Whatsapp Online Tracker Free Without Subscription for iPhone - Apk

Whatsapp Online Tracker Free Without Subscription for iPhone - Apk
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Download Free Lifetime WhatsApp Online Tracker App

In today’s post, I will tell you about the WhatsApp Online Tracker Free App. With its help, anyone can track WhatsApp. If you have friends or relatives, you can easily track their WhatsApp Last Seen.

With the help of this application, WhatsApp can be seen in Last Seen. For this, you have to download the WhatsApp Tracker App on your Android mobile and let us tell you.

These are very good applications for WhatsApp users. With its help, you can track the WhatsApp of your best friends, best girlfriend, family, or anyone. You can also use it without opening your WhatsApp. And in this, 30 days' worth of data can also be easily tracked over time. Let’s provide information about the WhatsApp Online Tracker App Features.

Features of the WhatsApp Online Tracker Free App

WhatsApp Tracker App Function

Monitor your WhatsApp messages with SPY24. Keep tabs on anyone's WhatsApp activity remotely, without being discovered.

Whatsapp Online Tracker Free Without Subscription for iPhone - Apk

Need to access a person's WhatsApp? SPY24 is the most convenient method for accomplishing this.

How to Track Someone on WhatsApp Using SPY24

Have you got SPY24 set up to work with the target device? Log in to your SPY24 home screen to begin monitoring WhatsApp activity. Find the Social Apps > WhatsApp option in the selection panel on the left.

When you open the WhatsApp window, you'll get to see recent messages exchanged on the app. The conversations are arranged in reverse chronological order. Every message is accompanied by a timestamp, so you can tell exactly when a chat began or ended.

SPY24's WhatsApp Tracker feature also provides other details like contact names, display pictures, phone numbers, and exchanged media files. You'll even be able to find information on calls made from and to the app.

What if the target deletes an incriminating conversation? No problem! SPY24 automatically stores WhatsApp logs on your account in real-time. Even if a conversation gets deleted, you can still access it.

Do I need to root or jailbreak the target device?

No, you don't have to root or jailbreak the target device. SPY24's WhatsApp Tracker feature works with stock Android and iOS devices.

It operates in Stealth Mode.

Won't the person being spied on find out? SPY24 for iOS is web-based, so it's impossible to detect. The Android version is extremely stealthy. It can be hidden and run in the background without using many system resources. The target will never know.

Why Tracker on Someone's WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an extremely popular messaging app. An estimated 1.5 billion people from around the world use it. Chances are your target makes use of it too.

If you're a parent and your target is a child, you can keep tabs on their WhatsApp activity to keep them safe. There are many bullies, sexual predators, and scammers out there.

If you're an employer, you can track your employee's WhatsApp use to ensure they're working when they should be. Also, you may be able to spot disloyal employees who're stealing from you this way.

SPY24's WhatsApp Tracker feature works without a jailbreak or root. Try it now!

Read private and group chats.

Access timestamps to see when a chat took place.

View WhatsApp pictures.

No jailbreak and no root.

It is available for Android devices.

Online Last Seen can be tracked through the Wastat WhatsApp Tracker.

In this, all the time intervals displayed can be easily read.

All the online stats for a month can be seen in one place.

With the help of the WhatsApp Online Notification Tracker Free App, you can see the

last seen out of ten profiles

In this, the notification also comes to you as soon as the person is online.

WhatsApp Online Tracker is a free app that does not require a subscription.

Let me also tell you that this WhatsApp Online Activity Tracker is absolutely free. You can also use it without a subscription. Even downloading it is very easy. which you will easily be able to use for free without a subscription. And you can track your WhatsApp friends and other people.

How to Use WhatsApp Online Tracker App for Free

If you want to easily track the time spent on social networks and online messengers, then this app works like WhatsApp Online Activity Tracker for you.

If you are a parent or close parent of a child, then you can easily track the antics of your children. For this, the WhatsApp online tracker free app can prove to be very useful.

With the help of the feature provided in it, you can track all the online activity in WhatsApp Messenger. Together, you can monitor WhatsApp's Last Seen and all activities for 30 days. And with this, your children or anyone else can be monitored.

WhatsApp Online Tracker is a free lifetime tracker for WhatsApp.

Let us know that this WhatsApp Online Tracker can be used for free for life and that this application does not misuse the WhatsApp Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. And it does not hack anyone’s WhatsApp.

This WhatsApp Online Notification Free App also provides users with new updates on social networks and messengers regularly.

