ًWhatsspy Web App - Tracks Tool your WhatsApp Online Activity

ًWhatsspy Web App - Tracks Tool your WhatsApp Online Activity
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WhatsSpy Public (not to confuse with WhatsSpy) is a web-oriented application that tracks every move on WhatsApp of whoever you like to follow (by only knowing their phone number).

This application is set up as a Proof of Concept that WhatsApp is broken in terms of privacy. It keeps track of the following activities:

ًWhatsspy Web - Tracks Tool your WhatsApp Online Activity

Online/Offline status (even with privacy options set to “nobody”)

Profile pictures*

Status messages*

Privacy settings

What can WhatsSpy Public do?

Profile your daily habits and smartphone usage throughout the day, if you like that or not.

It contains the following functions:

Track user status / status message and profile picture (history).

Track any privacy setting changes.

Be notified via various services if a user comes online/changed any of the above in WhatsApp.

Compare user's statuses to draw conclusions.

Get a timeline view just like Facebook about the tracked users.

Group all tracked users and view statistics about them.

Share profiles via unique tokens.

Full language support for EN, DE, ES, NL

WhatsSpy Public


Setting up WhatsSpy Public requires somewhat IT knowledge and you might need a second SIM card . There are for both the normal and Raspberry Pi image installation videos available.

You have three options to setup WhatsSpy Public:

Normal: Setup WhatsSpy Public on a existing Linux Machine (Ubuntu/Debian) / VPS (Linux) / Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi image: Use a Raspberry Pi image with WhatsSpy Public already on it.

QEMU Use the emulator QEMU with the Raspberry pi image on Ubuntu read experience.

For updates please check the update log and how to update.


A new application has emerged which lets you track the online activities of WhatsApp users, including how long they spend on WhatsApp, their privacy settings, and their Online/Offline status - even if they've set all this information to be hidden.

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Creepy app lets you spy on WhatsApp contacts

Creepy app lets you spy on WhatsApp contacts

The web application, called WhatsSpy Public, was developed by Maikel Zweerink as a proof-of-concept to expose the flawed privacy design of WhatsApp. WhatsSpy lets you 'follow' specific users, displaying their usage of WhatsApp in a neat interface.

Zweerink outlined the problem, stating that even if you disable settings such as 'last seen', 'profile picture' and your status, other users still get notified that you're online if you're in a WhatsApp conversation with them.

While Zweerink admits this isn't a security vulnerability as such, he believes it's a serious privacy concern, because most users aren't aware that their WhatsApp activity can be easily tracked when they're using it. Especially when they think they've taken the necessary steps to protect their privacy.

I made this project for you to realize how broken the privacy options actually are. It just started out as experimenting with WhatsApp to build a Bot, but I was stunned when I realized someone could abuse this "online" feature of WhatsApp to track anyone.

WhatsSpy is open-source, so anyone can technically run the tool. However, to do so you would need to have a constantly running server and a decent knowledge of how to set up your own IT project.

This isn't the first time WhatsApp has been proven to have a patchy privacy record. But is this enough to stop you from using the popular messaging app?

WhatsSpy Public is a web-based tool that could allow an attacker to access Whatsapp user information related to his activity.

WhatsSpy Public is a web-based tool created by Maikel Zweerink that can trace the moves of a WhatsApp user. WhatsSpy is able to display user information in a friendly dashboard that includes events being displayed in a timeline.

whatsspy Public

The tool also allows experts to compare the timelines of two users in order to conduct cross-analysis. Zweerink has released the WhatsSpy Public tool on GitLab as a proof-of-concept that WhatsApp privacy is broken, he highlighted the application doesn’t rely on a specific hack or exploit.

Maikel Zweerink explained that he has discovered that some of the events sent out by the messaging app could be intercepted by anyone. Among the data that could be eavesdropped on, there is the current status (independently of privacy settings), change of profile pictures, message status, and any modification of privacy settings.

whatsspy Public

By analyzing the WhatsSpy Public dashboard it is possible to discover the exact moment when users start to use WhatsApp and when they disconnect from the service.

WhatsSpy Public is a web-oriented application that tracks every move of whoever you like to follow. This application is set up as a Proof of Concept that Whatsapp is broken in terms of privacy. Once you’ve set up this application you can track users that you want to follow on Whatsapp. Once it’s running it keeps track of the following activities:” explained Zweerink on the project page.

I made this project for you to realize how broken the privacy options actually are. It just started out as experimenting with Whatsapp to build a Bot, but I was stunned when I realized someone could abuse this ‘online’ feature of Whatsapp to track anyone,

On the project, the page has reported the instructions for the installation of the WhatsSpy Public tool in Raspberry Pi, Server, and VPS. The requirements include:

Secondary Whatsapp account (phone number that doesn’t use Whatsapp)

Rooted Android phone OR Jailbroken iPhone OR PHP knowledge

Server/RPi that runs 24/7

Nginx or Apache with PHP (you can’t host on a simple web hoster, you need bash)


There is no peace for Whatsapp users, recently the researcher Indrajeet Bhuyan discovered two privacy issues in Whatsapp web application, and in the last months, the same experts have discovered a way to crash the mobile application by sending specially crafted messages.

At the WhatsSpy download is there a Web-based application that can spy on all active activities of WhatsApp users. The developer Maikel Zweerink wants to draw attention to the weaknesses in the privacy of WhatsApp. Regardless of privacy settings data of all users can be tracked. Condition is merely a second WhatsApp Account and a little IT knowledge.

