Locate - Track- Manipulate

Locate - Track- Manipulate
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You have a remote-controlled tracking device in your pocket Pathfinder RAT is a web-based surveillance monitor and app binder malware program developed by Mnemonic Group. Pathfinder is one of the most effective and well-engineered Remote Administration Tool (RAT) programs. It is the ultimate tool for mobile surveillance, to take over remote devices easily and undetected; the software creates an automated 100% FUD (Fully Undetectable) persistent backdoor designed to take full control of the devices through adding code to the legitimate apps. The backdoor, acting as masked malicious software, gives attackers full access to perform different actions on the target device.


Pathfinder RAT grants a user control of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of any other person's device system. Pathfinder can be used for performing malicious or surveillance tasks, or to harm one's computer system, but it can be also used as an administrative remote helping tool. The primary use of Pathfinder is to spy, surveillance, keep an eye on your targets by password stealing, real-time tracking, screen captures and key-logging, perform post-exploitation tasks, call, and video recording, read messages, and more...

Pathfinder comes with a pre-installed App Binder, designed to easily develop a trojan and perform various post-exploitation tasks, like browser hijacking, DDL hacking, windows/Linux/android privileges escalation, etc, the payload is 100% fully undetectable (FUD). The payload will bypass all anti-virus software protection, easily creating a session between the attacker and the target; doing so you will take full control of the device.

Locate - Track- Manipulate

The software consists of two parts:

1. Server-side: web-based desktop application (control panel)

2. Client-side: device application (backdoor)

Infiltrator Real-Time Tracking System

The Infiltrator Real-Time Tracking System is an innovative tool for governmental and security organizations that require real-time data about suspects' location and movement. The combination of the Infiltrator Real-Time Tracking System as a strategic location solution and the Intelligence Interceptor, a tactical interception and location system, provides accurate, real-time data od target suspects and people of interest by tracking their mobile phones. The Infiltrator Real-Time Tracking System will provide the location (GPS coordination) at a Cell-ID level. The input will be the target mobile number or the IMSI and the result will show the BTS coordinator, where the target is registered on any map.

Infiltrator Real-Time Tracking System

SS7 and SIGTRAN Protocol Stacks

The SS7 and SIGTRAN protocol implementations available with their relationship to the Open Systems Interconnection Basic Reference Model (OSI Model). Protocol suite used by most telecommunications network operators throughout the world to talk to each other.

Some of the most powerful features of Pathfinder

  • Full device access
  • Database access AES 256 encrypted
  • Make calls to phone numbers
  • Reading call logs
  • Opening web pages and browse the history
  • Recording calls
  • Recording audio through microphone remotely
  • Remote camera to capture photos and videos
  • Get real-time geo-location
  • Pre-installed keylogger
  • Opening apps
  • Watch via the camera in real-time
  • Upload and download data
  • Full device backup
  • Infiltrator Real-Time Tracking System
  • Real-time notifications
  • Remotely DDoS attacks for a period of time
  • specified by the attacker
  • Intercepting MMS/SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger,
  • telegram, chats, and more...
  • Fully integrated app binder
  • Browsing files
  • Unlimited devices
  • 100% FUD (Fully Undetectable)
  • Run-on USB
  • SS7 exploitation

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Did you ever have the urge to hack into someone’s phone? It could be for various reasons. Did you always back away as it seemed quite impossible, especially with no way to physically access it?

Well, there is an easy method to do it. It is possible to hack someone’s phone with just their number!

Smartphones may seem very difficult to hack as they come with several security features . Government agencies are known to do this with the help of some special software.

What about common people? Luckily, there are plenty of hacking techniques that can easily break through them. You can do it with the help of some phone spy software and apps.

Read on to know all about how to hack someone’s phone with just their number.

How to Hack a Phone Remotely?

Back in the day, hacking was done only by white hackers or professionals. They would do it mostly to break through firewalls and for security purposes. No one would imagine hacking to track or monitor another’s phone.

These days hacking into another person’s phone is not only possible but also quite common. There are multiple spy software and apps for surveillance, spying, and gathering information.

You can now get access to your target’s phone with just their number. You can look into it without much hassle and from the comfort of your home. How to do this so conveniently? The below methods make it very easy for you.

How to Hack iPhones?

iPhones are among the most popular smartphones. Many users love to own an iPhone. These iOS devices come with premium security features that are often updated. Is there a way to hack such high-quality devices remotely?

Yes, there is a way to hack iPhones. All iOS-enabled devices run on a central cloud solution.

All you have to do is get access to this primary cloud solution. Once you do this, you can get enough information about your target iPhone.

The best way to do this is to get the credential of your target’s iCloud. When you acquire the ID and password of the user, you can use one of our recommended spy app s.

Once all the verifications are done, you can enter them into the online dashboard of the spy app or software. You can now start spying on your target iPhone remotely.

Make sure that the option for backup is on. It synchronizes all the data of your target’s iPhone into your phone.

How to Hack Android Phones?

Android phones are built by Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These are open sources. It means that with enough knowledge, you can modify and build different operating systems.

Android phones are open-source to prevent discrimination and victimization. So, this open-source does not give easy access to hack into it. Android phones are among the trickiest operating systems for hacking.

Physically handling your target android device is the best way to hack into it. You can download a quick one-time installation on the target Android phone. Once you do this, a spy app automatically runs in the background.