Download WhatsApp Online Tracker for Free

You are present on both the Playstore and Appstore platforms. which can be easily used on Android and iOS devices.

First of all, you have to go to the Playstore or Appstore. [Select the appropriate option for your mobile device].

After that, you have to search for "Wastat – WhatsApp Tracker".

You need the Peanut Butter Inc. App created by Will Look. Tap on it.

And now click on Install. And you can use WhatsApp online tracker for free for the rest of your life.

We hope that you liked this information about the "WhatsApp Online Tracker Free App". And you can use it for the right things too. Do share this article with your friends as much as you can. so that they can also get information about WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Free Lifetime. For such information, you must follow SPY24.app.

What-Online Tracking

What with you to keep your family safe.

Keep track of your child's online time. Is he asleep? Or didn't he sleep?

Receive instant notifications and detailed reports.

What has the following features:

Online, offline, and end-of-day report notifications

Detailed reports with graphics

* Comprehensive reporting between two dates

* Encryption and PIN-protected login.

Fast online support center

The other party must use the app to see your activity and accept you as a friend. You cannot view their activities without the other party's permission.

Subscription terms and pricing

* One-Week Subscription -> $4.99

* One-Month Subscription -> $19.99

* Three-Month Subscription -> $39.99

Your subscription will continue until you cancel and renew. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term.

Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period.

You can cancel a free trial or subscription at any time by canceling your subscription through your iTunes account settings. This must be done 24 hours before the end of a free trial or subscription period to avoid being charged. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service.

FREE WhatsApp Online Notification Tracker Apps

Getting notified when someone comes online on WhatsApp makes it easy to catch the person or have a good opportunity to chat with them. You can use WhatsApp itself to get an alert when someone replies to your chat and a notification pops up that’s the time he’s online.

But, if he does not reply or message you, that does not mean he is not online... Right? That made me research on this to find some working apps to provide that give an alert at least when someone comes to WhatsApp and you want to have a chat with him.

Yes, I found 7 such apps that do this job for both types of OS on your mobile phone, whether it is Android or iOS. More about the apps: you can get these apps from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

I have previously described the steps for getting such an online notification. Check the guide here.

In this article, you can find all of the WhatsApp online tracker apps that push notifications on your iPhone or Android when someone really comes on WhatsApp or opens his/her WhatsApp. The only thing you need is an internet connection from both sides.

I have listed below the features and user guide for each app that provides such a feature, i.e., giving online alert notifications to your WhatsApp.

For Android:

Here is the list of the apps for Android devices below:

WaStat is a WhatsApp tracker.

WaStat is the first choice that gives an alert if someone comes online on WhatsApp. Let’s read the features and user guide of WaStat. The tool not only provides tracking features but a lot more timestamp features as well.


WaStat shows the least active hour of the connection. 

Online notifications can also be received for Android devices.

record of the last 30 days of statistics. Show notifications for up to 10 contacts at once.

prompts in notifying the person if she comes online again and again.

How to Use

Get the waste app from the Google Play store. used to track a person on WhatsApp.

Just click on the icon in the top right corner and type in the name of that person whom you want to track. 

It sends instant notifications to a person when he or she gets online.

WaStat app

Put it on. The Playstore

2. WA Toolkit – Notifications (Online/Offline)

WA Toolkit is an open-source Android app that tracks notifications when someone comes online on WhatsApp. WA Toolkit is another best app that helps in monitoring many features of WhatsApp, i.e., online tracker, last seen notifier, etc. In only a few clicks, you can check your WhatsApp profile visitors' location.


The WA Toolkit is an open-source app (free app) to use on Android.

With the WA Toolkit, you can keep a record of your profile visitors and download DP.

Having a tracker feature helps to check when someone comes online.

How to Use

Install the WA Toolkit from the Google Play store.

Set up the WA Toolkit app by allowing permission to send you a notification.

Set to use any WhatsApp contact to send a notification when he/she comes online on WhatsApp.

This will enable you to get an online notification on WhatsApp when someone comes online in real-time.

App WA Toolkit

Put it on. The Playstore

Login – WhatsApp Tracker is a third option.

The Notify app is another Android alternative to get online tracking of your WhatsApp contacts. Login will send a notification to the contacts that are saved on your mobile. You can get it from the Play store and have a try.


It is available on Google Play stand is easy to manage for your WhatsApp.

If you need a faster notification, then Logify is the best app to start with.