WhatsSpy Download covers privacy vulnerabilities in WhatsApp on

The weaknesses in terms of data security and privacy in WhatsApp have been much criticized in the media. Particularly as regards the privacy setting regarding the online status, WhatsAppern are virtually tied hands. While one can determine in the privacy settings, who can retrieve the online status. Nevertheless, it is possible for every user to see if someone is online or not. WhatsApp has been no attempt to close this gap. Now the developer Maikel Zweerink shows that the gap is even greater in fact than expected. With free WhatsSpy public, the privacy of the Messengers can completely overturn. The web application allows anyone with a bit of PHP knowledge, the accounts of any user to monitor - and around the clock.

WhatsSpy downloadThe WhatsSpy Download WhatsApp spying of activities. (Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial)

Requirements for the use of security spy

The WhatsSpy Public Download and installation are only suitable for users with programming skills. In addition, there are several requirements: To use a second spy WhatsApp account is the one required. For if the tracker was once up and running, the user can not receive any more messages via WhatsApp. Therefore, it is recommended to choose either a phone number that is not registered in WhatsApp or simply to buy an additional SIM card. Furthermore, it is required that a gerootetes Android device or its decision that, in the case of iOS jailbreak was carried out. In addition, knowledge of PHP and server / Rpi is required.

WhatsSpy Public trackt different privacy data

If the spy is activated, it is able to tap various data from any WhatsApp users and track. The following four areas can monitor the application around the clock:

Online status

Changes in the profile picture

status messages

Privatsphäre- or privacy settings

The tracking of this data not only shows events in real-time. All this data can be collected and then analyzed later. Sun can be created and even compared by all user's data profiles. For this WhatsApp spy, there is no program in the wide range of security software that provides data security. The only resistance that users is to stop using WhatsApp. Unless WhatsApp soon the vulnerability.

Tool exposes the vulnerability of WhatsApp

In the WhatsSpy Download, this is not a hack. The application performs the interception of data in WhatsApp because Messenger allows it. The spy is not average Joe User usable because some programming skills are necessary. However, the developer explains how to get the tracker to work.

install WhatsSpy – how it is done

get with a tool to access data of all WhatsApper? That goes with WhatsSpy Public. now learn how to install WhatsSpy can!

WhatsApp that in matters of data protection and privacy is anything but exemplary, many users was already clear. But Maikel Zweerink has proven application with its Web that WhatsApp has a huge leak in its system. Thus, with the WhatsSpy Public downloads all data from WhatsApp users spy. This works regardless of which private privacy settings you have made. Who wants to be convinced of the skill itself and use the tracking tool, however, should bring some programming basics. We show how to install WhatsSpy and what is needed for it. install WhatsSpyinstall WhatsSpy - this is how it is made! (Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial)

Requirements to install WhatsSpy

To bring the tracking application up and running, some system requirements are necessary. For one, users should have a computer with any Web server and PHP and PostgreSQL. In addition, the CLI should (command line interpreter) for PHP and one of the free programs TMux, screen, or Git and are available. Although the developer's talk of Raspberry PI is sufficient, any PC with just mentioned programs.

Requirements for the Smartphone

WhatsSpy Download

A greater challenge is the need for an unused phone number with which you are not logged in WhatsApp. This should also be able to receive SMS. A solution to the problem is pre-paid SIM cards that you can buy for a few euros. Why a new number? It's for his own protection in order to escape a possible revocation of their own number by WhatsApp. In addition, users should be before it can install WhatsSpy that rooting Android smartphones . In the case of iOS, jailbreak is required.

Step by step installation of WhatsSpy

Users who have taken all precautions can now follow the steps below to set up WhatsSpy Public.

Step: First, the repository that was provided as a ZIP file must be downloaded. For this, simply follow the link in the first paragraph to WhatsSpy Public. The file must be unpacked on the server, for example in the Web Directory / / are stored whatsspy. For users who use Nginx, it looks like this: / var/www/.

Step: Next, the user in the PostgreSQL database logs on the root to create a new database and a user for the spy. In the guidance of the developer is not quite clear whether one can leave the password blank. It is not so.

Step: Now the database is filled with structure. For this, open the API / whatsspy-db.sql. There, the SQL commands can be executed. To place the statements in the proper database, the user can use the following commands:

Step: This step is crucial because now it comes to register the new WhatsApp account for the spy. is useful at this point a script from the unofficial API WhatsApp. install WhatsSpy WhatAPI(Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial)

Step: When asked for the cell phone number, the new number of the SIM card is now entered. Here please note that standing at the beginning zeros are omitted. From a number 0153- ... is so ... 49153. What is called in the Carrier, seems irrelevant. should be answered with SMS to the question "Voice" or "SMS".

Step: Then should arrive an SMS that contains a specific code that can shape this 456789 or this be 456-789. It is important that the code without special characters is registered as a pure number sequence, otherwise, it does not work. A second code request takes a long time.

Step: Now the user will receive the corresponding number of new WhatsApp passwords. This needs to be communicated to top it all of WhatsSpy.

Step: To install WhatsSpy, the PostgreSQL password must be included in the following code. There, the new number must also be specified (again without zeros), and the login

Step: Are all the necessary information is entered, the user can move on to testing. Whether a connection with the tracking tool is set up, you can tracker.php gegenchecken with PHP. Maybe these error messages appear, which can be safely ignored. Are messages here, saying that _0_Telefonnummern be tracked, everything is ok. This shows there is a connection.

Step: Finally, now even the Web server must be configured. Here the password protection is important passed. As the configuration in detail looks depends on the server. Apache might look like this: WhatsSpy install Apache(Picture: Maikel Zweerink / Editorial)

If it worked and WhatsSpy has been installed, it can be established easily. Is the front end of the tracker available, the data of all users can now be checked. The only prerequisite is the phone number of the user.

WhatsSpy Public: The app that spies on WhatsApp users