How to hack my neighbors WIFI on my phone?

How to hack my neighbors WIFI on my phone?
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Today, there is almost no place where they do not use Wi-Fi. Access to public Wi-Fi is now very easy everywhere, from offices, food stalls, cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and so on. But for access to Wi-Fi that you have a password and limited access, is there a solution or for the answer that we want to know in this article. How do I hack my neighbors's WiFi on my phone?

you can use this method of hacking wifi from either a phone or a laptop, just free!

Hack WiFi using Android phone (without Root)

Undoubtedly, you know that a rooted Android phone increases your chances of hacking any WiFi, but you can also hack WiFi using a non-rooted Android phone. We have provided a list of programs and methods for hacking WiFi password by Android phone.

PS WPS / WPA tester:

PS WPS / WPA tester is a very popular, widely used and useful Android application for WiFi hacking. In addition, this method is very easy and is performed after several steps of hacking. The best and most important part and function of this program is that it can be used without a rooted phone and it can also be used in a rooted phone with some additional features. The following is how to use this program.

Download and install the WPS WPA test program from the Google Play Store.

Turn on your WiFi on your mobile device.

Open the app now and search for networks.

Select the network you want and start the hack by tapping.

You can also use this program to perform a brute force attack.

You can also insert the key manually.

Very useful use of this app that should be mentioned is great for checking your WiFi security because it tries different combinations of words to crack the password, and if it quickly finds your network code, you can password Change for better security.

How does hacking into an Android phone happen?

It is interesting to know that today, all that is needed to hack an Android phone is to register quickly with a popular spyware program and a few minutes of physical access to the device, this is enough to hack. So there is no doubt that government agencies and experienced cybercriminals can easily hack an Android phone remotely.

“Legitimate” spyware apps

Hacking is generally done by two groups of people. The first group of people use spyware for a variety of legal reasons, including parental control over a child's phone, tracking a lost device, or tracking employee activity. And the second category, which can be done by these tools with malicious intent and without informing the target. The question is, are you vulnerable to such an attack? It is important to know that spyware programs often require physical access to your device at least once. And you should know that once it happens, the phone can be hacked remotely. You will not even notice that you are under surveillance. Some of the most commonly used spyware on other devices are mSpy , Spyic and Cocospy .

Protection tips:

As mentioned, the most effective, best, and safest way to prevent these spyware programs is to keep your phone out of the physical reach of hackers. Do not leave it unattended and try not to lend it to strangers. Do not forget the password on the phone.

If you're worried about not knowing if someone has hacked into your phone before? To manually check your Android phone to check for spyware installation, follow these steps: Go to Settings.

1. Tap Apps and Notifications and view all apps.

2. Look for suspicious and unfamiliar menu items, then delete them.

You should also know that you may rely on antivirus software to scan your Android device.

hack neighbors WIFI on phone

Spyware Trojans

Spyware infiltrates in a variety of ways, some of which we will address: Some forms of spyware are packaged as trojans. They are known as harmless or even useful software. But their goal is by no means harmless. They try to achieve any goal to download spyware hidden inside the Trojan. To do this, hackers use social engineering or psychological manipulation tactics. For example, they may send emails promising a free gift to persuade their victim to download an app. SpyNote, an Android Remote Access (RAT) Trojan, is a threat that you need to be very careful about. You should know that these applications can view text messages, access your phone's camcorder, listen to the sound recorded by the microphone, and determine the last known GPS location .

You may subconsciously add apps to your system by downloading apps from third-party sources outside of Google Play. In this world where the need for internet access is always felt, we all need to stay connected to the internet no matter where we go. There are times when we may have difficulty accessing the web and need to borrow a Wifi connection. However, you may need to hack into the Wifi network. do not worry! Wifi network hacking is not the science of missiles or stem cells. In this post, we will teach you how to hack WiFi without root using some of the best programs in this post. Get used to this Wifi hacker without root tools

How does hacking someone’s phone camera remotely happen?

As mentioned, attackers can easily hack your camera remotely using solutions like SpyNote. In order to do this, the simplest and only thing that needs to be done is to convince you to click on a malicious link. Did you know? Spyware programs launched to control parents provide useful ways for hackers to hack your camera. Have you ever heard that popular apps like FlexiSPY and MobileSpy provide live access to the phone camera and allow hackers to take videos and photos using the device in question? The only positive thing for us is that, like most spyware programs, it is "legitimate". Hackers need physical access to your phone to install malware. Therefore, to prevent such an attack, make sure that your phone is not placed where it can be accessed by strangers and profiteers without the necessary protection. The password will also be useful to unlock the phone.

How does hacking phone with just their number happen

Just as there is a lot of noise today, especially in the government of men around the world, governments can use surveillance tools like Pegasus to hit other people's cell phones without touching them. All you need is a WhatsApp call. Once they get your phone number, you're a fair game. Now the question arises whether cybercriminals can work with only one number as much. Carsten Nohl, a German security researcher, once showed a CBS network the technique that attackers use to hack phones. He successfully hacked into the phone of a member of the US Congress and used it to track the politician's whereabouts, record his calls and read his messages. Which is very interesting. This technique exploits vulnerabilities in a network exchange service called Signaling System # 7 ( SS7 ), which allows various cellular networks to exchange data and bills correctly. This trick requires advanced technical skills and is only accessible to experienced hackers. However, it is best to share your phone number only when necessary. Keep it out of the public eye. So far we have seen how important it is to hide the number.