Which calls are restricted and how do you block them on Android or iPhone?

Which calls are restricted and how do you block them on Android or iPhone?
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Exactly what is a Restricted Call and how do you block it on an Android or iPhone device?

You've probably received a lot of calls from telemarketers and Internet service providers who are trying to sell you something. If you have a mobile phone, you might be able to answer with a "Yes." And because they used hidden or restricted phone numbers to contact you, you were probably unable to call them back and tell them to stop.

The unfortunate reality is that mobile phone scammers operate in the exact same way. However, instead of providing services, they call with the intent of obtaining your personal and payment information...

In addition, your children may receive unwanted calls from restricted phone numbers. However, unlike adults, they are in greater danger because, aside from scammers, bullies and predators also use mobile phones to harass and pressure children into doing what they want.

One of the best ways to keep your children safe from receiving suspicious calls is to have them block certain numbers on their mobile phone devices. Throughout this article, we'll go over how to block calls on both iOS and Android devices. Continue reading for a step-by-step guide on how to block suspicious calls from reaching you.

Why You Should Disallow Calls from a Restricted Telephone Number

Is it possible for you to communicate with a friend, colleague, or neighbor by using a restricted or hidden phone number? The answer is most likely no because you want other people to be able to call you back. If someone contacts your underage child through a restricted number, it is possible that they are scammers, bullies, or predators. The following are the most important reasons why you should block restricted calls on your child's phone.


If your child is subjected to bullying at school, it is likely that they will be offended at home as well. Using the Internet, peers can harass their victims by sending harassing messages to them and leaving offensive comments on their social media posts. Another method of bullying someone from a distance is to call them and harass them.


If you read or watch the news, you are probably aware that many scammers prey on their victims by calling them up and demanding money. They call from restricted numbers that are difficult to trace and use deceptive tactics to persuade unsuspecting individuals to divulge their personal information and credit card information. Children are particularly vulnerable to phone scams because fraudsters can easily intimidate them and put them under pressure to divulge their physical address, identification details, and other personal information.


According to studies, approximately 59 percent of children and adolescents are willing to engage with strangers online and to share their personal information on social media platforms. Some of those strangers are predators who are on the lookout for young people to exploit and abuse. A predator will likely call your child's phone number if it falls into his or her possession. He or she will be pressured to meet up, and he or she will be harassed to tell their parents about their "friendship."

#1 Using SPY24 to prevent restricted calls from being made

If your child is being bullied or harassed over the phone, you may not want to dig through their phone settings or contact mobile phone providers and manufacturers every time they receive a suspicious call from someone they do not recognize. To block restricted calls remotely, you can use a parental control app such as SPY24, which can be downloaded for free.

You only need to log into your SPY24 Control Panel from your smartphone after purchasing a subscription. From there, you can choose which calls you to want to block on your child's phone.

As an added bonus, the SPY24 app allows you to monitor their messages, social media conversations, visited websites, GPS location, and numerous other activities. Visit SPY24.app to learn more about the app's features and whether or not it is compatible with the device that your child is using.

#2 How to Disallow Restricted Calls on an Android Device

Although you cannot prevent suspicious individuals from calling your child, you can block incoming calls on their Android device if they are receiving them. You can accomplish this by employing one of the methods described below:

Option 1: Make use of the blocking functionality.

A feature found on nearly all mobile phone models is the ability to block or restrict incoming calls. By going into the Security or Settings menus on your child's mobile phone, you can disable the blocking feature. If you're not sure whether or not your child's phone has a blocking feature, you can inquire with the manufacturer's customer service representatives to confirm.

Option 2: Get in touch with your mobile phone provider.

If you find yourself asking "how to block a restricted number," contact your mobile phone service provider for assistance. Go to their official website and get in touch with one of their support managers to see if they can help you block restricted calls. Please keep in mind that you may be required to pay a fee (depending on your service provider's policy).

The third alternative is to contact the National Do Not Call Registry.

You can request that a restricted number be blocked by contacting the National Do Not Call Registry. According to the organization's mission statement, people are protected from annoying telemarketers and sellers. As a result, you can get free assistance. You will, however, continue to receive calls from charities, political organizations, and businesses with which you do business.

#3 Instructions on how to block Restricted Calls on an iPhone.

Unwanted calls can be blocked on iOS mobile phones using two different methods: call history and Do Not Disturb mode, respectively. Remember to update your child's iPhone before attempting any of the methods listed above.

Option 1: Review of previous phone calls

Locate the iPhone icon on your computer.

To make a restricted call, click on the blue? the icon next to the number.

Select Block This Caller if you want to prevent a specific restricted call from coming in.

Alternatively, you can use the Do Not Disturb mode.

Navigate to the Settings menu and select Do Not Disturb.

Continue to the bottom of the page and click Allow Call From.

Select the people from whom you wish to accept phone calls.

Make use of the Do Not Disturb button, which can be found at the top of the page.