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Monitor WhatsApp Chats

How to Monitor WhatsApp On Android & iPhone Via SPY24?

Watch a tutorial to learn how SPY24 does not just monitor WhatsApp chats and group chats but also all shared photos on the target device.

What is SPY24 WhatsApp Monitoring?

With SPY24, you can remotely monitor WhatsApp messages, calls and multimedia sent and received on the target phone or tablet. Instantly check names and number of sender and other details like time and date stamps. SPY24 is best WhatsApp spy app that you can trust; all you need is a download on the target device to start spying on WhatsApp logs.

WhatsApp Spy App
WhatsApp Spy App

Not every WhatsApp Spy App is Created Equal!

If you have always wanted to spy WhatsApp remotely and couldn’t find a solution for that, it’s time that you finally put your trust into SPY24. With our WhatsApp spy tool, you can spy WhatsApp conversations, monitor WhatsApp messages and do more. But not all apps track WhatsApp activity the way we do it.

WhatsApp spy iPhone without Jailbreak

If you want to spy on WhatsApp messages on iPhone, then remember, not many WhatsApp spy apps work without jailbreaking iOS devices. Which means, your WhatsApp conversation spy app will only work with iPhones or iPads that are jailbreak-able. Even after then, not all such apps will provide compatibility with the latest Jailbreak versions.

But when you use SPY24, you don’t have to worry about that. Our WhatsApp spy app works without jailbreaking on iOS devices.

No Download & Installation

SPY24 lets you monitor WhatsApp activity on iPhone and iPads without any download or installation. The No-Jailbreak version doesn’t require you to download or install SPY24 on the target iOS device.

WhatsApp Spy Online from Anywhere

Spy WhatsApp conversations from anywhere using a computer or your smartphone. SPY24 even comes with a “Dashboard App” that can be downloaded on Android devices, so you could monitor a phone without having to rely on a plugged-in desktop or laptop.

track WhatsApp chats remotely
track WhatsApp chats remotely


You can use WhatsApp Spy to always know the location of the android device on which you have installed it.

Call Recording

WhatsApp Spy records all phone calls including contact information and the duration of the call.

Changing SIM Card

Every time a user changes their SIM card, a notification will be sent to your online account.


Even on an unrooted device, WhatsApp Spy will be hidden from the user, unless they know what to look for

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Track WhatsApp Chats Remotely?

WhatsApp chats can be tracked remotely using Spy24. The app requires one-time installation on the device you wish to monitor. After that, you can remotely track all WhatsApp chats, call logs and multimedia. Alternatively, you can also remotely spy on WhatsApp chats without requiring any download or installation using the iCloud version of WhatsApp spy for iPhone.

Which Devices Are Compatible With Spy24 WhatsApp Spying App?

Spy24 works with all Android and iOS devices. To use Android WhatsApp Spy app, the target device needs to be running Gingerbread 2.3 or above; for WhatsApp spy iOS, the target iPhone or iPad needs to be running iOS 6.0 or above. However, to avoid any hardware- or software-related discrepancies, we recommend you to visit our device Compatibility Page.

How To Spy WhatsApp Chat On Android?

Using Spy24 WhatsApp spy Android, you can spy on not just WhatsApp conversations, but also call logs and photos. You can try out the Spy24 Demo to find out more about how the app works.

How To Spy On WhatsApp iPhone Via Spy24?

Using Spy24 WhatsApp spy iOS, you can spy on WhatsApp chat and photos. Click here for more information on how to spy WhatsApp on an iPhone.

How Can I Spy On WhatsApp Conversations?

You can spy on WhatsApp conversations using your Spy24’s web account/online dashboard. Accessing WhatsApp chats is easy; all you have to do is to open Spy24 Dashboard and navigate to “WhatsApp” from the “Messenger” drop-down menu. Here is a link to the demo that you could use.

How To Spy On WhatsApp Texts Using An Apple ID?

To spy on WhatsApp texts using an Apple ID, you will require Apple ID and password of the person whom you want to monitor.

What’s The Difference Between WhatsApp Spy IPhone And WhatsApp Spy Android?

With WhatsApp spy Android, you can also monitor WhatsApp call logs while in addition to chats and photos.

Can I Hack Someone’s Phone Using Spy24 WhatsApp Spy?

Spy24 is a monitoring app and not a hacking tool and should only be used after taking a legal consent of the parties involved.

How Spy24 Is The Best App For Parents To Track WhatsApp?

Keeping it short, Spy24 is available for as little as $4.99/month. For $7.49/month, you get access to all the premium features of Spy24, including full access to WhatsApp of your kids. Spy24 allows you to track their WhatsApp call logs, photos, and chats. Additionally, you get over 35 other features with your Spy24 license.

WhatsApp spy free download.

Now Monitor WhatsApp Chats Without Rooting

Enjoy your SPY24 sign up even more now as you can read all the incoming WhatsApp chats without rooting Android devices. With this, SPY24 becomes the first WhatsApp spy to offer an unrooted solution.

Why Choose SPY24 WhatsApp Spy App?

  • 64 billion messages and 1.6 billion photos are shared every day on WhatsApp that are incentivizing various types of cybercrimes. WhatsApp chat spy-like SPY24 can help reduce down such crimes.
  • There is a growing trend of cyberbullying on WhatsApp; a spy software for WhatsApp could help parents take care of it.
  • An average WhatsApp user spends around 27 minutes daily with the app. If your employees have WhatsApp on their phones, they could be spending their valuable office time on non-work related socializing. SPY24 WhatsApp spy will help you take care of that.
  • Even with end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is still prone to a variety of security threats that could lead to data dissemination on your kids’ or employees’ devices.
  • SPY24 WhatsApp spy software can watch over your kids and employees’ WhatsApp use and can encourage safe instant messaging behaviour.
  • By spying on WhatsApp chats, parents could minimize the risks of online abuse that their kids are vulnerable to.