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Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring | Wi-Fi monitoring app from SPY24 software

SPY24 has introduced a first-of-its-kind spying feature that gives you subtle details about where they have been through their Wi-Fi network logs. Whether it’s businesses or households, Wi-Fi networks are usually named after a relevant entity. Like a Donut shop named after its brand name or ‘Jennifer’s home’ for the woman named Jennifer. The Wi-Fi network logs give you a preview of where they like to visit frequently or have visited during a certain timeline.

What is SPY24 Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring?

You won’t find anything about the Wi-Fi logs monitoring on the internet because it’s not something normally thought of. But SPY24 goes beyond the norm so you could get every teeny-tiny details of where they had been. SPY24 lets you view: Log of every signed-in Wi-Fi Network Name of every Wi-Fi Network Date and Time for every Wi-Fi login. Location of the signed-in Wi-Fi connection

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Why use SPY24 Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring?

  • The avid spy app users know how much it means for them to have access to the list of Wi-Fi networks that the target person logged into. It’s those ‘extra check-ins’ that other spy apps won’t be telling you about.
  • Monitoring Wi-Fi Network logs of your kids could tell you if they were at Shawn’s or Bradley’s place. Plus, you get the addresses of all the locations that they frequently like to visit.
  • If they are being secretive about their hangouts, you could still catch up on them with SPY24—thanks to the Wi-Fi network logs monitoring.
  • If you fear your employees could be connecting to Wi-Fi connections with poor security, SPY24 can ascertain that for you.
  • SPY24 now has above 35+ monitoring features, including Wi-Fi network logs monitoring.

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If you’re worried that your child is visiting dangerous or inappropriate locations, SPY24 has the solution. Discover the locations your child is visiting by tracking the Wi-Fi hotspots their phone connects with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To See The Monitored Wi-Fi Connections’ Security Type?

For now, it’s not possible to do that. But we do understand the significance of it and will come up with it in the future.

Is There Any Extra Fee For The Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring?

No, there’s no additional fee. Wi-Fi network log monitoring comes free with every SPY24 Android subscription.

Which Mobile Operating Systems Are Compatible With The Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring Feature?

The feature is only available on Android due to platform restrictions on iOS and other mobile devices.

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  • Identify the most visited places
  • Track all visited Wi-Fi hotspots
  • View full connection details (name, time, duration, type)
  • Look through the Wi-Fi networks list
  • Prevent suspicious hotspot connection
Why will you find this feature useful?

There are Wi-Fi hotspots all over your city and by monitoring your child’s connection to them, you can put together an accurate picture of where they have been and what they have been doing.

Let’s assume your teen daughter has skipped Math class to sit in a café located in the immediate vicinity of school grounds. By relying solely on GPS location tracking, you may think she is where she should be, as determining location is at best only approximate. With SPY24’s Wi-Fi Networks feature, location tracking provides you with precise location details.

Please keep in mind that monitoring Wi-Fi hotspots isn’t enough. A comprehensive monitoring system is essential for responsible parental control.

Real Care and Safety: SPY24 Internet Parental Controls

With internet security becoming not only a buzzword but also a serious consumer issue, ever more attention is paid to internet monitoring software for parents such as wifi parental controls, apps to block internet access for kids, and other forms of controls enabling parents to keep track of their children’s internet activity. There is a wide choice of parental control software available for phones allowing parental filtering of content available for children.

Why Block Internet Access for Your Child?

Responsible adult consumers are aware of security and confidentiality risks online and understand the risks and safeguards available for their use to make internet access safe. The majority of adult users know how to ensure that proper firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software is installed and functions properly for tight controls. They tend to keep that protection up to date via regular updates and maintain their computer operating systems in order.

These security measures are vital for protecting your family’s personal and financial data, while children do not know much about these safety precautions and can easily jeopardize your privacy if you do not enact proper internet monitoring software for parents such as, for instance, wifi parental controls, blocking of access to inappropriate sites, time access restrictions, etc. Making sure that your child uses the Internet only in allowed timespans, visits only safe sites, and is properly protected from adware and phishing is the easiest way to protect your funds and security, at the same time ensuring safe and responsible online access of kids.

Types of Internet Monitoring Software for Parents

There are different types of controls developed especially for parental monitoring of children’s activity online. Knowing them enables you to choose the most suitable ones, which may simplify your life as a parent and calm you down with an idea that you are always in control:

Wifi parental controls. By establishing this form of parental control, you can rest assured that inappropriate web content is filtered and access to inappropriate web resources is limited. Since children are getting more and more sophisticated in computer use, changing some settings in your web browser may be not enough for complete protection and monitoring. A network-wide control solution, configure your router to warrant that all devices connected in your network are properly filtered without advanced access options.

Filters within file-sharing systems. There is a great amount of pornographic content online shared mostly via file-sharing systems, so the surest way to protect your kids against such provocative content is to set filters on file-sharing systems. The majority of file-sharing users are reported to be under 18, which shows how pervasive the problem of unrestricted access to pornographic and other objectionable content has become only. Hence, setting up rigid control settings on your home devices to filter file-sharing content may be a viable solution.

Customized parental control software for children’s age categories. This option is suitable for families with several children of different ages; parents may differentiate the amount of access for different children based on their needs for online search for education or entertainment.

Block Internet Access. Some parents spend the major portion of their day at work, while children returning home from school in the daytime should do their homework and complete some household chores. Parents are unable to check whether things really go as they are planned, or kids stay online until parents’ very return from work. A solution is easy – time-bound blocking of internet access is a great opportunity to track the time a child spends online, while advanced control options shield children from dangerous online content even during allowed internet access.

If there are kids in your family and you use the computer for storing personal and financial data, enacting parental controls becomes a must! It is a safety precaution and a comprehensive solution to protect your children from objectionable content, so use SPY24 parental controls software to ensure safety without restraining children’s access to computers!