Set up online notifications with ease with Logify. 

Track a WhatsApp user's past activities, which can be used to track a child's activities.

How to Use

First of all, install the Logify app from the Google Play store.

You can monitor a user monthly or weekly where you track that one number when he goes online on WhatApp and all activities that catch-all login timings of WhatsApp.

This app performs actions on the device, which means you cannot get notified of other contacts that do not install the Logify app.

Notify app

Put it on. The Playstore

4. LogWhat: Last Seen and Online Notifier

LogWhat is another best Android app that helps you get notifications when someone comes online on WhatsApp. With the online notifier, you can track the last seen as well with this app, LogWhat. Parents track their children. As soon as your child comes online, you will receive a notification—that helps with tracking.


You can get it online from the Google Play store.

LogWhat helps in providing online notifications for someone who comes online on WhatsApp.

You can get unlimited tracking with the LogWhat app.

With LogWhat, the trial is free, and it’s open-source on the play store.

You can track up to two numbers at once from your WhatsApp contacts.

How to Use

First, install LogWhat from the Google Play store.

Enable tracking for your WhatsApp contacts.

Select the person’s number or up to two WP contacts to get notified when she comes online. The notification is shown on the notification bar.

LogWhat app

Put it on. The Playstore

5. WA Family – Last Seen for WhatsApp Online Tracker

If you need to monitor a few people at once through a single app, then the WA Family app is the best choice. You can get it from the play store for your Android. You can manage up to 25 people to get their online status along with their last seen details.


You can add up to 25 members to this WA Family app to track WhatsApp. 

This WA Family app helps to track the last seen status for your WhatsApp contacts as well.

The WA Family app supports different languages for setup, which makes this app a YES for all users across all countries.

You can get an online notification if the person comes online on WhatsApp with this WA Family app.

This WA Family app provides features for tracking online status and is last seen at the same time.

How to Use

Install the WA Family app directly from the Google Play store.

Open the setup and you can select the contact phone number of someone to track.

Now turn on tracking for the numbers that you choose. You’ll get notified once someone comes online on WhatsApp.

The WA Family app

Put it on. The Playstore

For iPhone or iPad:

Here is the list of iOS apps below:

wLog On-line

wLog is the best iOS app that notifies you when someone comes online on WhatsApp? wLog can show statistics alongside online notifications. But, you can use it for stats verified by wLog iPhones or iPads.


wLog is developed to send unlimited notifications?

With wLog, you can see the statistics that are provided weekly.

You can turn off the notifications anytime you want.

An instant notification pops up if a user comes online. 

Verified mobile numbers can view the statistics.

How to Use

Install the wLog Online iOS app from the Apple Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Verify the number on wLog Online to get the stat report.

You can manage the wLog Online app to get notified when someone comes online just by turning on the feature.

ios wLog Online

Purchase it from the Apple Store.

7. OnlineNotify

OnlineNotify is the best tool to use for an iOS device, whether it’s an iPhone or iPad. You can get it on your iOS device and run it to get a notification every time a contact comes online.


The online notification app sends notifications when your friend is online on WhatsApp.

History stats show how long the person has been active.

You can monitor more people at a time with OnlineNotify. 

It also sends a notification when someone is typing. 

OnlineNotify can send offline notifications as well.

How to Use

Download the iOS version of OnlineNotify 3.3.3 from the third-party website.

Add the contacts on your iPhone or make sure they are in your contacts.

Now turn on the OnlineNotify app settings and set the alert type while someone comes online.

Now, when a person comes online, you will get notifications on your iPhone or iPad.

In conclusion:

These are the best apps listed that provide online notifications for Android or iOS devices when someone comes online. For iPhone users, the OnlineNotify app is recommended for its multiple features.

Whatsapp Last Seen Tracker is a free lifetime application.

The last time I saw a LogMeIn-Online notification was on an Android APK.

Download the LogMe app for Android.

Download LogMeIn for Android. Do you want to know the time and when your son or husband arrived? LogMeIn Appsfire! Our app will help you with this!

We have a 24/7 notification system. We will notify you about WhatsApp online and offline. There is a nice tweak with which you can see how much time has been spent on Whatsapp and when it was. Fast and practical interface, beautiful colors, and easy-to-use interface. We have friendly support from our online WhatsApp usage tracker, LogMeIn! Download the last-seen notification app online to try it now!

