ًWhatsspy Web App - Tracks Tool your WhatsApp Online Activity

ًWhatsspy Web App - Tracks Tool your WhatsApp Online Activity
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WhatsSpy Public (not to be confused with WhatsSpy) is a web-based app that lets you track every move someone makes on WhatsApp (by only knowing their phone number).

WhatsSpy can look at your WhatsApp history and shows that the app has a privacy risk. 

WhatsSpy can get a user's profile photos and status messages. It can be downloaded from the web. 

Even if you use WhatsApp with strict privacy settings, you can still be followed. A Dutch college student made a simple web tool that can be used to keep track of WhatsApp users. 

The open-source tool WhatsSpy Public can get anything, like the user's profile pictures and status updates. It can also get the user's timeline to show when he or she was online. 

"This is not a hack or a way to get around WhatsApp's security. It's just how it was made. The app has three settings for privacy: "Last Seen," "Profile Photo," and "Status." Users can decide if each of these can be seen by everyone, just their contacts, or no one at all. Even though the Last Seen setting makes it seem like it, users can still see when other users are online "Maikel Zweerink, who built the tool, said. 

But there is no way to track actual messages. Instead, the tool is just a rough proof-of-concept that shows a user's timeline. 

Download whatsspy free

Actual messages can't be found, and there's no way to know if, when, or what messages are being sent. 

The app, called WhatsSpy Public, can be downloaded for free and set up on a web server. For tracking, all you need is a SIM card that you have used with WhatsApp, an Android phone that has been rooted, or an iPhone that has had its jailbroken. 

WhatsSpy Public is a web-based proof-of-concept tool that lets an attacker follow any WhatsApp user's every move, even if the user has locked down their WhatsApp privacy settings. 

Maikel Zweerink made WhatsSpy Public, which could let an attacker see a WhatsApp user's profile picture, privacy settings, status messages, and whether or not they are online or offline. 

even if the user has set WhatsApp's privacy settings to "nobody," which is supposed to mean that "your last seen, profile photo, and/or status will not be available to anyone." 

Zweerink said that the privacy menu in WhatsApp lets a user: "Change the privacy settings for your "last seen," "profile picture," and "status." You might think that your privacy is safe now that you've set everything to "nobody." I can still keep track of you on WhatsApp, though." 

The user's information, like a timeline, can be shown on the WhatsSpy dashboard. The app can also compare two different users' timelines. 

If Bob comes online while Alice is looking at her past conversations with him, she will see a message that says Bob is currently online. Zweerink says that "You can turn off "last seen," "profile picture," and "status," but this "online" message will still show up. A lot of people won't know this still happens, but it shows that the privacy settings are pretty broken. Because anyone can listen for these events, WhatsSpy Public can keep track of almost anyone." 

He added: 

The privacy settings in Whatsapp make it look like you have full control over your Whatsapp status, but they only affect a very small part of it. The last seen, profile picture, and status options do work, but probably not the way the user wanted them to. Strangers being able to follow your in-app status is creepy and might have already been abused. This is not a "hack" or an "exploit," but it was made to be broken. 

Zweerink made WhatsSpy public so that people could see how broken privacy options are. He started playing around with WhatsApp to build a bot, but he was "stunned" to learn that the "online" feature could be used to track anyone. 

He gives instructions on how to set up WhatsSpy Public on a Raspberry Pi, a server, or a virtual private server (VPS). It needs a second WhatsApp account, an iPhone that has been jailbroken or an Android that has been rooted, PHP knowledge, Nginx or Apache with PHP, PostgreSQL, and a server. He said that Raspberry Pi could be a cheaper way to keep a server running all the time. 

Zweerink says that the privacy settings in WhatsApp are just a lie. It's not the first time someone has called WhatsApp's security or privacy a joke, and it's unlikely to be the last. Still, WhatsApp said in April of last year that it had 500 million monthly active users who send "700 million photos and 100 million videos every day." About 25 million new people signed up for the service every month. In January 2015, WhatsApp announced that it had 700 million monthly active users who send more than 30 billion messages every day.

This app is set up to show that WhatsApp is broken when it comes to privacy. It keeps a record of the following:

ًWhatsspy Web - Tracks Tool your WhatsApp Online Activity

Online/Offline status (even with privacy options set to “nobody”)

Profile pictures*

Status messages*

Privacy settings

What can you do with WhatsSpy Public? 

If you like, you can keep track of your daily habits and how you use your phone throughout the day. 
The following things are done by it: 
User status, status message, and profile picture can be tracked (history). 
Track any changes to privacy settings. 
Get notified through different services if a WhatsApp user comes online or changes any of the above. 
Compare the statuses of users to figure out what to think. 
Get a timeline view of the tracked users, just like on Facebook. 
Group all the users who are being watched and see statistics about them. 
Share profiles via unique tokens. 
Full support for English, German, Spanish, and Dutch

WhatsSpy Public


Setting up WhatsSpy Public requires some IT knowledge, and you might need a second SIM card. There are videos for both the regular image and the Raspberry Pi image.

