Ways To Hacking Viber

Ways To Hacking Viber
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First, let's introduce the Viber application: Hacking Viber

What is Viber?

On December 2nd, 2010, a purple app called Viber was introduced to the world. Viber is a free software application that is possible to install on Android, iOS, and Windows systems.

Viber allows its contact to make free calls, texts, pictures, and video messages with each other, it makes communication easier with all around the world and you can see, talk or chat with your beloved one every time you want to How does it work?

Ways To Hacking Viber

Exactly you have to connect to a server first then you should use a hardware system to install Viber from the internet on its software. It can be your mobile phone, laptop, pc system, etc.

You have to enter your phone number first, second, you received a code by phone call or text message, third you import the text you’ve got and now you have a personal account in the Viber application.

Automatically it will link you to your contacts and friends and if they have a Viber account either, they can have the experience to make a way to talk to you from far away.

The facilities

Well, the producer of Viber who calls Rakuten Viber company assigned many options for users to have an easy and safe relevance experience.

Group chats (up to 200 participants)

This popular feature allows you to make connections with your groups of friends, coworkers, classmates and etc.

In these days that we see Covid-19 virus which threatens our lives and health, it’s a good way to keep our self's and dears away from danger, whit this option in Viber software we can easily make our communications and work done without danger

Anyone can set up a group and invite their connections to join. Groups are only being deleted when all members leave the group. A group member can leave a group chat at any time. It appears that administrators or group participants cannot remove a member from a group.


You can make your chats and texts with expressing your emotions by sending different stickers and emojis to the one you're talking with

Viber makes it easier for you by publishing new emoji and stickers for its users to enjoy the app more. You can download these stickers from the app and it’s a notice that many of the stickers are free but you have to pay for a few packs of them.

Viber games

In the last updates, we can see that the software gets more entertaining.

You can download the game for your laptop, tablets, and every system you got from Viber and play with everyone you want to.


It's more comfortable for every user to be sure about their safety and privacy. You need to know that you have to get the number of persons you want to talk with and your profile photo is visible for your contacts and every member of the groups you have joined before.


Viber allows the users to share their location with each other, and it’s a good way for the parents to get sure of their children's safety.

Till this part of the article, we understood that Viber is a software application that is good to use for our online communications

But after this, we going to pay attention to how we can infiltrate others' Viber accounts without their knowledge.

You have to be careful, cause with a little mistake there is many persons who want to get to your privacy and abuse you with them

But the original question is how we can hack or get to the people's Viber accounts without their knowledge.

There are 2 ways to Hacking the Viber messenger

Viber messenger is an approximately secure software that you can use safely, however, there are some ways people can make it insecure, let's see below:

First, use a mobile tracking app

Nowadays there is many software tracking which is mostly designed for parents to control their children to get sure about their safety but by installing these applications on your system you're allowed to get into people's privacy, their messengers their gallery and absolutely their messenger software as Viber messenger

There are many applications for this move

SPY24 app Hacking Viber messenger

This application is a complete tracker for everybody who wants to check their children, family member, and partner.

By observing carefully, the SPY24 website claims that the application going to get hidden after setting up and the phone owner who you want to control secretly has no idea about the presence of this application on their system.

The facilities: https://spy24.app/viber-spy

Well we can say this software allows you to act like a spirit on your person mentioned

You can monitor the camera by the phone off

Check the gallery

Check the messages, calls and etc.

After this, you can check the software messengers as Viber which is purpose.

You can order this software from the website. There are many packages and you can choose which one is moderate for you

Then the operator will guide you.

Second way Viber QR code

to use this method, you need to install Viber on your laptop or computer, after that, you need to use the phone you want to track and monitor the QR code on your laptop

the system will scan the QR code and that’s same Viber account will set on your system's application. Any treat that your chosen person does on their Viber account would be shown on your system and you can follow your person easily.

After all these

I think this is a better way to choose a phone tracker software to follow your person more easily because you know for monitoring and scanning the QR code on your system means a laptop, computer and etc. you have to do it secretly and it takes you a long time to do

I mean maybe the person you want to hack will find out what are you doing and everything going to destroy

But by installing a phone tracker software as SPY24 nobody's going to know what's happening but you.


If you are searching this thing and it's your matter to find out what's happening on their phone and actually Viber messenger the SPY24app is the best way for you to do what you want

It’s a complete application form in every way.

Is it possible to hack into Viber?

Messages are delivered to Viber's server in an encrypted format, making them unreadable by anyone else. They will only be decrypted once they have reached the device of the recipient. As a result, your conversations, whether they are chats or phone calls, are protected from being read or intercepted, even while they are on Viber servers.

Is Viber a secure platform for personal information?

Viber's end-to-end encryption ensures that no one can read your personal chats, whether they are one-on-one chats, group chats, audio or video calls, or any other type of communication. Viber by default employs end-to-end encryption, which ensures that they do not have access to your messages at any point during the transmission process.

What is it about WhatsApp that makes it more popular than Viber?

When it comes to the total number of users, WhatsApp is by far the most popular app. The number of people who use it has increased as well as the size of their fan base. This is especially true now that Facebook owns the company. In spite of this, Viber is slowly gaining popularity among users as a result of the additional features it provides that WhatsApp does not.