Android APK Chat Track: Online Tracker & Last Seen

Rack any number and receive notifications as well as detailed reports!-Online + Offline Notifications-7/24 Coverage-7/24 Coverage-Free. Chat Track: Online Tracker & Last Seen

Chat Track: Online Tracker & Last Seen for Free

Track any number and receive notifications as well as detailed reports!

Online and Offline Notifications

Detailed Reports

7/24 Coverage

-Free Trial

W-Seen: Last Seen Online Android APK

Download W-Seen: Online Last Seen for free.

W-Seen: Online Last Seen W-Seen Functions;

* Watch Whatsapp's latest online tracker and online notifier

* See who is online and when they were last seen on Whatsapp.

* Up-to-date information and reports

Download W-Seen: Online's Last Seen

* Real-time notifications 24 hours a day, seven days a

* Customer Service

*Free demo

* Receive reports via email

W-Seen is the best online Whatsapp notification app and was last seen in the report. Google

Notify Online-Last Seen Android APK

Download Notify Online-Last Seen Notify Online-Last Seen offers you documents and notification of your kid's online sports. Children at the moment are spending an adequate quantity of time on social media apps. They keep themselves busy in online chats and all, spending much less and much less time on actual international sports, which could be very terrible for their intellectual and bodily fitness, as they're turning into an increasing number of energetic online. uptodown

Download Notify Online-Last Seen

Notify Online-Last Seen offers you a notification every time your kid turns online. It additionally notifies you when your kid is offline. You can also look at the unique record in their online remaining visible sports. You can take a look at their day-to-day and weekly app utilization so that you can get an approximate idea of how much time they're spending online.

Download Notify Online-Last Seen

With Notify Online-Last Seen, you could sing and manipulate your kid's online presence.

Notify Online-Last Seen offers you the device with which you can make your youngsters less lively online and more energetic in actual life sports.

Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android and iOS:

Most communication applications are designed to bring people together. You can use them to communicate with your friends or family, to sit in chat rooms all day, and so on. You can check our list of the 11 best local chatting apps for Android and iOS if you are interested in chatting.

Some of the services—for example, WhatsApp—have a special function. It hides your last online presence, so no one else can see when you last accessed the site or the application.

This is a feature that many people use, including those around you. Unfortunately, the status cannot be seen if someone has hidden it. But what to do if you are worried that something important is going on? How do you know when a person last turned on the application or went online in general?

In that case, special applications will also help you. Some of them will even let you select specific people you’ll be notified about. We’ve put together the 9 Best Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android and iOS for you.

Family Track – Online Status: Last Seen & Usage

Family is the most important thing in life, and you can’t always control their lives and protect them from danger. This is particularly true for your children.

You may be trying to keep them from being overly influenced by the Internet, but you are afraid that they will still go online despite your prohibitions. Family Track can help you take full control of when your child or another family member is actively sitting in messengers or chat rooms.

Family Track is a tracker with detailed reports on online activity. It presents data both in text form (with an indication of when it appeared online) and as charts. So, for example, you can compare the activities of several people simultaneously.

By the way, you can track 3 people or less in this way; the tracking is carried out around the clock. We think it’s time to find out if your family members are really sitting on the Internet secretly watching you.

Family Tracking-Online Status, Usage, and Last Seen2Family Tracking-Online Status, Usage, and Last Seen1

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Chat Track: Online Tracker & Last Seen

Chat Track allows you to monitor the activity reports of your family online and offline alike. The process of tracking will take just a few clicks.

So, when you first open the app, it will ask you to insert a telephone number. Click on the "+" button at the top of the screen to add other telephone numbers. When the contact list is ready, press on the necessary one.

To track a specific time period, tap the three-dot button at the bottom of the screen. For example, you can also filter certain days or hours.

Furthermore, you can also compare the chat activities of two numbers and monitor whether these numbers are talking to each other on a certain day.

Users will receive instant notifications every time their family members are online.

But we have to warn you that Chat Track comes with a 7-day free trial.


Do you want to monitor statistics on various messengers? Then, hurry up and download the Yansa app!

The app does not require any registration procedure. Once you have launched the app, it will ask you to enable permissions. Thereafter, you can generate the first profile by clicking on the + button at the top of the screen.

Yansa allows users to add up to 10 profiles and track the analytics for each profile. If you want, you can also set up a particular date and time intervals. Plus, you can even monitor detailed statistics down to the second!

The app supports such social networks as Telegram, VK, and What’s App. After picking an opportune option, the app will display detailed analytics for each profile.

