WhatsApp Hack Online | Read Correspondence

WhatsApp Hack Online | Read Correspondence
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An extremely popular and successful messaging apps, WhatsApp has naturally been the target of hackers and malicious attacks. Of course, the intentions of hacking a WhatsApp account are not always malicious or illegal; many times, concerned parents ask for monitoring their children’s accounts, or ethical hackers are looking for criminal activities etc.

How to WhatsApp Hack

WhatsApp developers and security team have done their best to fix security flaws, and optimize the protection and privacy of the users. For instance, it was announced back in 2016 that end-to-end encryption will be applied on all of WhatsApp chats. It means that only the sender and recipient can read the sent message. However, every security measure is still vulnerable and not foolproof. Sometimes, it is actually easy for experienced hackers to pass the security barriers.

Keylogger s are easy, inexpensive tools used for hacking. A keylogger is basically a program that keeps “logs” of the keystrokes typed in a device, be it a computer or a mobile phone. It the stores these logs for further use of the hacker. The hacker can read the logs later and decipher the desired information, like passwords, or read whatever the user types into their WhatsApp chats. Moreover, most of the spying software have an integrated keylogging feature.

However, keyloggers are useless against anti-virus programs, and also most of the free keyloggers are malware themselves. Some of the recommended keyloggers include: Spyrix Personal Monitor (works on Windows and Android & iOS, has a free version), Actual Keylogger (for Windows and MAC, prices from 60$), Copy9 (requires rooting and internet connection for Android; prices start at 21$ for basic features ), and Refog Personal Monitor (works on Windows, has free trial).

Hacking using phone number

The services offered by WhatsApp use mobile phone number. At the same time, there is a major flaw in telecommunication networks as they are based on the signaling system SS7 (Signaling System number 7) for connection. Hackers can exploit this flaw to trick the telecommunication network provider and make them believe they are in the possession of the target phone number. WhatsApp sends the verification code to that number and hackers can now access the target WhatsApp account. This method has a drawback, though: WhatsApp will notify the real client that their number have been used on another device.

Here, the vulnerability is not caused by WhatsApp itself; the flaw is inherent in the SS7 system, and is almost impracticable to be fixed.

WhatsApp website exploit (QR code)

WhatsApp application and its webpage are connected; the web page can scan your WhatsApp account’s QR code, the original intention being the convenience of using WhatsApp on laptops and PCs. The problem with this is that everyone can do this, if they have access to the target mobile device. When the WhatsApp Web is opened, it will show a QR code. The next step is to use the target device’s app to scan the code, and you will be signed in and can access their account on your computer.  

By hacking Facebook

WhatsApp is owned/based by/on Facebook, and by hacking the target person’s Facebook account, the hacker can easily get access to their WhatsApp account.

Hacking software

There are plenty of software on the internet that claim to be able to hack WhatsApp (for free or paid). There are so numerous that it’s difficult to find a reliable one. In the following, some of the best ones are introduced.

  • WappRazor

This application is one of the most recommended ones for hacking WhatsApp. It works in all countries and with every operating system (mobile phones and desktop). Using this app and its many features is easy, quick, and completely hidden. This app provides total control on the target WhatsApp account, including sending and receiving messages, updating your location, and posting stories, among others. Also, no jailbreaking is required.

  • TheTruthSpy

This spying application has many capabilities; so many so that many businessmen rely on it for monitoring their employees’ activity on the web. Although the app has been observed to be prone to bugs and similar issues, it does have the full ability to spy on WhatsApp and even retrieve the data deleted from WhatsApp. This app works on both Android and iOS. Prices start from 30$ per month (for basic plan) to 40$ per month (for gold plan), which has the fullest feature package.

Hoverwatch is a useful app to hack WhatsApp and offers an impressive set of features, including: invisibility, accuracy of data and location, taking control of the camera, recording calls, etc. The app, however, has weaknesses; it requires rooting, and although it is compatible with Android, MAC and Windows, it does not work on iOS.

The pricing plan starts from 30$ for basic personal plan up to 150$ for business plan, which allows monitoring up to 25 devices.

  • Spybubble

A powerful and reliable spying app, Spybubble provides all the features required from such an app; for example, remote working, stealth, message log and call recording , tracking location, etc. This application is (or claims to be) basically developed for monitoring children and employees (with their consent). Also, the new versions of Spybubble notify the target user that their phone is being monitored. The app, therefore, can be, to some extent, regarded as legal.