You can set up WhatsSpy Public in three ways:

Normal: Set up WhatsSpy Public on a Linux machine (Ubuntu/Debian), Linux VPS, or Raspberry Pi that you already have.

Use a Raspberry Pi image that already has WhatsSpy Public on it.

QEMU Use the Raspberry pi image on Ubuntu read experience with the emulator QEMU.

Check the update log and how to update to see what's new.

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  • A new app lets you track what WhatsApp users do online, including how long they spend on WhatsApp, their privacy settings, and whether they are online or offline. You can do this even if they have hidden all of this information.

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  • Creepy app lets you spy on WhatsApp contacts

You can use a creepy app to spy on your WhatsApp contacts. 

The web app, called WhatsSpy Public, was made by Maikel Zweerink as a proof of concept to show that WhatsApp's privacy features were not as good as they should be. WhatsSpy lets you "follow" certain users and shows you how they cleanly use WhatsApp. 

Zweerink explained the problem by saying that other users still know you're online if you're in a WhatsApp conversation with them, even if you turn off settings like "last seen," "profile picture," and "status." 

Even though Zweerink agrees that this isn't a security flaw per se, he thinks it's a serious privacy issue because most WhatsApp users don't realize that their activity can be easily tracked when they're using the app. Even when they think they have done everything they need to do to protect their privacy. 

I made this project so that you could see how broken the privacy settings are. It started as an experiment to build a Bot with WhatsApp, but I was shocked when I realized that this "online" feature of WhatsApp could be used to track anyone. 

WhatsSpy is open-source, which means that anyone can run it. But to do that, you would need a server that is always on and a good idea of how to set up your own IT project. 

This isn't the first time that WhatsApp's privacy record has been called into question.

But does this make you not want to use the popular messaging app? 

WhatsSpy Public is a web-based tool that an attacker could use to get information about a Whatsapp user's activities. 

WhatsSpy Public was made by Maikel Zweerink. It is a web-based tool that can track a WhatsApp user's movements. WhatsSpy can show information about a user in an easy-to-read dashboard that shows events in a timeline.

whatsspy Public

Experts can also compare the timelines of two users to do a cross-analysis with this tool. Zweerink put the WhatsSpy Public tool on GitLab as proof of concept that WhatsApp privacy is broken. He pointed out that the app doesn't use a specific hack or exploit. 

Maikel Zweerink said that he has found that anyone can pick up on some of the events that the messaging app sends out. The current status (regardless of privacy settings), changes to profile pictures, the status of messages, and any changes to privacy settings are all things that could be spied on. 

  • whatsspy.com 
  • By looking at the WhatsSpy Public dashboard, you can find out exactly when users start using WhatsApp and when they stop using it. 

WhatsSpy Public is a web-based app that lets you track every move of anyone you want. This app is set up to show that Whatsapp is broken when it comes to privacy. Once you've set up this app, you can keep track of Whatsapp users you want to follow. "Once it's up and running, it keeps track of the following:" Zweerink wrote on the project page. 

I made this project so that you could see how broken the privacy settings are. It started as an experiment to build a Bot with Whatsapp, but I was shocked to learn that someone could use the "online" feature of Whatsapp to track anyone. 

On the project page, instructions for installing the WhatsSpy Public tool on Raspberry Pi, Server, and VPS have been given. These are the requirements: 

A secondary Whatsapp account is a phone number that doesn't use Whatsapp. 

Rooted Android phone OR Jailbroken iPhone OR Knowledge of PHP 

A server/RPi that is always on 

Nginx or Apache with PHP. You can't host on a simple web hoster because you need bash. 

  • Postgresql 

Users of Whatsapp can't get any rest. Recently, a researcher named Indrajeet Bhuyan found two privacy issues in the Whatsapp web app, and in the past few months, the same experts found a way to crash the mobile app by sending specially-crafted messages. 

On the WhatsSpy download page, you can find a Web-based app that can spy on all of the things that WhatsApp users do while they are online. Maikel Zweerink, a developer, wants to bring attention to the fact that WhatsApp's privacy is not as good as it could be. No matter how users set their privacy settings, all of their data can be tracked. All you need is a second WhatsApp account and a little bit of IT know-how. 

WhatsSpy Download talks about WhatsApp's privacy flaws on 

There has been a lot of criticism in the news about how WhatsApp doesn't do a good job of keeping users' data safe and private. WhatsApp users don't have much choice about privacy settings, especially when it comes to their online status. In the privacy settings, you can choose who can look up your online status. Still, every user can check to see if someone else is online or not. WhatsApp hasn't tried to close this gap in any way. Now, developer Maikel Zweerink has shown that the gap is even bigger than people thought. With free WhatsSpy public, Messenger users can lose all of their privacy. Anyone who knows a little PHP can use the web application to keep an eye on any user's account at any time. 