Yansa works regardless of whether you are online or logged out of the app. All the users will receive immediate notifications about the profile activity.

LogWhat—WhatsApp Online Tracker

Of course, watching someone is not a good idea, but sometimes people are guided by good intentions. For example, you may want to know how often your children go on WhatsApp and how much time they spend there.

LogWhat can help you pinpoint the exact amount of time your kids spend there, as well as make sure it doesn’t happen while they’re studying or at night.

As well as controlling your family, you can also check on your friends or lovers. For example, LogWhat can compare two phone numbers of different people and show you if they were online at the same time.

See how active your friends are with someone other than you—maybe you’re not their favorite conversation partner? LogWhat is customizable, so you can be notified of all the online traffic of people you’re interested in. Just don’t get paranoid and keep an eye on people around you too much!

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Lastly – Last Seen Online

Are you worried that one of your friends is intentionally ignoring you? Perhaps, even seeing the status "online," you still suspect that the person just does not want to communicate with you and is hiding his status.

In that case, you can use Lastly to confirm or refute your suspicions. This way, you will know how long your friends have been talking online and if you are the only one they really ignore.

Lastly shows you the last status of the person you chose and will also alert you if the person is online. This will require you to enter the phone number of the person you are interested in. Most of the activity is tracked by those social networks and messengers where the use of a phone number is mandatory.

Lastly will give you a trial period (it will not last long), after which you will have to pay for the subscription. So if paid apps are right for you, Lastly could be one of the options.

Last-Online Last Sighted1Last Seen2 by Last-Online

Sanwa: Online Last Seen

Sanwa is a handy application for people who want to track the online activity of a person on several social networks. To get started, you just need to provide a link to that person’s profile, and the application will do all the work itself. Monitoring starts as soon as you start Yanwa with a link to an online profile.

The application can be configured so that you receive notifications every time a person is online. The statistics will show you all the data even if you missed an alert or did not have access to the internet yourself.

Sanwa will show you whenever the user has been online. With each update, developers add new social networks and messengers, so it is likely that after a while you will be able to fully monitor the activity of your friends or lovers.

Sanwa Last Seen1 OnlineYanwa Last Seen2 Online

If you want to control when someone is on the network, you can use wLog Online for this purpose. The application is designed primarily for children and parents who are required to control what their children do.

Do you suspect that your son or daughter is sitting on social networking sites while you sleep? It’s time to check this out and have a serious conversation!

wLog Online gives you all the information about how long your loved ones are sitting online. You can also watch how often your lover goes online and checks messages.

By the way, you can even find out exactly where the people you are interested in went – wLog Online will show you what applications they could use.

Once you add your contacts, you’ll be able to get instant notifications every time someone shows up online. The developers are giving all users a free trial of Premium, so you can make sure that wLog Online really works well.

radar is an online last-seen tracker.

radar allows users to explore how much time they spend on the What’s App.

First of all, we have to mention that the app does not take up much storage space. So, you will install it in a couple of seconds!

Once you have launched the app, it will ask you to paste a telephone number. Thereafter, you will get the profound activity reports of the particular contact with such data as accurate time and duration. All the content is properly presented.

Moving on, WaRadar sends daily notifications about your family member’s activities.

The app’s design is developed in a modern style with a dark background. Plus, the interface is very user-friendly as there are no superfluous functions there.

To sum up, WaRadar comes with a free version. But if you want to gain access to advanced features, you can also try several subscription options.

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Online Monitor

Online Monitor enables users to generate up to five profiles and track online activity for the last 30 days.

When you open the app, you should accept the privacy policy. In the next step, you should add a number by tapping on the + button at the right top.

Then, the app asks you to enable online/offline mode to obtain online timing for the number. Otherwise, it will work only in the app.

In a few seconds, you can monitor the online status of your family members. On the contact’s tab, there are also two buttons – check the history or edit the data.

Lastly, users will receive immediate notifications when their children are online.

In case of any difficulties, you can contact customer support; they will help you in a few seconds.

We have to admit that Online Monitor comes with a free trial. After that, you can purchase a preferred subscription.

Of course, it’s worth noting right away that not all of the applications that are presented use the standard data and status approach. Some of them take information from official sources by simply collecting statistics for you in one application.

Others will let you know, even if it's a hidden status "online". Depending on what you need, you can choose the service that’s right for you. Social network users are used to seeing all the data immediately.

If you have some difficulties with it or cannot access the application yourself, just choose the service that suits you and become a low-level detective.