This app is compatible with almost all platforms, but there are a few features that it lacks, like blocking websites and the logs that it provides from stored files are not fully comprehensive.

WhatsApp Hack Online | Read Correspondence

Spybubble offers two 1-year plans: the standard plan costs 50$ and the pro subscription 90$.

  • MAC spoofing

MAC spoofing is a complicated method for hacking WhatsApp; however, it’s free and is immune to detection. The hacker would need to briefly access the target phone.

The hacker deletes the app from their own device, finds the MAC address, in the form of 6 pairs of numbers, on the target phone (the process is slightly different for Android and iOS). They later need to use a spoofing app and follow their instruction.

Social engineering

Social engineering is not done by exploiting a bug or a flaw in an application or system. It also cannot be prevented or fixed in the ways used to fix them. The targets of social engineering are people, and the goal is to make them do what the attackers want.  

It is almost sadly easy for many people to be fooled this way. In WhatsApp, a large number of people have been asked at some point to enter a six-digit number sent (by SMS) to their phone. This is almost certainly from a hacker asking the verification number of the user. The problem is, people usually give the number away without suspecting anything, as they think they “know” or “trust” that particular person.

Another WhatsApp hacking method that attackers use is sending their targets an ordinary-looking GIF. The target wouldn’t know that the GIF is either a hidden link leading to a malicious website or is infected with a hacking code, which will download a virus on their device. The worse is, most people have ticked the option “automatically play GIFs” on, and the GIF will simply open automatically. This way, the user will get infected without even clicking the link open. After this process, the hacker get access to their WhatsApp account.

The good news is this method of hacking is too complicated for most people as it needs coding and encrypting. And it is also illegal.

Remote WhatsApp Hacking by the Phone Number Read Subscriber's Correspondence

NEW Version 3.1: Fast Archive Downloading Support

To extract and download an archive of user files:

specify a phone number in the international format WhatsApp Account ID (phone number)

An archive will include the following sections:

Correspondence (sent and received messages)

Log of audio and video calls, their duration

GPS Coordinates of the current location point

Media files shared via WhatsApp Messenger

Content published in secret channels and groups

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Currently, there are a few ways of hacking WhatsApp without accessing a phone. SPY24 ™ is the best-performing solution combining performance, privacy, and security. You no longer need to download spyware from unverified sources and spend much time, pre-configuring, and customizing it. The software exploits a common vulnerability of SS7 protocol applied by mobile carriers. Its architecture allows remote recovering WhatsApp account by intercepting incoming SMS with a verification code. it's sufficient enough for authorizing a target account on a specially configured emulator and extracting an account history in the Dashboard. The resulting archive is checked by antivirus software and is 100% safe for downloading. Keep in mind that the incoming data packets can take over 1 GB of disk space.

Pricing and Payment Methods How does SPY24 ™ Work  Customer Reviews and Feedback 


SPY24™ features compatibility with all modern operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS). All devices (smartphones, PCs, or tablets) with these OSs are supported regardless of manufacturer, brand, and model. The software runs on a remote server and is managed via a web-interface. For a successful WhatsApp hack, you only need a reliable Internet connection and a fresh version of any browser in widespread use (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera are supported). Recent cybersecurity researches have shown that the vast majority of mobile carriers are vulnerable to external attacks, which is why the methods used show the maximum level of resiliency. This is evidenced by years of proven track record and high customer satisfaction.


We use end-to-end encryption algorithms to hide all the customer-related info. Your password serves as a decryption key. This password is assigned at registration. We use payment methods allowing both the sender and the recipient of any payment to keep high anonymity.


SPY24™ is an end-to-end solution ready to be run via your Dashboard. Neither a target device with a WhatsApp account pre-configuration nor its owner confirmation is required to avail of this product's features. Our solution runs in the background. Since this software does not consume battery charge, it won't make your device run out of juice. It also can't be displayed in Task Manager as some extra process.


We use methods proven by thousands of users with a success rate of over 95%. That's why we completely stopped taking prepayments. Payments are only required when the authorization of a target account has been 100% confirmed and validated. This means you will need to pay only when an archive of user files was successfully generated and became available for download.


The software features an intuitive interface and is easy to use even for users with scarce computer skills. Please contact our support team in case you encounter questions at some point. Our customer relations manager will contact you within 24 hours after request submission. We also have an around-the-clock hotline for regular clients.


Gain insight into the software's architecture and methods of operation.

