What to do if your bank account has been hacked?

What to do if your bank account has been hacked?
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With the rise of e-government and Internet systems, your access to your bank is now faster despite the increased risk of hacking. The first and biggest advantage is that you will be notified every time you receive a text message.

Then if this is not you, you have to think of a solution. What to do? Log in to your account immediately and block your internet account. If this is not the case with your system, write down the person's IP immediately.

Then change your password and log out of all systems. This kind of hacker who has left the site will not be able to access it again and you can get more information by removing the possible IP (which is usually fake).

Another way is to anticipate a series of restrictions for your account. For example, logging in only from a specific IP will not be easy and one step at a time, and all of this will help you to have a more secure account.

Also, if you do not have access to the Internet, you can immediately contact your bank during business hours and make it unavailable by providing your personal information and account. Or if not, block your account via mobile phone.

But in any case, talk to your bank about such a thing so that they can fix it by finding a bug.

Hack bank account

Now we want to explain how to be vigilant and aware so as not to be attacked by hackers. One of the most common ways to steal bank accounts is to design fake or phishing pages, so that with a simple internet search you want to buy goods through online stores, but hackers take you to their fake site to pay for a similar page. The main payment gateway is the bank, they direct you and by entering the bank account information, including card number, second password, cvv2 and expiration date of the card, you inadvertently provide all the necessary information to this group of people. So the first caveat is that you have to buy from reputable internet sites. To do this, you must identify fake pages from the main site of banking portals.

what to do if our bank account has been hacked?

You have to recognize this difference and close the way for hackers to infiltrate. The next point is to pay attention to the URL of the site, note that before the address of each site you make a purchase in the address bar, the https protocol is mentioned, and if it is http, skip the purchase because there is this small s of information exchange security Guaranteed. Thirdly, in all reputable online shopping sites, the logo of the electronic trust symbol is shown. If this symbol is not available on the page, do not buy and provide banking information. Another way for hackers to infiltrate is through smartphones. In this form of fraud, hackers infiltrate the prey's personal information by embedding a type of virus in one of their own banking or even non-banking software. It should be noted that these viruses are activated during the transaction and provide account information to hackers. It is recommended that users receive electronic payment applications from reputable banks and sites introduced by the application developers themselves.

If you are careful in smart phones after installing an application, it will ask you for the necessary permissions to run, so you should be careful to run a game to access unrelated components such as: SMS, contacts, phone cameras And do not activate ... which is not related to the game.

The third way hackers infiltrate is a way called key logger, in which the hacker enters a type of virus into your device that copies, types, sends and sends everything to the hacker, giving full access to your bank account information and other private files. will find.

To prevent this virus from entering your mobile phone, you must first install a strong antivirus and pay attention to the issues mentioned earlier. The fourth way to penetrate is through cellular eavesdropping, in which case you have problems with your bank account and instead of contacting your bank operators in person, users usually provide their bank account information to the operator in such conversations. To solve their problem, in the meantime, hackers receive user information and start hacking operations.

To prevent intrusion, users should not tell or send important account information to people by phone or text message. It should be noted that bank employees never receive important information from you over the phone and solve your problem in person.

Another important point is that you should never do your financial transactions, even buying a charge through public Wi-Fi, because instead of entering the banking portal, you may enter fake pages and your bank account may be hacked. We can easily get rid of hackers by activating the recently launched one-time password.

If you are careful, hackers can withdraw money and abuse it by obtaining your bank account information. It is practically removed from the bank account. This means that by activating the dynamic password, your account will never be hacked if you do not inadvertently pay attention to all of the above.

Keep in mind that we all have important and valuable information on our mobile phones, so we must be careful to download applications and information received such as photos, music and videos from unreliable sites, because access to personal and non-banking information through the penetration of a virus that It lies within these files and software, it is always possible and it will threaten us

The existence of a security hole in software installed on a computer or mobile phone, the existence of keylogger programs and all kinds of other methods can lead to hackers infiltrating users' privacy and compromising all personal accounts, including bank accounts. .

By observing all security principles, the possibility of hackers infiltration will be less, but it will never disappear. On the other hand, the process of protecting personal accounts is not limited to users, and to this day we have often heard reports of information and passwords of users of large services being hacked into their servers.