How to get WhatsSpy 

The activity WhatsSpy Download WhatsApp spying on. (Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial) 

What you need to do to use a security spy 

The WhatsSpy Public Download and setup are only for people who know how to code. Also, there are several requirements: To send in another spy It has to be a WhatsApp account. Because once the tracker was running, the user couldn't get any more messages through WhatsApp. So, it's best to either choose a phone number that isn't registered in WhatsApp or just buy an extra SIM card. Also, a gerootetes Android device or its decision is needed if an iOS jailbreak was done. In addition, you need to know PHP, server, and Rpi. 

WhatsSpy Public kept track of different privacy information. 

If the spy is turned on, it can track and tap into any WhatsApp user's information. The application can be watched around the clock at the following four places: 

  1. Online Status 
  2. Changes to the picture in the profile 
  3. status messages 
  4. Privacy settings, or "Privsphare," 

The tracking of this data doesn't just show what's happening right now. All of this information can be gathered and then looked at later. All users' data profiles can be used to make a Sun and even compare it to other Suns. There is no data security program in the wide range of security software that can be used for this WhatsApp spy. The only thing that users can do to stop using WhatsApp is to stop using it. If WhatsApp doesn't fix the problem soon. 

This tool shows how weak WhatsApp is. 

This is not a hack in the WhatsSpy Download. Because Messenger lets it, the app can intercept data in WhatsApp. The average Joe User can't use the spy because they don't know how to program it. But the tracker's developer shows how to make it work. 

How to put WhatsSpy in place: 

get a tool that lets you look at the data of all WhatsApp users. That's what WhatsSpy Public needs. Now find out how to set up WhatsSpy. 

Many users already knew that WhatsApp isn't the best when it comes to data security and privacy. But Maikel Zweerink has shown with its Web application that WhatsApp's system has a huge hole. So, WhatsSpy Public downloads all of the information from WhatsApp users' phones. This works no matter how you have set up your privacy settings. But if you want to be sure of your skill and use the tracking tool, you should know a little bit about programming. We explain how to set up WhatsSpy and what it needs. Put WhatsSpy in place Install WhatsSpy—how here it works! (Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial) 

Needs for installing WhatsSpy 

Some system requirements need to be met before the tracking app can be used. For one thing, users need a computer with PHP, PostgreSQL, and any Web server. A command line interpreter (CLI) for PHP and one of the free programs TMux, screen, or Git should also be available. Even though the developer's talk about Raspberry PI is enough, any PC with the programs listed above will do.

Requirements for the Smartphone

WhatsSpy Download

A bigger problem is that you need a phone number that has never been used with WhatsApp. This should be able to get SMS as well. Pre-paid SIM cards, which you can buy for a few euros, are a solution to the problem. Why change the number? It's for his safety so that their own WhatsApp number doesn't get taken away. Also, users should have their Android phones rooted before they can install WhatsSpy. In the case of iOS, you need to jailbreak. 

How to set up WhatsSpy step by step 

Users who have taken all safety measures can now set up WhatsSpy Public by following the steps below. 

Step 1: First, download the repository that was given as a ZIP file. Follow the link in the first sentence to WhatsSpy Public to do this. The file must be unzipped on the server. For example, whatsspy files are stored in the Web Directory/. It looks like this for people who use Nginx: / var/www/. 

Step 2: The user in the PostgreSQL database then logs on as root to create a new database and user for the spy. In the developer's instructions, it's not clear whether the password can be left blank. It's not true. 

Step: Now that the structure is in the database, we can move on. Open the API/whatsspy-db.sql file. There, you can run the SQL commands. The user can use the following commands to put the statements in the right database: 

Step: This step is very important because now it's time to register the new WhatsApp account for the spy. at this point, a script from WhatsApp's unofficial API is useful. install WhatsSpy WhatAPI (Photo: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial) 

Step: When asked for the phone number, enter the new number on the SIM card. Please note that there are no zeros at the beginning of this number. From the number 0153- 49153 is so. What they are called in the Carrier doesn't seem to matter. when asked "Voice or SMS?" should answer with "SMS." 

Step 2: Then, you should get an SMS with a code that looks like this: 456789 or 456-789. If the code doesn't have any special characters, it needs to be registered as a string of numbers only. It takes a long time to ask for a second code. 

Step: The user will now get the number of new WhatsApp passwords that match the number of old ones. This needs to be shared with WhatsSpy to top it all off. 

Step: To set up WhatsSpy, you must add the PostgreSQL password to the code below. There, you must also enter the new number (again, without any zeros), and the login 

Step: Once the user has put in all the information they need, they can move on to testing. With PHP, you can check to see if a connection to the tracking tool has been set up. These error messages might show up, but they are safe to ignore. There are messages here that say _0 Telefonnummern can be tracked and that everything is fine. This shows that there is a link. 

Step: Now, even the Web server needs to be set up. Here, password protection must be passed. How the server is set up in the details depends on the server. This is how Apache might look: WhatsSpy puts Apache in place (Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial) 

If it worked and WhatsSpy was installed, it shouldn't be hard to find out. Is the tracker's front end up and running? If so, all users' information can now be checked. The only thing you need is the user's phone number. 

WhatsSpy Public is the app that spies on WhatsApp users.