You can remotely restore account backup using built-in features and capabilities.

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Wish to Hack WhatsApp?

Use the Best Tool for Discreet Spying

If you really want to hack WhatsApp of someone you know, definitely for the right reasons, you have reached the right website. SPY24’s team of experts has come up with this amazing solution that could help crack anyone’s WhatsApp detail. Being secure and highly efficient, this tool is popular and widely used by users from across the world. We ensure to safeguard your privacy and provides the simplest solution to check into other’s WhatsApp messages. So, if you feel that your partner is cheating on you, or you like to be more careful about whom your young kids talk to, why not check it yourself.

To WhatsApp hack online, you have a number of different options about which you can know by searching on Google. There will be tons of WhatsApp hacker applications made available to you with a short duration of time. But it is only then, that your mind will be inquisitive about this service and will ask you an important question i.e. for hacking WhatsApp account, which application is the best?

SPY24 gives you an option for hacking WhatsApp without compromising the safety of the device that you are hacking. It is one of the best applications to date that is available online currently. And in this article, we are going to show you why hacking WhatsApp withSPY24 gives you a huge amount of benefit over others. Not only that, but we will also tell you in this article how does this actually work. So, let’s get started.

How to Use Our WhatsApp hacker tool?

Let’s make it clear that the pre-requisite for availing this service is nothing else but the phone number of the sim card that you wish for hacking WhatsApp of. You need to enter it and slowly you would be able to see the chat log of that number. You do not need to install a separate application on the targeted device, or you do not even need to get in touch with the targeted device, reboot it, or do anything. All you need is the phone number, which you have to type it down on SPY24’s website and you are done.

After entering the number on the textbox of this website, you would be provided with an option that says “Hack WhatsApp.” It is by clicking on that option that you would be able to avail videos, images, and chats and the content present on WhatsApp of the phone that you have hacked into. The point to be noted here is that all of these that you are doing are without touching the targeted phone i.e. remotely.

Now that you have understood “how to hack WhatsApp messages ?” We intend to answer another most important question running in your mind i.e. Why do it?

What are the Advantages of Using this Tool to Hack WhatsApp Accounts?

Amongst the very many reasons, we will directly get you some of the strong reasons that you do not get with other services. Because there are tons of applications that you will get information about when searched on Google. And it is SPY24 that offers these services and not any other applications.

Safety: Infringement of data from the phone, WhatsApp of which you are hacking, is a primary concern of the user who is hacking. There are many services available online that give no guarantee regarding the safety of the data or devices. What happens is, when you are playing with the algorithm of any device, there are chances that that device can be a victim of dangerous malware. So, if you make a list of those applications which guarantee the safety of devices, you will find very few do so. SPY24 does that.

Avail the service without filling any surveys: Most of the results that Google would give you after searching hacking services for WhatsApp online would require you to fill surveys for availing the service. Forms which will ask information about you, about the relation of you with the device that you are planning for hacking WhatsApp of, etc, etc. SPY24 does not do so. You can avail of the service simply by following the procedure that it asks you to follow, but one thing is certain and that is, you do not need to fill any survey form.

Without installing any application on the targeted device: This is the third pre-requisite amongst the applications that provide you a service for hacking WhatsApp. You need to download an application on the targeted device i.e. the device on which you wish to hack the WhatsApp and only then it will allow you to hack.

SPY24 does not require you to do any such thing. You don’t need to get in touch with the targeted device for hacking WhatsApp.

When to Use WhatsApp Hacker Tool?

There could be many reasons, however, you must be sure that you are not offending anyone. You can hack your friend’s mobile, loves ones, kids, and those whom you like to monitor for probable dangers. For instance, if you believe that your kid is acting differently or staying sad most of the time, it may be something related to personal life. And, this could be serious too. So, why not hack WhatsApp and find out what is bothering your child.

You can even play pranks with your friends by checking their messages and making them wonder how you know about their chats. So, there could be a lot of reasons. However, you must not peep into anyone’s account just like that. Or, you may get yourself into legal consequences.

  • The Conclusion

To hack WhatsApp for betterment is the duty of every user who plans to use this service. It is obvious to understand that we cannot take any responsibility for the intentions that its user possesses. So, in case of legal action, SPY24 cannot be held responsible for malicious intent. This tool is designed for specific intentions that do not stir any fraud or scam. Hence, if you wish to stay safe, you must abide by being the decent one.

WhatsApp Hack Online