLC Media Player.DMG" setup.

Drag & drop the VLC file to the "Application" folder from the "Download" folder. The VLC Media Player will be copied to the Application folder as a result of this.

Double-click the VLC Media Player icon and select "Open." If requested, grant all essential permissions.

VLC Media Player for Android is available for download as an APK file.

Google Play is a search engine that allows you to

Toggle on "Unknown Sources" in "Settings."

VLC Media Player APK is available for Android.

To open the downloaded file, double-click it.

Give all of the essential permissions before tapping "Install."

Allow for the completion of the installation process.

VLC Media Player for iOS is available for download.

iTunes for iPhone/iPad

VLC Media Player is a free media player for iOS.

Tap "Install" after opening the downloaded file.

By entering your password, you grant all of the necessary rights.

Wait for the app to be downloaded and installed.

The VLC media player is a cross-platform multimedia player that can play most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming. It is free and open-source.

It adds support for a variety of new devices, formats, and metadata, as well as improving most of the existing ones in preparation for next-generation codecs. the club can be downloaded for subtitles.

What's New in macOS 10.9:

Versions 3.0.12 and 3.0.13 can no longer be updated automatically and will require human intervention.

Versions 3.0.11 and earlier should update to 3.0.14 automatically.

Add a new RIST access module (VSF TR-06-1) that is compliant with the simple profile.

Output from Access:

Add a new RIST access output module that complies with the VSF TR-06-1 simple profile Demux:

The adaptive's handling of resolution settings has been fixed.

Improve the support for Bluray tracks.

WMV and DASH support should be improved.

Modules for AVI and MKV have been fixed to prevent crashes.

Output audio:

On macOS, fix audio distortion at the start of playback.

Output Video:

Fix some potential issues while using video filters in Direct3D11.


Several changes to the online interface, including privacy and security.

Scripts for YouTube and Vocaroo should be updated.

Mouse handling with the rotation filter has been improved.

Translations should be updated.

VLC media player, the greatest Open Source player, is available for download from VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.

VLC is a free media player.

VLC is a cross-platform multimedia player and framework that supports most multimedia formats as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and a variety of streaming protocols.

Simple, quick, and effective

Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices, and Streams are all supported.

Most codecs are supported without the requirement for codec packs - MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3...

Runs on all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, and Android.

There is no spyware, no advertising, and no user tracking.


Toss in some skins.

With the VLC skin editor, you may make your skins.

Add extensions to your browser.

VLC media player for Windows official downloads

Download VLC for Windows.

VLC for Windows Store is available now.

VLC is a media player for Windows Phone.

Platforms for Apple

VLC is a media player for Mac OS X.

VLC for iOS is available for download.

VLC for Apple TV Sources is available for download.

You can also grab the source code directly.


VLC for Debian is available. GNU/Linux

VLC for Ubuntu is available for download.

Download VLC for Mint Download VLC for openSUSE

VLC is available for Gentoo Linux.

VLC for Fedora is available.

VLC for Arch Linux is available for download.

Download VLC for Slackware. Linux

VLC for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Other Systems is available now.

VLC on Android is available for download.

VLC is a media player for Chrome OS.

VLC for FreeBSD is available.

Download VLC for NetBSD.

VLC for OpenBSD is available.

VLC for Solaris is available.

VLC for QNX is available.

VLC for OS/2 is available.